4 Tools Every Successful Customer Support Team Needs

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2020)

When running a business, you’re probably more focused on your product, marketing, and revenue than your customer support team. This is often one of the biggest mistakes both large and small businesses can make.

Customers are the reason that you are in business making revenue! It’s important to take care of them and keep them satisfied even after they have bought your product.

Tools for Customer Support Teams

How do you create a successful customer support team? It all comes down to your processes and the tools that you use. Below you’ll find four of the most essential tools you’ll need to have a successful customer support team.


The very first thing you need when interacting with customers is a customer relations management (CRM) tool. This is a database that keeps track of all your customers’ information, the last time a customer service representative spoke with them and how they were helped.

Not only does a CRM help create a better, more personalized experience for your customers, but it also helps you with your marketing practices. You can launch remarketing campaigns based on what your customer has previously purchased from you to increase your sales and have returning customers.

VoIP Service

Many customer support services are done over the phone. Customers want to speak with a real person when they’re having issues. This is where a voIP service comes in. Rather than using analog telephone lines, a voIP uses the Internet or broadband to keep communication consistent and reliable.

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These services are cloud-based, your company’s information is never lost and can use multiple phone numbers so customers don’t have to wait forever to connect with someone.

Companies across the country are using this service. There are even some companies that use VoIP Boston.


Some people don’t have time to sit on the phone waiting for someone to answer and solve their problem. So, companies have started using chatbots on their websites and social media pages.

A Chatbot uses artificial intelligence to answer questions and “chat” with customers. Some are as simple as offering multiple choice responses to customers who are looking for information while others are more advanced and it really feels like they are talking to a representative.

This is perfect for customers who are looking for general information such as location details, hours, and contact info.

Social Media Monitoring

People love sharing their opinions and reviews on social media. This can make or break you as a brand. If someone trashes your product on social media, you’re getting bad press within that person’s network.

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A social media monitoring system can help you stay on top of these mentions and reviews so you can respond quickly. Whether it’s a great or terrible review, a customer will always appreciate a response directly from the company.

Set your keywords and be notified when someone is talking about your product or brand. Plus, this is great information to use when looking to improve your product or service.

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