Top 10 Business VoIP Providers in UK

# Last Updated On: October 15, 2020 #

As landlines have started to go off the fence, Voice over Internet Protocol or Business VOIP is now the new norm for making uninterrupted phone calls. Using high speed internet connections, VoIP providers let you skip your annoying telcos with an adapter box that converts convert analog signals to digital.

Best Business VOIP Providers in UK

It’s an ordeal to find a better business VoIP option among the plenty of options available. Thankfully, we can help you having the right choice with our list of top 10 business VoIP providers. Here we go:

1. RingCentral:

RingCentral tops our list of all the business voip providers for its extensive feature list, pricing, and customer focused plans. With RingCentral, business owners can buy a custom VoIP plans without fearing locked-in periods or annual contracts.

Users can change the plan and features on an a’la carte basis. With RingCentral, businesses can easily save big bucks every month. (contd.Top 10 Business VOIP Providers)

2. Jive:

Top 10 Business VOIP Providers in USA

If being a business, you seek loads of massive customization abilities, Jive is be a right choice. Jive is loaded with a slew of awe inspiring features such as call forwarding and hold time announcements, along with automated call distribution options.

The best feature with the best business voip phone service is its virtual queuing system that makes a call to your customers back when their turn has arrived. Alongside, the service comes packed with administrative tools to tracking an and mentoring of various metrics including how long calls last, who is receiving the most calls, and what time of the day you get the most calls.

 3. Vonage Business:

Vonage started its journey a decade back when VoIP technology was just started off. The company was one of those early age VoIP providers that offered both consumer and enterprise customers affordable plans to slash their business bills. Now the company is focusing more on their business customers. The company serves its business customers with VoIP comprising 40+ business calling features, unlimited calling & faxing, and a contract-free signup etc.

4. Nextiva:

Nextiva’s USP is its affordable VoIP plans and solid network server support. Nextiva is the best suited voip business phone services if scaling up your business is the next thing you’re planning.

Without any upfront setup cost and with features like unlimited calling/faxing, Nextiva is perfect for businesses that need huge chunk of resource to ensure uninterrupted run for their VoIP systems. (contd.Top 10 Business VOIP Providers)

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The best VoIP service provider offers fully redundant network with ten server locations. The company guarantees their customers 99.99% server uptime and cheaper plan with basic features in place.

5. 8×8:

With its ability to make long distance calling to 35 countries without any Penny,   8×8 hits our list of top VoIP service solutions in the USA. If most of your customers are customers outside North America or Europe, 8×8 is the perfect choice.

8×8 allows unlimited calls to 35 countries at global locations with conference calls support for up to 15 members at a time that could be upgraded to 50. If in any case you don’t like their service, 8×8 offers a no-strings-attached 30-day money back guarantee.

6. OOMA:

With Ooma’s affordable voip business phone plans, you may have easy access to the useful features such as HD Voice, encrypted phone calls, prioritization of voice data and advanced voice compression etc. The basic Ooma Telo box costs $99 (£76) and requires a wired connection, while Ooma Telo Air, the advanced version costs $129 (£99), and allows wireless use.

The VoIP Company offers two plans to its customers. The Basic plan is free and Premier plan costs $9.99 (£7.60) a month or $99.99 (£76). Though, the company does offer a two-month free trial with the premiere plan.

With both the plans,  you may enjoy unlimited calling, Amazon Echo connectivity, a mobile app for inbound and outbound calling, and call blocking etc. (contd.Top 10 Business VOIP Providers)


VOIPO is the best among business voip providers that doesn’t offer any monthly plan but offers a two-year deal for $149 (£113). The plan works out at $6.21 (£4.70) per month for an unlimited amount of minutes.

The service comes with no strings attached 30-day money-back guarantee and 40+ premium features, including online voicemail, telemarketer blocking, softphone access, a free rollover line, and even 60 minutes of included international calling monthly.      

8. 1-VoIP:

1-VoIP offers best features in the most affordable price. Its unlimited calling pack for US & Canada offers unlimited incoming and outgoing calls throughout North America at an affordable $17.97 (£14) per month. It doesn’t require a monthly subscription and no commitments at all.

Company’s lower budget plans start at $8.97 (£7) monthly with 500 outgoing minutes. With premium plans buyers can manage to have unlimited incoming minutes, as well as the hardware and the same premium features. (contd.Top 10 Business VOIP Providers)

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The best VoIP service provider VoIP also offers compelling premium feature including ability to send PDF documents as virtual faxes, voicemails,  automatic rejections and a digital softphone to let users use their service from a computer or smartphone via an app.

9. CenturyLink:

Top 10 Business VOIP Providers

CenturyLink Hosted VoIP plans are devised to let employees and customers to connect anytime, from virtually anywhere, on any device. The provider’s VoIP solutions allow employees phone access from virtually anywhere, anytime. They can call to various mobile devices using one number. They help you keep your business running during a network outage.

Company has segments its plans in 6 different categories: Basic, Standard, Premium, Conference, Receptionist and Cordless. Each plan is further designed with optional features for soft clients, voicemail and virtual seats.

Company’s long distance plans offer unlimited local and domestic long-distance – ON CenturyLink Network and up to 10,000 minutes of long distance and toll-free service – OFF CenturyLink Network.

10. Megapath:

Looking for advanced business voip phone service, Megapath is here. Company plans come without any contract and user can cancel the subscription anytime. With its National Calling Plan, you can save above 20% per seat. The plans come packed with 50 calling features, including Voicemail transcribed as Email.

Other noteworthy features available with this top VoIP Business provider are powerful mobility, tool for managing call routing. The provider eases out the process of collaboration with five apps in one including softphone, screen share, video calling, texting, instant messaging and presence.

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