Top 10 Best Shopify Apps by SpurIT for eCommerce Startups

The successful modern business strongly depends on the online footprint of the company. One of the most effective ways to develop the internet store is integration with Shopify platform. The list captures ten Shopify apps that can help online sellers in growing their business. They are available for download on Shopify app store.

Best Apps for Shopify- Available on Shopify App Store

Below are shown best shopify apps for different websites, which are popular among users from UK, USA, Australia and have plenty of positive reviews.

1. Pre-Order Manager

Shopify pre order is allow first shopify app allows to control the orders of all company’s inventory, even those which is out of stock. The shopify sellers are able to limit the pre order number, to see the whole list of them, as well as to chat with customer with a view to fulfilling stocks.

2. Upsell for Products – Buy X Get Y

Powerful shopify tool in your marketing strategy; this Shopify ios app allows to make a serious upsell in the short period. Shopify upsell affords to search and run different promotion schemes (like buy 1 + get 1 free; buy 2 + get 50% off, etc.).

3. Bulk Discounts & Sales Scheduler

Smart trade policy in shopify can’t exist without making plans of bulk discounts. Users of shopify discount app are able to schedule sales for holidays and to set up discounts for products. It is also possible to stop sale and to highlight the list of discounted products with the help of special selling icons promptly from your iphone or ipad.

4. Sales Countdown Timer Bar

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In order to prompt customer to make a purchase in your web-pos (point of sale), show him how limited the time is. This no-lose shopify trick allows to select countdown, scheduled or fixed-length timer, to set start/end dates. Shopify countdown timer app also includes the possibility of auto restart management and the individual start for each customer.

5. Quantity Discount & Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing strategy is used by all marketing experts, who are interested in the essential increasing of shopify sales. If you have a customer, it is quite logical to hold the better contact with him through multiple propositions.  This shopify app What attracts them most is the discount when purchasing more than determined amount of goods. With the help of shopify quantity discount it will be easy to build such strategy in my or yours online-shop.

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6. Popup Upsell on Exit & Visit

The majority of customers leave online-store without purchasing. If you want to increase the loyalty of potential shopify clients, make an attractive popup offer (for example, newsletter) at one of the most important moments: when the customer visits your store or when he leaves it. Propose bold discount, coupon or opt-in through Shopify pop up and make them using the suggestion of developer. The app can be downloaded via shopify app store.

7. Back in Stock Alerts

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If you want to sell some product that is back in stock, there is the easy way to do that with the help of shopify notify when back in stock templates. We propose several ways to get notification when the shopify product is in stock: automatic subscription, special back button and widget reminder. This is one of the best Shopify Dropshipping app so far .

8. Free Shipping & Hello Bar

This shopify app is a cool way to show the customer your personal approach; it offers free shipping possibilities. Shopify free shipping is designed to create initial motivator for new or loyal clients. The initial message and the following information about discounts, gifts and dropshipping are shown at the affiliate bar; plugin is powered by merchants and does the main work on the website.

9. Upsell Bundled Products

When a shopify customer decides to buy a smartphone, it is quite logical to propose him complement product: phone cover or/and headphones with bundles discounts. Shopify bundles mobile app theme is developed in order to perform this act just in one click and to decrease the overall cost of online shops. This Shopify app is also available at shopify app store for download.

10. Crowdfunding Manager

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Crowdfunding system has proved its consistency all over the world, which includes facebook, shopify and other platforms. With one of the best shopify apps shopify crowdfunding it is possible to become the builder of your own crowdfunding campaign with automatic seo service, adding videos, making analytics work and different possibilities of payments (webmoney, paypal, etc.).

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