10 Best App Locker Apps for Android You Can Install

# Last Updated On: May 25, 2021 #

Do you know how simple these app locks are? If no, then you ought to aware of the same and find some ways through which you will get to know which one is easy and which one is a bit tricky to use. Here, we have a list of all the best app lock apps for Android and discuss all of them in the coming write-up.

Best App Lockers For Android in 2021

The app lock is a basic app that every android device needs the most. It is vital to note down that all such apps are too easy and secure your phone data & info. Let us explore the apps as given below:

1. Apex Launcher

 best App Locks

The app is free and an outstanding launcher that can be used for the app lock function. The launcher defines all the set of features that are too good and also, involves some customizations, various effects, icon support, and some hidden elements such as the status bar and the dock as and whenever you want them.

Some security features are also available, like app drawer, hidden apps, and app lock function.

2. Applock by DoMobile Lab

 best App Locks

It is another free app and helps to secure the phone by implementing all basic locking functionalities. Also, it can lock some certain pictures & videos. Additionally, there are some other things available such as fingerprint support, lock incoming calls, lock some system functionalities, and uninstalling some apps.

There is an option available to unlock all the premium features by allowing all ads or pay some donation amount to get that version.

3. Applock by IvyMobile

The app is free of cost and better for Android devices. Like some others, you can see that it has the functionalities to lock all apps on the mobile device. Also, it increases the chances to lock videos and pictures.

You can also get theming & can replace the icon if you would like to hide any app, lock the frequency, and so on. Furthermore, it will help you out to capture the picture of a person who does not out password correctly.

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4. AppLocker by BGNmobi

The price of the app is free or it costs you $2.99 if you want a premium version. It provides most of the functions in the same manner as other apps and also, locking up some apps if it is required.

Also, it offers you fingerprint support & pattern lock or a password option too. Also, it comes up with some personalization options and restricts other users to install or uninstall any app. It is just a simple app with no unnecessary functionalities at all.

5. Norton App Lock

 best App Locks

The app is another free option available and it is a big name in the field of antivirus. As it came up, they offer a free lock app by using PIN code, pattern, or password as it has a lock system of its own.

Also, it supports all pictures all along with the apps and comes with some recommendations that help you to choose which app needs to be closed. Like others, it takes pictures if someone is going to open your phone with an incorrect code.

6. Perfect Applock

It is a free app lock and a better one that is on the list. It features all the fundamentals, involving support required for locking WiFi, toggles, and Bluetooth. Also, it is frustrating to get some unnecessary or fake text messages that can get blocked with the help of this app.

There are two different versions of this app such as free and paid ones as the premium one is flooded with some other extra features.

7. Smart AppLock

It is a decent app that costs you not even a single penny. It will lock up all pictures as well as videos, involving the settings, phone app, and toggles to keep the phone safe.

Along with the same, it offers auto-start on reboot, break-in alerts, delays in-app locking, and some fingerprint scanner functionalities for all Samsung devices. The only bad aspect about this app is that it is simple to uninstall the app if someone figures out that it is in the device.

8. Smart Launcher 5

 best App Locks

It is a new launcher with some set of security features. It features some different stuff such as adaptive icons, gestures, sorting of apps, ambient theming, and hotkeys.

Another feature of this app is app lock and the launcher helps to hide apps and can also protect them with a PIN code. Also, if they find them, then there is a need to fill a pin code and then, access the same.

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9. SpSoft AppLock

The app is either free in case of free version but if you want to buy a premium one, then it costs you $4.99. It has some set of features such as pattern, fingerprint, and password for unlocking purposes.

That is such good news for all people who have a phone with a fingerprint scanner. It will take a picture of a person who tries to get into the device and shows an error text rather than the lock.

10. Ultra Applock

The app locker is free for beginners but if you need a premium version with additional features, then there is a need to pay a fee of $7.49. Also, you need to open the app, lock all apps as you want, and need a password that needs to be entered if access the app. The app has fingerprint support and sends some break-in alerts if the password is wrong.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, there is a list of all top-rated app locker apps available for download Android devices to keep them safe all the time. The apps are free if you want to use some basic functionalities such as app locks, hide apps, screen locks, and so on.

To get into all of them, you just need to search them on the play store and then, install the same and use it for some legal motives only. These are the best apps as enlisted above and helps a person to keep their phone secure and never let others touch or access it in any case.

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