Best Color Palette Generator Tools for 2021

# Last Updated On: January 6, 2021 #

When it comes to colors, rest assured that having the right color scheme could do wonders for your brand. That is why several big brands such as Google, Dropbox, and Uber have used a consistent color scheme for a significant length of time. You would see pages on their websites that do not go off-track from the colors of their brand. Read on the full list of of top color palette generator  that can serve the purpose.

Best Random Color Palette Generator

If you were looking forward to doing the same but had no clue, let us delve into the best 10 color scheme generator tools to help you choose the colors suitable for your specific brand needs.

1. Coolors

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Coolors has been the foremost amazing drag and drop color palette generator made available in the market. The self-explanatory name offers a decently cool service suitable for your specific needs. You would be able to define every color, drag, and drop another color code, generate similar alternatives, and change the order.

After you have achieved the desired color codes, you should lock them and find alternatives by pressing the space bar. It would not be wrong to suggest that Coolors is a web-based tool. However, it would also come equipped with Adobe Add-on and an IOS app.

2. Adobe Color CC

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If you were unsure about the color palette, consider looking for Adobe software color scheme generator. Their tools have offers incredible functionality at a reasonable price. When considering Adobe Color CC, rest assured that this brilliant tool would enable you to create color palettes from either scratch or your photos.

The tool would cater to you with deep customization options that would overwhelm you initially. However, after you get used to it, you would come across numerous amazing aspects this tool could do for you.

3. BrandColors

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It would not be wrong to suggest that BrandColors has been a highly useful resource to generate color palette from image. The wide collection of official color code brands would spoil you for the choice of options. It also helps you gather your ideas to be used for desired color palette needs. It would be a great tool when you fall short of creative ideas and look for something that would reignite it.

The tool entails more than 600 brand colors. It would be pertinent to mention here that the collection would keep on growing. This free to use tool is worth your time and effort.

4. Khroma

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For someone who does not have any clue about his or her color preferences, consider Khroma. The colour scheme generator tool would be your best bet for desired color palette needs. On using the tool, you would be required to choose your favorite colors and continue exploring for more options thereon.

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After filling the questionnaire, consider presenting the most suitable colors for your brand according to your specific preferences.

5. ColorDrop Color Palette Maker

color scheme generator

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If you were a huge fan of flat design styles, consider using the ColorDrop tool. It would not be wrong to suggest that the tool features some of the best readymade color palettes for your logo and website needs.

The homepage of this color combination generator website has numerous options to spoil you for choices. Rest assured that you would spend a significant time choosing from the best available options suitable for your specific needs.

6. Flat UI Colors 2

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Its latest and upgraded version, known as Flat UI Colors 2 offers better services than its predecessor did. The homepage caters to you with 14 different sets of color palettes ranging from Indian to British to let you create color palette with ease.

Rest assured that within every color palette, you would have the options to make the most of 20 professional colors handpicked for meeting your specific needs. You would be required to click ‘copy’ to get the HEX code. It enables you to change the export format from HEX to RGBA or RGB.

7. Eva Design System

Color Palette Generator

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Five different color columns divide the Eva Design System. It would spoil you for the choice of color options meeting your specific needs and desires. Every column of this popular color shades generator has nearly nine different shades of the chosen color ranging from light to dark. After you finalized the colors, it would be in your best interest to export the entire scheme as a JSON or JPEG.

8. Palettable

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Yet another superb minimal-style tool for your specific color palette needs is the Palettable. The tool would suggest you colors to start while eliminating and adding the other available options in colors as you move on.

Palettable website color scheme generator has been a great option if you were skeptical about your choices. Rest assured that the tool has a full-screen website assisting you in better visualization. You could save your palette, as a permalink or a PNG file.

9. ColourCode : Generate Color Palette from Image

Color Palette Generator

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ColourCode is yet another popular tool for your palette generation needs. It works with a few clicks of the button or the mouse. After finalizing the desired color palette, you would have the option to either grab the color code or save it as a PNG or permalink.

10. Color Hunt

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While keeping the designers in mind, the tool, Color Hunt, has been specifically designed to provide you with a great option of a visual-rich interface. Color Hunt lists new color palettes every day. Therefore, you could be sure of something made available to everybody. All you require doing is to browse through the library and choose the codes you were interested in.

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Essential steps for creating professional color palettes

It would be pertinent that you understand the basics of creating effective color palettes from a color palette maker.

Different kinds of color palettes:

Foremost, you should know about the four main kinds of color palettes made available online.


Monochromatic color palettes would be created with different shades of a single color. These are relatively easy to make and used for several popular brands.


Analogous palettes entail colors close to each other on the color wheel. When you choose the main color, the colors next to it could be chosen as secondary colors for such types of palettes.


These entail colors opposite to each other in the color wheel.


The Triadic palettes encompass three main colors. These would be ideal for creating visible contrast in designs.

Moreover, it would help you learn and understand the color theory.

The Color Psychology

When it comes to choosing the colors, rest assured that there would be some aspect of psychology involved in it. It would not be wrong to suggest that different colors would have a strong effect while it evokes specific emotions in humans. For instance, black color associates with mystery, elegance, and authority. The luxury brands use black color majorly. Consider applying color psychology when choosing colors for your color palette.

Use the Latest Color Trends

When it comes to creating a color palette, consider using the latest color trends. It would help you make the design for a contemporary brand or start-up. The latest trends would play an important role in appealing to current audiences.

Trends change constantly. You would come across numerous different trends to be applied to your color palettes. It would be inclusive of the color trend, metro colors, material design colors, and more.

Inspired by real photos

It would not be wrong to suggest that real-life offers the best colors. When you prefer a more realistic color palette inspired by nature, you could use real photos for inspiration. These tools and apps enable you to generate color palettes based on images and photos.

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