10 Best Meme Generator Apps for Android and iOS

Memes are currently the most prominent and the trendiest items of the current times, and several advertisers are interested in learning more about meme advertising or about meme creations.

However, producing memes necessitates originality, which may be challenging at some points in time. Fortunately, there exist many meme-making applications, which make it simple to build memes.

Best Meme Maker Apps for Android and iOS | Meme Creator

But, there seem to be a lot of these applications out there, but only some of them can be used as many of them are just for the purpose of fraud as they are most of the time stealing your personal data by asking for your phone access at the time of installation.

So, here is a list of 10 of the finest and safe meme-making apps that you may use to create the best memes.

1. Tumblr

Meme Maker

Tumblr is indeed a social networking site that requires a login account and allows users to upload images and videos. This app is compatible with both iOS and other Smartphones and it includes a GIF creator and picture modifying features.

One might customize the texts by changing the typeface, style, and coloring, and also it allows you to add any number of stickers as you want which will eventually help you to make the funniest of the memes.

Tumblr can also be accessed to locate a variety of photos. The only restriction, which Tumblr put on its user, is that you will first always have to post the meme on their social media platform and then you can get access to post in anywhere else.

2. Meme Generator

Meme Generator includes a variety of amusing features as well as regular weekly additions or improvements. Not just that, however, this application also comes with hundreds of emojis that people could use in creating their memes and one can even modify their memes in a better way.

This app offers you nearly more than 70 styles of fonts; you might enter numerous subtitles and create current and vintage memes. This app has indeed earned a spot among smartphone users with over 1 Crore installations on Play Store.

There are over 1000 meme options that are available throughout the program, which could be used to make humorous memes that can be shared on any social media platform.

3. Memasik-Free Meme Generator

Meme Maker

One may use the themes-based stickers to make a meme chain, and Memasik has a rapid sharing feature that allows you to publish the memes directly from the memasik app to any social media platform.

The software features a big network in which you can share your images and sometimes even advertise them using meme money, which is the application’s money. Both iOS and Android users will be able to access it.

4. Meme Producer

Memes may be shared in three easy stages. Select a photo, add a description, and post a meme to any major social networking platform. Meme Producer allows you to merge many photos into a single unique meme and alter the description with only a quick flick.

This software allows you to create subtitles with far more than just one-liners, which is very useful if the content you wanted to offer is longer than two phrases.

5. Mematic– Video Meme Maker

Meme Maker

This app is aimed at helping you rapidly and effortlessly making memes. All you have to do now is insert descriptions and post the memes on your social media platforms. There seems to be no need for photo editing capabilities in the program, and just simple text styling skills are required.

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Nevertheless, Mematic is an unrestricted app that gives you access to a wide range of popular meme images to which one can. The interface of the application is indeed very simple to use, even if you’ve never operated on any meme-making application before, one won’t see any trouble creating memes.

6. Memeto

Memento lets you make humorous memes as well as encouraging and trolling phrases. Both iOS and Android handsets are supported by the app. It has already had over 1 lakh downloads, indicating that the software is excellent for creating memes. This software has thousands of stickers that will assist you in creating the finest memes possible.

7. MemeNow

Meme Maker

The app’s UI is really fast, and it provides you with a very seamless, simple, and complex meme-making experience. The software is free to download from the Google Play Store, however, it is not compatible with iOS devices.

There are over 50 typefaces to choose from when it comes to adding style and descriptions. Over 1300 ready-to-use meme templates are included in the program.

8. Modern Meme Maker

Over hundreds of free memes, layouts are available to explore and utilize in the application. All you need to do now is pick your favorite meme and choose the color or font of the message.

Since you can use more than one-liners, so one need not have to bother about just the size of the description or subtitle. Tags can be added to memes if preferred, however, stamped memes really aren’t especially famous.

9. Memechat -Online Meme Creator

Memechat is one of the most popular meme-making apps on Google Play. On Google Play, it has over a million downloads. Both iPhone and Android users will be able to use the software.

The app’s user interface provides a really seamless experience, making it much simpler to create memes using it. The software may be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. It allows users to search for memes and re-edit them according to their preferences.

10. Meme Faces

If you’d like to add hilarious meme masks to your colleagues’ photos, Meme Faces seems to be the app for that purpose. To turn your mate’s greatest image into something like a popular meme, one can use the application to assign multiple meme masks to real pictures and add remarks.

One may also add humorous texts to Meme Portraits if you’d like to build meme sequences. By combining various typefaces in a meme, Meme Faces allows you to flip stickers, phrases, and create unique memes. It is incompatible with iPhones and iPads.

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