Facebook Spotted Testing Pre-Loaded Instant Videos

Facebook has been spotted testing a new feature to improve users’ video viewing experience. The feature dubbed ‘Instant Videos’ is currently being tested with a select group of Android users.

Techcrunch reports that the feature works by downloading videos when a user is connected to WiFi. Once downloaded, user can watch these pre-loaded videos while commuting without any active internet connection.

pre-loaded instant videos

Facebook marks these videos (that you can play without using up your data) with a lightening icon. With Instant videos feature, Facebook is planning to outreach the untapped global audience who simply love watching videos while commuting.

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The Pre-Loaded Instant Videos feature is quite useful for the regions where internet connectivity is slow and data packs are not that affordable. As the feature will allow people with cheapest Android phones and no internet connection watch these videos, Facebook may mint more money from ads.

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