Top 9 Test Maker Software for Teachers in 2021

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2021)

If you want to boost your online testing effectiveness and ensure the utmost grading efficiency, you need advanced online and offline test maker software.

Although many students would disagree, educational tests are quite necessary. Primarily, they allow you to assess your students’ mastery of a topic. Secondly, they enable your students to boost their knowledge retention through repetition and recall.

But regardless of their importance, there’s no denying how unnecessarily difficult and time-consuming it is to create and grade educational tests. And it’s even more challenging to do so online.

Many schools remain closed for in-person teaching, and many online classrooms leave much to be desired when it comes to student assessment.

Best Test Maker Software

If you want to boost your online testing effectiveness and ensure the utmost grading efficiency, you need advanced online and offline test maker software.

Online test makers can completely revolutionize the way you create and grade your tests, but only if you’re using the right software.

So, take a look at some of the best test creators, and start reaping their benefits.

1. ProProfs Test Maker Software

Test Maker Software

ProProfs is an advanced LMS that can enhance every aspect of online learning, and its test generator is a powerful solution for perfecting your assessments.

It has a vast library of pre-built and ready-to-use tests that you can customize and launch at a click of a button. Alternatively, you can create your own tests from scratch just as quickly.

Every question type is available to you, so whether you’re a math, literature, or chemistry teacher, you can create precisely the kind of tests you need.

Add images, videos, and other media to make the assessment more interactive, and prevent cheating by including time limits, pooling and randomizing questions, and shuffling answers.

ProProfs will automatically grade the tests and provide real-time feedback on the results. You’ll get detailed reports and analytics on student performance and be able to analyze individual and group progress.

2. QuestBase

Test Maker Software

 If you’re on a budget, QuestBase could be the solution you were looking for. It’s a free test generator that has all the necessary features for practical student assessments.

It has somewhat of an outdated design, but it’s still powerful enough to meet your needs.

Use it to create and customize your tests, develop question pools, design personalized completion certificates, and optimize the grading process.

While QuestBase is minimalistic, it’s anything but simple. It can be a powerful tool in online and offline learning environments.

3. Testmoz

Testmoz is an easy-to-use online test maker with excellent capabilities. It’s feature-packed and versatile, finding applications in educational and corporate settings alike.

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Building your tests is a breeze. In just a few minutes, you can import your questions and answers, edit and modify them, create question banks, and have the exams ready to go.

You can enable partial credit, limit the number of attempts, manually adjust scores, add hints and comments, and optimize every aspect of test creation and grading.

The test generator works on any device and is functional even in low bandwidth, so you can rest assured that your students can access your exams without a problem.

4. Edumate

Edumate is an advanced iTech’s solution that can suit a school of any size. It’s packed with unique features that can add real value to your online classes.

Your Edumate tests are fully customizable to ensure a perfect fit with your school and brand aesthetics. You can set the theme, include your logo, and design every test page to match your website.

Edumate has all the typical online test maker features, allowing you to create question pools, branch out questions, randomize answer order, and more.

What sets it apart is that you can add audio and video files that’ll make your tests all the more interactive.

You’ll get insightful reports that’ll tell you everything you need to know about student performance – their number of attempts, completed and unfinished tests, grades, number of correct/incorrect answers,  and more.

5.    EvalBox

Test Maker Software

EvalBox can be an excellent solution for student testing, whether you’re doing it online or offline. It’s easy to use and features almost no learning curve, so you’ll be able to use it like a pro in no time.

It can be suitable for pop quizzes, practice tests, or even final exams regardless of your teaching class.

It takes just a few minutes to create a question bank, then at a single click, EvalBox will create a ready-to-use test with your specified question number.

At any time, you can edit and modify questions and answers to ensure your final test is precisely right.

What makes EvalBox stand out is its cheating prevention system. If any students are showing signs of cheating, you’ll be notified immediately.

6. TopHat

 TopHat enables you to make interactive tests and quizzes for free. Educators don’t have to spend a single dime to use this quiz creator, but students do need to pay a small fee.

The test generator boasts a vast library of pre-made questions and quizzes, so you can make use of it to cut time and minimize effort. Of course, you can always come up with your questions as well.

All tests are automatically graded so that you can focus on more important matters. The TopHat grade book can be exported to your preferred LMS for further analysis.

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7.  Speed Exam

Test Maker Software

 Speed Exam is an excellent solution for online testing of any kind. You can use it for educational assessments, aptitude tests, training and certifications, corporate testing for promotions, and more.

Your tests will be fully customizable and with no Speed Exam branding that could cause confusion.

The test maker software is intuitive and flexible, allowing you to create any question types and launch concurrent tests with ease.

It has an advanced cheating prevention system that will lock students out immediately if suspicious activity is detected.

8. QuestionPro

 QuestionPro is an online survey creator primarily used for business purposes, but it can be effective for online education and test creation.

It’s ideal for creating mock tests and helping your students prepare for their final exams, and it can help you gauge which topics your students are struggling with the most.

You’ll have access to several question types, excellent customization features, and real-time reporting functionality.

While it’s not the most advanced online test maker, it serves its purpose and can help you stay on top of student assessments.

9.  QuizCV

 QuizCV is commonly used by companies wanting to assess their applicants and test their employees. But its extensive capabilities make it a great test creator for educational settings as well.

You can easily create tests and quizzes, final exams, and full assessments, enriching them with images and other media.

Randomize questions, shuffle answers, set up time restrictions, and analyze actionable reports that’ll give you insight into student performance.

The Bottom Line:

Even the simplest test generator can make your job easier, but advanced solutions like ProProfs, Testmoz, and other sophisticated test creators can take your assessments to a whole new level.

With quick test generation and automated grading, you’ll save time and effort and have the opportunity to dedicate yourself to more important matters. Test out these online test makers, and find the one best suited to your needs.

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