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5 Web Development Trends for 2020

Merely two decades ago, one could not envisage the magnanimous form the internet has taken in today’s world. Web development is a drastic process that stands as the base of consumerism and user behavior whereby online presence is indispensable for every individual or entity.

Different web development agencies like Brights Agency are constantly endeavoring to bring the best web development solutions to millions of users and businesses worldwide. But firstly, we should understand the major trends in web development in 2019.

5 Web Development

Latest Type Declaration and Sealed Types Enhancements by Java

The latest JEP draft submitted by Brian Goetz, one of the chief Java Language Architects at Oracle, includes critical features in the JDK development. Java is often criticized for being excessively verbose and this hurt the Java architects.

Type Declaration and Sealed Types Enhancements

The draft “Records and Sealed Types” is intended to make Java code that models no complex data aggregates simpler to read, write, and to be modified/ corrected.

The JEP has two latest language constructs. Firstly, Records are there to extend Java. Records are introduced to provide a new, compact syntax for the class declaration that is “transparent holders for immutable data.” Secondly, “sealed types” are there with which classes and interfaces can be declared that limit their subtypes.

Both records and sealed type features are often implemented simultaneously in different languages under the name – “algebraic data types.”

Let’s understand the depth of Records and Sealed types


Record is a new type of declaration proposed in the Java language. Like an enum, it is a restricted form of class that declares its representation and assigns to an API that suits that representation.

There will be no key degree of freedom offered by Records that classes usually enjoy; in other words, the ability to decouple a classes API from representation. However, there will be a significant degree of concision. A data is “the state, the complete state, and nothing but the state.”

Its form in the proposal looks like-

record Point(int x, int y) { }

From the above example, it is clear that using record point.

There is a name, a state description, and a body.

Records are classes, they can include maximum things other classes can – accessibility modifiers, an implements clause, Javadoc, annotations, type variables. The body may declare static methods, constructors, static fields, instance methods, instance initializers, and nested types.

Sealed types

Second type is sealed type that is suggested for implementing algebraic data types. There are two goals to be achieved –

1. To restrict which classes can be a subtype
2. To allow “exhaustiveness analysis at the use-site”

The proposed syntax of sealed types looks like-

sealed interface Node

permits A, B, C { … }

Java developers can make use of both Records and Sealed types together to model arithmetic expressions. You can take reference from the JEP draft-

sealed interface Expr { }
record ConstantExpr(int i) implements Expr { }
record PlusExpr(Expr a, Expr b) implements Expr { }
record TimesExpr(Expr a, Expr b) implements Expr { }
record NegExpr(Expr e) implements Expr { }

Goals and motivation

As we discussed earlier, Java has faced criticism for being over verbose or having excess of “ceremony” and one of the reasons for that is classes that are nothing more than just “simple data carriers”.

To write simple data carrier class in the right way, developers have to write more of low-value, repetitive, error-prone code like – accessors, constructors, hashCode(), equals(), toString(), etc. Thus, the feature is intended to make Java code writing simply to read, compose, and to be modified.

Now learn the favorite tools of java developers that help them in development

Java has been the base of enterprise apps for over a decade. Have you ever wonder how are java developers using the language? There is no surprise that most of them consider themselves to be back-end developers, composing apps and wrangling databases running over servers.

Java’s role as the language of choice to develop apps for android devices is also evident. Recently Kotlin is favored by Google and things changed.

When the industry talks about most popular IDEs and code editors- JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA comes on the top of the list followed by java developers. The most popular databases used by java developers are – MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server.

Most popular web frameworks among java developers are – JS web framework JQuery, Spring, MVC, and Express.js.

Top Tools for Java development

5 Best Lenses For Canon Cameras In 2019

Remember back when we used to have reel cameras? Well, some of you were never introduced to them —  it was a thing in the 90s.

Now, we have DSLRs and mirrorless cameras dominating the field of photography and the market. The rise of DSLRs have consequently resulted in the rise of many professionals and enthusiast photographers.

5 Best Lenses For Canon Cameras

When we are talking about DSLRs, we cannot help but think about the lenses. Their wide variety and distinct application for different circumstances enabled us to take great pictures in different scenarios.

Let’s discuss the top 5 lenses of 2019 for your photography kit! 

1. Canon 24 f 2.8 mm STM Lens

It’s always great to have a lightweight and compact lens in your kit, and this Canon 24mm, also known as the pancake lens, is the king in those terms!

It’s a great lens with an excellent focal length of 24mm, and its f 2.8 aperture suitable for low light photography and bokeh. At $130 this is a steal! This lens is quite suitable for video making with its dedicated smooth autofocus which has a quiet motor thanks to STM technology introduced by canon.

2. Sigma

Can I use that Image? Image Usage Rights are Not Created Equal

One of the most frequently asked questions a photographer receives revolves around the use of images found online.

In this age of ubiquitous pictures floated around on social media apps, available through numerous web sites, or shared through links, likes, pins and tweets, it can be difficult to understand the archaic ins and outs of copyright laws.

Can I use that Image? Stay Out of Copyright

Future Of Mobile Payments

Exploring The Future Of Mobile Payments

Mobile payment, as the name suggests, is the payment done via a mobile device under financial regulations governed by laws.

The Future Of Mobile Payments : A Walkthrough

Future Of Mobile Payments

Mobile payment is also referred to as mobile money transfer, mobile wallet, or mobile money.

A consumer can use his or her mobile to send or receive money rather than using those cumbersome traditional methods of payment like cash, cheques, credit cards, etc.

No doubt the concept of using non-paper and non-coin based currency has a long history, but it is in this 21st century that online payment has tightened its grip.

According to the stats provided by GlobalIndex and the report of Global Mobile Payment Market, the annual rate of growth in the market is projected to be as higher as 33 % between the years 2019 and 2026, while reaching at $457 billion in the year 2026.

Also, as per them, out of 10 individuals, at least four people use their mobile phones to do online transactions (for sending as well as receiving the payment). And this figure has doubled in the last year.

Why are these alternate payment methods so enticing?

Today the number of people who use a mobile device (approx. 96 %) is more than the number of people who have a bank account (approx. 89 %). And that’s not surprising stats.

Because today whatever you want to buy or even sell can be done through the mobile device in a few taps and clicks from the comfort of your home, so why would anyone bother himself to go out to do all this that can be done remotely?

And for the same reasons mentioned above, the mobile phone is the most reliable way to bring the consumers without having access to a bank account into the financial equilibrium.

The emergence of mobile payments

Mobile payments are in trend for some time now.

According to Globalwebindex, the first-ever payment was made in the year 1997 by Coca Cola when the company had introduced the vending machines.

Those machines were the source of making amounts via text messages. Further, in the year 2006, Paypal dedicated its mobile payment services in the states of the US and the UK.

Paypal’s venture into a fully-fledged mobile payment service has established the brand as the top choice in 31 out of 45 tracked markets due to its usage by 13 % of the global internet population.

The Emerging Importance of Mobile Payments

The number of mobile users has surged dramatically, having increased from 37 % to 71 % in the past three years.

Today maximum people use smartphones for doing increasing stuff of activities, from watching movies to playing games and networking to shopping.

The disintegration of Physical Payment Cards

The emerging growth and craze of consumers towards


How Noise Cancelling Headphone Prevents Noise Pollution?

People get used to of the noise they hear in their everyday life. Loud music, television or radio, traffic, people yelling on their phone, pets barking on the streets have become part of city life.

Noise Cancelling Headphone Prevents Noise Pollution

Noise Cancelling Headphone

There are certain limitations in which humans can adhere to these sounds, when it goes beyond that limit turns into noise pollution.

Usually, people associate the word pollution to nature and resources such as air pollution or water pollution. However, noise pollution also contributes to affecting not only physical and mental health but also disrupting the natural rhythm of life.

Causes of Noise Pollution in Cities

“One of the major causes of noise pollution is poor urban planning in densely populated cities such as congested houses, undisciplined traffic, and jam-pack streets,” says Mark Jones, head of research department at King Essay UK. Noise pollution hits its peak during social events such as marriages, parties, or get together. People usually disregard the rules set by the local administration for limitation of sound level.

A flood of vehicles on the road, trains and public transport produce heavy noise, which makes people irritated to get adapted to that. Heavy equipment of constructive activities like construction of buildings, bridges, stations, flyovers, dams, and mining is also too noisy. In such situations, a normal person loses the ability to hear properly.

Effects of noise pollution

Human ears can bear a certain range of sounds with a maximum of 85 dB (decibel). All sounds above this range are considered as noise damaging hearing ability.

Nonstop hearing of high level of noise adversely affects eardrums, which may result in loss of hearing. It also weakens human sensitivity to those useful sounds that help to maintain the rhythm of the human body.

Noise pollution at workplaces, whether office or construction site, busy streets or in a hypermarket causes health issues.

Studies result that aggression, sleep disorder, anxiety, and stress can be associated with noise pollution. These effects can become a serious health condition and may lead to chronic issues later in life.

Headphones to Reduce Noise Pollution

There are various new technologies that will change things forever. The idea of Noise Cancelling Headphone that blocks sound was first introduced to help airplane pilots during long flights. Since then, this concept has evolved and has become an essential need for daily life to avoid noise pollution.

Many people don’t use it to listen to music; rather, they activate the noise-canceling feature to block all kinds of noises. With these headphones, no sound reaches the ear, which fills the mind with calmness. People don’t realize how loud their surrounding is, which gradually affects their hearing ability. This innovation helps them to live a quiet and relaxed life.

How do They Work?

Headphone with the noise-canceling feature is installed with microphones, which captures the noise in the environment. It then creates an inverse form of these sounds at the built-in speakers of the headphone.

The outcome of this process results in the elimination of noise pollution to a certain extent. This minimizes the unwanted sounds to such a level that creates a quiet and soft environment.

The most advanced noise-canceling headphones have “active” and “passive” noise-canceling aspects combined together. In short, it consists of a physical obstacle that assists in blocking and has various 


Identity Proofing: Beware of Your Employees

Identity is a unique attribute of every person and it can be used for quite sinister purposes. Identity-theft-related frauds have increased at a huge pace and are used to exploit businesses of all types on a global scale.

Identity Proofing and its Different Aspects

A global survey found that 49% of organizations have been the victim