10 Best Chat Room Apps for Android to Install Today

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2021)

The chat rooms permit every individual or user from any place to join in and make it an ideal solution to have conferences among multiple people. Making it more comfortable is that it doesn’t require the user to sit close to the speaker of the conference system. And one of the important thing about the chat room app is that the text based chat can be saved and downloaded for future reference.

Free Chat Room App for Android Phones

In today’s world, the importance of online chat rooms and its interactions in your life may be hard for you to believe. But are you aware of which chat room app would be best for your android system. Even if you are unaware of it no worry, here is the list of top 10 best chat room app for your android system which is free.

1. Amino

Chat Room App

Amino is a popular chat room app which has all similar features of the top trending apps. There is availability of variety of communities for variety of topics and even if you want you can create your own.

Amino used to serve many people as much as possible. And this is the reason that why it is being this much popular. It any case, you can join communities, explore the app, customize your profile and chat with people. There is no limitation for you at any point.

2. Band

With a focus for general topics, this is a popular group chat app. It allows you to create one for your games, work, sports, school, friends, etc. It has special features that would work for almost most of those types of things.

The actual chat process is very similar to your standard experience in the chat app so there is no more difficulty. Like many others, this app doesn’t have public chats, but many groups and organization use this so you can also eventually run through it on your own.

3. Discord

Chat Room App

This is one of the most familiar chat room apps in this list. Rather than normal folks, it is predominately for gamers. But the normal users can also use this and it is simply a chat room which comes with lots of features.

Other than gaming, there is plenty enough to use in this app. Mostly, this one dabble in private chat rooms, but if you search for them then there are some public chats out.

It also carries some other features like direct messages between individual members, voice channels and you can also join many servers as much as you want. It is completely free to use and there is also premium version in this.

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4. Grouvi

It is a new and developing chat room in the list. It boasts an experience of classic public chat that comes with a number of chats for a variety of topics. It also includes some tech toward topics like Linux or ethical hacking. This is absolutely not a kind of random dating site chat room app. The app may be fun and you can also get better experience with this app.

5. ICQ

This is one of the classic chat room apps in this list. It functions like your standard chat apps which are being in standard now. By using this, you can use app to message, video chat and to do all other required things.

Still it offers some features that are similar to the old chat room. There are chats for students and lot more. If you are looking for the classic version of chat rooms then you should consider this, as this contains all those stuffs along with them after all these years.

6. MeetMe

This app is the combination of both the dating service and a chat room app. It promotes more active users but they are not disturbed by genders. It is not a standalone dating site and it is a better way to meet people.

But randomly, you get into chats with the strangers so it technically fulfills the qualification. One of the ridiculous things about this app, it is obviously for adults. It allows you to find large number of people with interesting nature.

7. Telegram

This is one of the most popular and most widely used apps in the list. With the group chat functionality, primarily it functions as a private chat. You can also able to create chat rooms in the app and that are referred to as channels.

These channels are assured for private use. But for the sake of communication, infinite amount of users make public chat in this. You can also create channels and share the link of it as per your requirement. If it had a public chat room community then it would be awesome but the private chat is also so good with all required features.

8. Viber

Chat Room App

Viber is similar to the popular version of the trending apps. It focuses more on the chats, text, voice calls, etc. It also carries the fun elements like group chats, stickers and lot more stuffs. You can also make phone calls to the landlines of skype style in a nominal fee.

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Basically, you can find chats of anything or else you can create your own. Once you have created then the people will join eventually. The in app purchases are required for the things like regular phone call options and to access the packs of stickers. But most of the service is entirely free to use.

9. Whisper

This is one of the apps that come with classic chat room style and it is also used by many people. It has a community of 30 million active users monthly and has all sorts of fun elements in the chat room.

You can also find the popular chat room service, happening around you and the exclusive chat rooms on the service. Instead of a standard UI chat, it has a tweet style posting system. It is completely fun to use and you can enjoy it without any limitations.

10. Zello

Chat Room App

It is a dual purpose app and it is included with a walkie talkie feature. With that push to talk style, you can communicate with anybody on air. Along with this, it also has a variety of chat room style features.

With up to 6000 users at once, you can create a private room chat or a public chat room. You also talk to them in a ham radio style using the PTT function. It comes with its own charm to entertain you.

Bottom Line:

There are lots of chat room apps that are specifically made for various purposes. Whether you are looking for chat apps, video apps or anonymity, there is always an app for everything. Here you have seen some types of apps that serve for different types of chat rooms purposes. Finally, it is always on your hand to choose the best based on your needs.

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