Now Edit Microsoft Office Docs Within Gmail Inbox

You have already seen a number of changes in Gmail. Some of them including:  integration with Google drive, customized tabs and gmail encryption for complete security.

Now Google has announced another enhancement for the gmail. The update will enable users to edit Microsoft Office attachments without leaving the inbox.

Edit Microsoft Office Docs Within Gmail Inbox

credit: tech.firstpost

It’s quite visible:

Now, when you will be opening a Microsoft document attachment, you will see Edit button with a pencil icon. You can edit the document using the interface and can save it into the Google drive in a relevant file format. The feature also allows users to maintain one copy on the Drive. The copy could be edited and shared thereafter too.

The revisions you perform on the document, are stored on the drive and can be accessed anywhere for offline use. You may also see the revision history made to each document.

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Gmail, your favorite mail application offers you document import in as many as 15 Office formats. These formats are: PowerPoint presentations, macro-enabled files, and template files, with support for charts, images, and tables.

You can edit the document without changing file type. If don’t have Microsoft suit on your PC. This you can do by installing  chrome extension on Chrome browser.

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