Apple And Ericsson Sign A 7 Year Patent Deal Burying All The Differences

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Burying all the differences of infringement claims, Telecom giant Ericsson and Apple join hands together to begin a new partnership with a 7-year patent deal. Ericsson didn’t disclose its revenue prospects from the deal.


As per the deal terms, Apple will pay Ericsson an initial lump-sum payment and the on-going royalties will be paid thereafter. If reports are to be believed, Ericsson’s earned roughly $1.5 billion of revenue from intellectual property rights. The amount includes the licensing fee the company collected from Apple.

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The joint venture will help both the companies to collaborate on 5G video network traffic management and wireless network optimization technologies.

Apple And Ericsson Sign A 7 Year Patent Deal

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