Top 10 Lorem Ipsum Text Generator for Web Designers

The lorem ipsum is the type of filler text used to fill out the websites, wireframes, and design templates. People are making this more creative and simple. Now there is more number of lorem ipsum generators available for web designers. Lets find some of the best funny loreum ipsum text generators used by web designers.

Free Lorem Ipsum Text Generator

Lorem ipsum tools are easy to use. You can create dozens of unique, creative and funny text generators. By using this you may create either a specific number of lorem ipsum paragraphs, sentences, or words. You also control the length of your generated text. The following list will guide you to get the right generator.

1. Lipsum

This is the popular and most common lorem Ipsum generator. You can easily find this type of lipsum generator on the web. It is a very simple and easy one. Everyone is able to understand this and it is easy to do.

This lipsum is one which generates the original Lorem Ipsum. These also have information about the original filler text. In this the option is also available to separate the paragraphs. So that you can separate the dummy text into text paragraphs.

You can generate this ipsum dummy text and use that for a website, print or a book. It is unique to create and generate.

2. Blind Text Generator

The blind text generator is another simple lorem ipsum generator. It will allow generating different types of text, including Cicero’s work. The basic option is available; it includes choosing the number of words or characters.

You can also choose how many paragraphs you want and whether or not you want to use paragraph tags. In blind text generator, the advanced option includes several font options and also allows you to generate the snippet of code then you can paste it directly to your stylesheet. So it is considered as one of the best generators.

3. Fillerama – Lorem Ipsum Font Generator

lorem ipsum generator

It is one of the best types of Lorem Ipsum Text Generator online and it is a simple and easy one. Using a fillerama text generator you can generate placeholder text from shows. You can use this for TV shows. Using this Fillerama you can create paragraphs with headers, list, and inline styles.

So that you don’t want to scratch your headers much while placing filler texts for your new website. It is very easy to use the number of words and which can be generated very easily. It will be useful to generate mistaken or nonsense text to arrange in the correct place. So it has the unique and special role of performance.

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4. Procato. com Lipsum

The procato. Com lipsum is considered as the popular generator. The lorem ipsum generator is part of a complete set of tools with small site offers. This generator contains all of the usual settings so you can expect the best level. It can also allow picking the long or short paragraph and sentences you want, then also it can style the sentence what you need. The procato.

Com offers several tools and also you can use the tool to generate demo text for your project. Then you can set the number of words and also break them into the section as per your need. You can generate the numbered list of the text it will fit perfectly into different kinds of projects.


The free for lorem ipsum generator is one of the simple and easy Ipsum generators. It can generate the specified number of paragraphs in the specified length, it gives you the ability to use HTML markup so, if you want, means you can use it.

In this free lorem ipsum generator, you choose how many sentences, paragraphs or list of items you want. It can also support the standard lorem ipsum; marvel Ipsum, batman Ipsum and pokemon Ipsum. It is very easy to use so you can easily generate beads upon your needs and convenience.

6. Bacon Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator

Bacon Ipsum is considered as one of the best and perfect to generate; you can use this tool to generate your lorem text. The bacon lorem ipsum character generator will allow you to select the number of paragraphs very simply so you can easily generate it. The bacon ipsum is the best one to generate random text for you.

Generating the bacon generator is very easy when compared to other then it carries the unique performance. If you don’t want the number of text or paragraphs you can easily remove it. Then it can help to generate your text to meaningful texts.

7. Pirate Ipsum

This pirate Ipsum is funny and quirky and this Ipsum creates a pirate-themed placeholder for you. It has the ability to create some swashbuckling text with brigands and bilge, it is one of the best free and unique lorem ipsum generators. It won’t allow taking that much time to generate so many of them prefer to generate the pirate ipsum.

It is also considered as the best generator, then this tool is very easy to use and it has the ability to generate the multiple. If you think the text will be too disturbing for collaboration between copywriters and designers may be the best.

8. Heisenberg Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator

The Heisenberg Ipsum not only creates text but also other characters as well. You can also set the number of paragraphs, words or characters to be generated. The Heisenberg can also allow you to select the number of sentences then you will have to pick manually.

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The process and methods of the Heisenberg are very easy to generate so you should check out this. The Heisenberg will allow you to generate the words and character easily. It is used to replace or generate mistaken texts to change and fit in the correct place.

9. Hipsum Ipsum

The hip sum Ipsum is considered as the cool random text generator it has to be on the list. This dummy text generator will be able to create the hip text for you in a single click. You can choose to get a dose of hipster with a shot of Latin or hipster then the website has a clean UI.

It is very easy to select the number of paragraphs you want then you can hit the beer me button for random words. You can easily remove the unwanted text, the single tap beer me button is enough to remove.

10. Placeholder

lorem ipsum generator

Usually, the lorem ipsum passage in Latin on countless websites and it will be sufficient to mention above the websites. Adding some quirky filler text generator websites is too in the list. The place holder is carrying the unique and pretty in that sense.

If you specify the number of words or paragraphs what you need. So in that next time, you want placeholder text for your crypto website. This text is commonly used to demonstrate the visual form of a document.

The Bottom Line ->

Other than these generators, there is a wide variety of generators available. The lorem ipsum is easy to generate different kinds of words. Then it is one of the best and easiest ways to generate the number of text and paragraphs.

Now you have got some ideas on the various types of generator, so the above lists will help you pick the best generator based upon your needs and convenience.

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