Do you have an idea of creating Mobile Apps? Check out these Platforms

Mobile technologies gone through various stages of development and growth for a past few decades and still there are many new updates are available.

The basic mobile software such as Android, iOS, Blueberry, Windows phone are globally accepted software and are used worldwide in the mobile phones. All the software applications will update their technique on a regular basis with more quality than the preceding one which makes the software to gain more users.


Mobile apps are the software application which may be pre-installed in the smartphones or it can be downloaded from the Playstore or Appstore. In this technical world, the existence of these applications plays vital role in various fields in the form of software which includes mobile wallets, gaming, news, education, etc.

These are developed by using a suitable mobile development platform which should be chosen best to obtain the best results.

Mobile Development Platforms

There are number of mobile platforms available all around the world to build a mobile app, but choosing a right one will provide the expected output.

 Building an app does not require more investment and time; it is possible to build a mobile app with low budget and time by using an appropriate platform. Some of the most commonly used platforms are Bizness Apps,, Mobile roadie, TheAppBuilder, GameSalad, Good Barber and more.


Shoutem is simple and stylish with extremely user friendly nature provides better user engagement tools, content management and great monetization options to the app developer. It gives strong solution for most of the needs of a user and a revenue stream can be created using many optimization options available in this platform.

It also makes the user to experience e-commerce, coupons and deals, application subscription and integrate the app with the present content sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Word Press and other mobile advertising platforms.

It has a powerful content management system to sync the database through shoutEm API.  It can be used for business purpose and also supports social media services, cloud connection and real time managing services.

The developed app can be published in both iTunes and Google play under the developer account and Shoutem will provide the regular updates about the app’s current scenario.

Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps is a specialized platform to create mobile apps for business purposes like online-shop context and more. It contains different blocks which portray various services like dynamic content, food ordering, shopping cart, push notifications, allegiance products, third party integrations and more.

The progress of the developing app can be viewed through the real time preview. It also provides web-based seminars for every week on how to build mobile apps using the Bizness Apps platform.

The AppBuilder

AppBuilder is an online toolkit which provides a set of apps suitable for clients, employees and events and used to design structured app based on the client’s preferences.

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There are two approaches available to develop a cost effective app without wasting any time and there will be a simplified approach which takes lesser time to learn and implement the tool. It serves a security to both public and private apps with username and password and updating the structure and content of the app will be an easy process.

Good Barber

Good Barber is one of the most commonly used platforms comes with beautiful themes and offers most advanced attributes such as chat, social networking, geo- fencing and iBeacons. It allows the developer to access the app without the generation of any codes and gives visual feedback immediately whenever the developer changes the parameters of the app. It offers cutting-edge services and provides a platform for both Android and iPhones building.

It has multiple numbers of templates with 600 Google fonts and 350 icons and it will be a great choice for visual mobile apps. It has another option of organizing the app and can add some sections for photos, videos, sounds, events and more.

io is a cloud based development environment for developing mobile apps, which can be used to create apps in mobile software such as iOS, Android, Windows phone and also in Apache Cordova.

There is no any installation or download since it runs in the cloud and has powerful built-in components which form apps into an adaptive structured interface.

The drag and drop of components to build the UI will be done by using visual editor and this tool was used by some of the company like Samsung, AT&T and ESPN. Appery plugin catalog can be used to add more powerful functionality or it can be used to create plugins used in the app.

Collaboration of the builder is simple and it allows the developer to share the mobile project to the business professionals, development and research teams and customers in real time scenario.

Game salad

Game salad provides a great service for development of games in various platforms such as Android, iOS, OS X and HTML 5. It does not need any programming knowledge because of the availability of drag and drop interface.

This interface makes the developer to create the app in a fast manner and the active forum will also help the designers to get advice and help from the fellow independent game developers.

It recently merged with Amazon to provide an access to development options mainly for the Kindle Fire platform, which includes GameCircle APIs and drag and drop integration.

App machine

App machine is one of the available tools to build native apps for platforms such as iOS and Android. It claims to develop the app easier and provides an option to the programmer to design their app by their unique way of design, style, icons, navigation paths and fonts.

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The building blocks present in the tool will help to link the app to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or any other online stores. By using drag and drop interface, different building blocks will be combined to serve a variety of features such as photos, videos and information.

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is an app developer that allows user to create and manage their own apps on various platforms like Android and iOS and the applications can be created by using HTML, XML, PHP, CSV and JSON.

It supports all the media types and imports RSS, Twitter and Google news keywords automatically and there will be an auto-updating chat where the users can chat in real time.

Application programming interface is a language free so the data can be of various formats. Mobile Roadie will check the standard and befitting quality of the content and will guide through the presentation process.

App Maker

App maker is another mobile development platform which does not need any programming knowledge and it was recently bought by infinite Monkeys. It is a DIY (Do It Yourself) app for designing Android, HTML and iOS apps with unlimited updates and there are no any limitations for quantity of applications to be developed by using this tool.

User can effectively use number of services like live updates, video streaming, high quality images, chat, Google map amalgamation, in-app purchasing and many more.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a cloud-based DIY tool to create mobile applications for Windows, iOS and Android, which does not need any programming skills for the development. It can be used to integrate the social media, websites, blogs, audio and more. The resultant output will be an HTML5 based hybrid app, which works in all the platforms.

There are so many mobile app developing tools are available in the market where user can select the appropriate one with respect to their parameters such as platform, purpose, design and budget.

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