Top 8 Best Evernote Alternatives 2019 (Updated)

Unarguably, Evernote is the most powerful note taking app with loaded features and functions. The app lets you take and organize notes in multiple ways. The app lets you create text-notes, voice-notes, and directly save the entire article in your notes.

Besides the convenience the app offers, it sometimes turns into complex application software. For beginners, the application demands a daunting learning curve to understand the functions and features bundled into it.

Top 8 Best Evernote Alternatives

To save time and efforts, you can switch to Evernote alternatives available for different platforms. We can help you in the discovery of a right alternative of Evernote note taking app.

We have compiled here a list of top 8 best Evernote alternatives that you can use to create, manage and organize notes.

*** Zoho Notebook:

Top Best Evernote Alternatives


The app lets you take notes and organize them in a notebook fashion. These digital notebooks look like a real notebook.  Using the app, you can create text-notes, voice-notes, add pictures, and more.

The app does have a web clipping tool like Evernote that allows users to save articles from the web. Writing and editing notes on the app is quite smooth and an easy going thing.

We will soon come up with a complete review of this amazing note taking app. Stay tuned.

1. Notion :

Notion Note taking app

Notion comes on the top of our list of top 8 best Evernote alternatives. This note taking app holds more features than Evernote and allows you finishing tasks beyond simple note taking.

Ideally, Notion is a very popular all-in-one work-space which lets you do the following with ease:

  • Take notes,
  • Create an internal wiki of notes,
  • Collect research material from the web
  • Create table and databases,
  • Create to-do lists

This small yet power packed note taking app offers a user friendly and clutter free user interface.

This Evernote alternative offers hundreds of intuitive templates that users can download and use. You can literally have a Notion template for everything that you want to do using the app.

2. OneNote : Top Evernote Alternative

Best Evernote Alternatives

OneNote: Evernote Alternative

This Microsoft brainchild is as powerful and feature loaded as the Evernote is. This is absolutely free and comes packed with all the features you enjoyed with Evernote.

Using this Evernote alternative app, you can save text-notes, voice-notes, pictures, and more. The app even allows you to use its inbuilt web clipping tool. Its USP is its cross-platform availability regardless of the devices and OS you are using it on.

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It’s free to use but quite complex due to hugely crowded features and file system it uses. Still, this is probably the best Evernote alternative if you have made your mind to switch to. It’s available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Web, Apple Watch, Android Wear, Chromebook.

 3. Simplenote :

Simplenote: Popular Alternative for Evernote

The USP of note taking app Simplenote, our next alternative for Evernote, is its intuitive and easy-to-navigate UI.

We recommend this note taking up for its innovative user interface the features it offers to the users. Using the app it becomes easier to create text-notes, reminders, to-do list, and more.

In addition, the app lets you sync all the notes taken across devices. Besides having a decent user interface, the app is very lightweight as well.

Simplenote comes loaded with a dark mode too. The only downside if the app is that you can’t insert pictures in the note.  The app is available for Windows, macOS, Linux(.deb), Linux(.tar.gz), Android and iOS.

4. Google Keep : Popular Evernote Alternative

Top 8 Best Evernote Alternatives

Google Keep

There are many reasons why I really like Google Keep, Google’s note taking app. This is probably the first app (other apps may have but I didn’t use them) that displays all the notes in the form of simple cards.

This makes accessing the notes a handy affair. You can also color code your notes in Google keep for quick access of the desired note.

The Google’s owned note taking app is perfect for reminders, creating lists, and more. Like Evernote’s web clipper, Google Keep’s Web Companion feature enables you to save web-articles directly inside the app.  The app is available for Android, iOS, Chrome and Web.

5. Notejoy :

Google Keep

Notejoy shares this list of top 8 best Evernote alternatives due to its ability to take note sharing to the next level. The note sharing feature of Notejoy simply outshines the Evernote’s sharing option.

If you find Evernote sharing feature sluggish and inefficient, Notejoy will be a go getter tool. The app organizes your notes in libraries and allows you create personal library for storing your private notes. The app also has shared libraries which contain shared notes

The moment a library is shared with someone, the notes saved in it will be automatically shared with them. Notejoy’s real-time chat feature allows you talking to the team members while taking notes.

Other noteworthy features of the app includes pinned notes, image galleries support, support for any kind of documents including word, PDFs, Google Doc, and more. The app is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Web.

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6. DEVONthink :


Our next Evernote alternative is Saying DEVONthink a note taking app or just another Evernote alternative will a grave injustice to it.

It’s not merely a note-taking app, but a full-fledged document management system which can efficiently take care of PDFs, links, and more. The app packs a built-in browser for opening the links inside the app itself.

The DEVONthink note taking app is loaded with a wide range of automation tools and scripts that turns note taking and organization a handy affair.

The app also offers a web clipping tool and an efficient search feature. The app is available for macOS and iOS platforms.

7. Elephant :

Elephant Note Taking app

The Elephant note taking app contains all the features of mighty Evernote, with only difference is that it’s an open source.

The app offers you all required note taking feature including creating notes, organizing them inside notebooks, syncing them across devices, and much more.

If you’re looking for a note taking app with Evernote like features, download Elephant. What may disappoint you is that the app doesn’t available for mobile devices.  The app is available for Windows, macOS, Linux platforms.

8. Keep It :

Keep It

Keep It is a almost perfect among the listed top 8 best Evernote alternatives for Mac users. The app comes loaded with an intuitive and more organized user interface.

Using the app, you can easily create notes, tags and bundles. The app also offers users to make bookmarks and save web articles as well.

The app also enables users to perform searching for notes using Spotlight, back up with Time Machine and open notes in any app.

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