Different Algorithms For Different Ranking Positions? Not At All, Says Matt Cutts

A funny instance came to me as an incessant laugh when one of my webmaster friends asked if I have any personal contact with Google. If yes, may I approach the Google guys to request them to rank his page well in search rankings? Post-penguin, it has become difficult to manage a place in top 10 rankings. Reasons are numerous but fact is sole and that is “Google is not in the mood to give you the benefit of doubt”. In a number of forums I have encountered a question repeatedly that whether Google has different algorithms for different ranking position. That means whether Google implements one algorithm for 1st position in SERP and another algorithm for 5th position (for instance). This could be very valid and moot point if you have in your mind being a webmaster.

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Matt Cutts, Head of search spam (Google) answers the question in negative in a recent video launched. He denies any such algorithm ever rolled at Google. Listen what he says in the video. ( Different Algorithms For Different Ranking Positions is not a truth ).

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