11 Best Root Apps for Android Phones in 2021


Rooting an Android device is equivalent to jailbreaking. It is the process of unlocking the operating system so users can install the unapproved applications, delete unwanted bloatware, unlock the processor, customize, and more.

Rooting might seem like a disaster, right? A single wrong move could end up in bricked handset. But thankfully, various applications make rooting a one-click affair. The applications are free to use and work on all devices.

Rooting a device has indeed become less popular than before. Rooting is becoming less appealing, and stock Android is growing to a great, great extent.

The Best Root Apps for Rooted Android Phones

However, there are still a lot of people who are preferring the root experience. And there are still plenty of splendid applications that tend to improve the overall functionality. Below listed are some best root apps that you can use to accomplish your purpose.

1. Ad-block plus

It is a free and open-source application. It is responsible for removing the ads from the device. That is one of the configurable applications through which unobtrusive advertisements get through.


  • Block Ads
  • Allow Acceptable Ads
  • Disable Tracking
  • Disable Social Media Buttons

However, this application is not available on Google play, but there is a link that you can use for clicking the button above. Below a shadow of any doubt, it is the popular root application among all others.

2. FK Kernel Manager – for all devices & kernels

Kernel manager is a root application for Android devices in which there is an installation of Franco Kernel. This application allows users to fix various things like CPU frequencies, governor, GPU frequencies, color temperature, and a lot more.


  • Battery Monitor notification
  • Detailed battery stats
  • Build.prop editor
  • Auto-flash kernels,
  • Display color temperature presets
  • High Brightness Mode
  • Backup & Restore kernels

It is responsible for supporting a bunch of devices. Especially, google and one plus line up of devices. That is one of the best applications.

3. Magisk Manager- Root checker app

Magisk is one of the well-known and versatile root applications. The functions of this application allow it to hide the root effectively and efficiently. Users can watch Netflix and play Pokémon while being rooted. It has a multitude of other functions like modules that add a lot more functionality.

This application must be available in various locations. However, it is not available on Google play now. So, you will have to consult XDA developers to pick up the APK. This application is also a process of active development processes. That means this type of application has new features, designs, and fixes frequently.

4. Migrate – Custom ROM Migration Tool

This application the new root application on the list. It is a migration tool. It can backup data like application data, call logs, and other types of information. The application plays a crucial role in creating a flash-able zip file.


  • Back up your apps, contacts, call logs
  • Restore it all painlessly
  • Finish restoring with a helper app

You boot up and feel like you have never lost after the installation period. This one is still exceedingly new. That takes quite a lot of setup processes to install a new ROM. Currently, this application is free to use without any application purchases or advertisements.

5. Naptime – Best Root App


This application is one of the versatile ones for both root users and non-root users. It uses coding magic for inducing the native Doze mode of Android quickly and efficiently. That results in better battery life.

That application can disable various connections like WiFi, GPS, Mobile data, and more. When you commence using, this application is relatively easy to use. Root users tend to have an easier time in comparison to non-root users.

But users can enable the same permission over ADB. The instructions for that are available in the Google play description. So, it is one of the neat little tools that users can set and forget.

6. Permission Ruler – Root or Custom ROMs

Permission ruler is known as a diamond in the list of root applications. It requires root applications to do anything instead of managing your permissions. However, with root, this application does something new. It turns off consent for all applications whenever the screen of the device is off.


  • Increased privacy
  • Increased battery life
  • Simple usage
  • Lock permissions
  • Manually manage permissions through the app
  • Ignore specific permissions of specific apps
  • Lock specific apps/permissions
  • Manage system apps

That way applications don’t click on unnecessary things while your phone sits in your pocket. That is the primary function of the permission ruler, and it is immensely simple. Always ensure to pause the applications before uninstalling your applications.

You can use this application directly if your device is rooted. However, if your device runs a customized ROM like AOSP, LineageOS, then you can use this application without root. Otherwise, this application is for seeing the app permissions and managing them manually through various settings.

7. Servicely – Root App for Android

Servicely root apps

Below a shadow of any doubt, service is an application that helps in controlling the background services. That allows users to prevent using Facebook from running in the background. It is a stop-gap for applications and wake-up for your devices. It might improve the performance and battery life.

8. Substratum and synergy

Substratum is an engine for Android. It is not available in the rooted Android smartphone. However, it works exceedingly well on the device that it supports. It works exceedingly well on Stock Oreo, Stock Nougat, and a few other devices of Android versions.

You have to download or install the application. Then various substratum themes come online on Google Play Store. Some themes are premium, but users can select from free versions as well.

With the help of this application, you can also find support for Telegram, Reedit, and more. Synergy is another phenomenal option for the theme that works a little better for new Samsung phones.

Steps to install the applications

  • Download the desirable and compatible theme.
  • Open the synergy application and click on Add overlays.
  • Select the substratum lite.
  • Select the theme of the application.
  • Before clicking on the top right corner, select each application about the theme.
  • Tap-build at the bottom of synergy application.
  • Install the required application
  • Enable the night mode.

9. Tasker

best root apps

Tasker is one of the easy-to-use mobile applications. That is an exceedingly powerful application that lets your phone do anything you want. Many of the functions of these applications don’t need root permissions.


  • Remap camera etc buttons
  • Zip/unzip application data
  • Pause music playback
  • Change the Home icon
  • Make a regular backup of a file
  • Track your phone location via SMS
  • Record call times and destinations
  • Record battery levels over time

If you add more functionality, this application might become one of the best ones. That is amazing for those tinkerers who have unusual needs for their smartphones. Since the learning curve has a steep structure, it is beneficial in both ways, root or without root.

You can also use this application for free if you are a google play pass user. With tasker, there is no repetitive task for you. Let your Android device handle all your tasks. If you want the fulfillment of your tasks, this application won’t let you down.

10. Viper4Android

No matter what, Viper4Android is one of the audio modification tools that give you an excessive amount of control over how your audio comes out of the speakers. Below a shadow of any doubt, it is a well-known and versatile root application for audio modifications.

That application has an audio driver, equalizer, and tons of effects that help to control how your audio sounds and a lot more. It is an intricate installation process, and you will have to go through the official XDA thread for downloading and instruction purposes. That is amazing when it comes to audio modifications on Android.

11. Wakelock Detector

best root apps

If you are an Android user and your battery is dying faster than before, then a wake lock detector is your ultimate solution. It is one of the best applications that help in finding the stuff that goes out of line. That is a valuable application in roguing the apps.

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