Alibaba’s Jack Ma Joins Business Advisory Group Of British Prime Minister

China’s top businessman and Alibaba founder Jack ma has been inducted into elite business advisor group of British Prime Minister David Cameron. He will advise the PM on issues related strategic business matters. Chinese President Xi Jinping is on a four day visit to UK soon, and the announcement is being seen as UK’s effort to strengthen ties with China, the second largest economy of the world.

An official statement released from PM office said that the meeting between two is scheduled for Monday. After a formal meet, Jack Ma will join the Prime Minister’s business advisory group. Jack will be responsible for offering advice and help on how to get small and medium sized British businesses boosting their exports and in particular accessing Chinese markets through platforms like Alibaba.

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British PM believes that strong ties with China will help UK to escalate its economic growth in times to come. British PM Cameroon’s business advisory group already has 19 members who represent top British companies including chief executives of top British companies, including the heads of BP, Easyjet and Rolls Royce. Jack won’t receive any remuneration for the post he accepts.

Jack Ma Joins Business Advisory Group

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