How to Shop for Your Fleet of Company Vehicles?


Whether you are in the commercial food industry, real estate, construction, or security, you might have to increase the number of your company vehicles. Perhaps you need to purchase new vehicles to transport your equipment or deliver food orders. Maybe you have to buy new vehicles to transport your technicians or salespeople.

How to Shop for Your Fleet of Company Vehicles?

Fleet of Company Vehicles

Regardless of the reason, keep on reading to discover how to shop for your fleet of company vehicles.

Choose Between Fossil Fuel Cars and Electronic Vehicles

The transport industry is set to change permanently due to the growing demand for electric vehicles. As such, businesses should start rethinking how they move their goods and staff. This is especially important since recent research expects electric vehicles to account for more than 60% of all car sales globally by 2040.

Purchasing electric vehicles for your company will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, the ban on selling fossil fuel cars is growing globally, including in California. EVs are cheaper to maintain and work well in cold climates. Of course, you can start by purchasing conventional cars and upgrade with time.

Identify the Best Dealerships

You don’t want to waste time when looking for the best vehicles for your company. Therefore, you should work with dealerships that have a dedicated fleet department. Such dealerships understand that time is money and are likely to speed up the process.

For example, the dealership will not hesitate to offer competitive pricing from the start. Moreover, the sales reps will always be available whenever you have a question.

Think Long-Term Not Short-Term

Most company owners or fleet managers make the mistake of focusing on the cheapest vehicles. In most cases, such vehicles will not meet your company’s needs. They can also be underpowered to satisfy all your business needs. In such a case, you will spend too much without getting value for your money.

Thinking long-term during the purchase will allow you to find vehicles that have enough payload and are the correct vehicle type. You will also have time to find out if the vehicles need additional toolboxes, shelving, or ladder racks. Further, you will purchase a vehicle that will accommodate all your staff.

Pay Attention to the Invoice Price

The manufacturer charges the dealer a specific amount for the vehicle. This is known as the invoice price. When buying a fleet of company cars, it is advisable to check the invoice price to determine how much you should pay for the vehicles.

Keep in mind that the seller will sell the vehicle for a higher price than the invoice price to make a profit. So, pick a reasonable price above the invoice price, and use that in your negotiation.

Register Your Fleets

Getting a fleet number will allow you to save as little as $100 and as much as $1,000 for each car you will purchase. Typically, you might have to buy more than 15 vehicles to qualify for a fleet number. Sometimes, purchasing more than five vehicles at a go can also help you qualify for a fleet number.

Once you get the fleet number, your company can purchase vehicles from any dealership that sells the vehicles you need that belong to that brand.

Think About the Car Shipping Costs

Most company owners or business managers fail to include the car shipping costs in the final calculations and end up paying more than they expected. Planning for car shipping early on will save you time and prevent unnecessary expenses.

Think about the total distance, route, shipping date, vehicle make or model, auto transport type, vehicle condition, vehicle details, location, seasonality, and auto transport insurance when calculating the cost of shipping your fleet of company vehicles.

Compare the Cost of Retail Programs and Fleet Programs Before Making a Purchase

Sometimes, retail programs offer more discounts than fleet programs. That is why you should always compare both options to identify the cheapest program. Settle on the incentive program that allows you to save your hard-earned money.

Purchasing a fleet of company cars will save the company money and time. Moreover, your company will enjoy various tax benefits.

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