Top 10 Educational Games for Students

# Last Updated On: July 22, 2021 #

Games make learning interesting, memorable, and easier. When integrated into the learning system, the lessons are more engaging. It is also one of the subconscious ways of teaching some of the concepts that are considered to be mundane. At the same time, games help students to relax while continuing with learning. Maybe the biggest benefit of educational games can be said to be the life lessons they offer to kids at different ages.

To meet the growing need for educational games, developers have produced some of the most amazing games for students in various grades. The variety can be seen in the storyline, topic or idea covered, and ability of the game to be played on different platforms.

Engaging Parents and Teachers

Interestingly, education games accommodate parents and teachers in the fun. It is time for students to bond with parents while at the same time learning crucial lessons. You can buy homework and other assignments to create more time to bond with a student while you play games.

An interesting aspect of the game is the availability of updates. As a student clears a stage or masters the tricks necessary to clear a particular stage, an update is provided. The presence of a new challenge maintains the enthusiasm in the game.

AI in Educational Games

The introduction of AI in educational games has also come as a game-changer. As the student plays, the platform is collecting data. The data indicates the areas a student could be experiencing difficulties. You can use the data to help the student with revision. It means that the game is not just meant for entertainment. It is helping students to revise and understand their weaknesses.

Best Educational Games for Students

Educational games are available online or offline. It allows the student to avoid gadget addiction while still learning the important lessons of life. Here are some of the best educational games for students at all levels of learning.

1. Chess

Chess is regarded as a brain teaser. It requires a lot of concentration and sharp moves. Beyond the current move, you must predict the consequences and plan ahead for the next step once you clear your move.

Chess is available online and offline. You can play among friends, peers, with parents, and even with teachers. Luckily, it is a competitive game that a student can pursue beyond school. If you are buying to play at home, it is affordable.

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The lessons learned are applicable and practical for life at any stage. Since it stretches the capacity of your brain and demands critical thinking, it will help a student to improve on academic performance.

Chess players are regarded as some of the brightest students. As a parent or teacher plays chess with a student, he will identify weaknesses and help to resolve them. If you are looking to sharpen your brain for all subjects, this is the game.

2. Puzzles

Puzzles require a student to reveal a secret based on the clues provided. You require memory and critical thinking at the same time. Some of the clues will jog your memory while critical thinking helps you to use the clues to find an answer.

Puzzles are common because they come in all varieties. There are puzzle games based on language, science, history, math, and general knowledge, among other areas. The level of difficulty for puzzles also graduates with time. It prepares a student to tackle harder academic challenges.

Since puzzles are developed with different capabilities in mind, you can maintain the interest of the students in solving them.

3. Monopoly

Do you want to teach your kids about investment and how to manage finances? Then monopoly has got your back! The game is based on investment decisions every player makes. It is also a great class on how present decisions can impact your future financial position.

Monopoly is available online and offline. The practical approach to monopoly makes it an interesting game for all to play. Adults can also play with children without either of them feeling intimidated or out of place. It is one of the most interesting educational games that come with life lessons.

4. Dragon Box

Is algebra proving to be a headache for your student or child? Dragon Box will solve the problem. It helps a student to solve an equation and also know the logic behind the solution.

The game requires a student to view an equation from both the problem and solution sides. By removing the unnecessary elements, you will find a solution. It is so interesting that students forget that they are solving math equations.

5. Code Spells

The future is programming. What better way to teach coding than using Code Spells? The game uses Gnomes to complete tasks. The magic used to solve the problems is presented in the form of a Java Code. Once students begin to work with these programming ideas, they will easily handle them in the future.

6. Scrabble

Do you want to raise a Word Master? Buy a Scrabble board. The game is based on words where opponents pick letters that they have to use in creating a word. Each word is awarded set points. The winner will have to garner the most points.

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Scrabble is available both online and offline. It is also a competitive game that can earn the student extra income. Without an opponent, a student can play with online bots.

7. SimCity

The game is packed with engineering, mathematics, science, and technology lessons. It requires the players to build virtual cities using laid urban planning rules. If you want to mold an architect, this is the game to buy. It is also big on creativity, especially in the present world looking for environmentally friendly solutions.

8. Math Ninja

The app is exclusive for math lovers. It is built with the most basic learner in mind. It targets the principles of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Like the Ninja, a student must solve math problems to win.

9. Endless Alphabet

Another game for language lovers! It is designed for three-year-old’s and above. It uses delightful monsters to teach the kids about alphabets. The definitions are well illustrated with letters speaking to the kid. It can also be used to learn foreign languages.

10. Stop Motion Studio

The game is used to teach patience and creativity. It has a simple interface to accommodate kids and make it interesting. However, the intervention of an adult will make the game more interesting to play.

The best educational games depend on what you want to teach your children. Choose a game with a challenge that is appropriate to the learning strength of your child. At the same time, balance between learning and entertainment.

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