How Air Pollution is Being Tackled Through Technology ?

Major cities across the globe are continuing to grow in population, but with it comes the concern that air pollution is is intensifying as a result.

The challenge that many government officials have is what ways they can help to reduce this air pollution to prevent it from growing even more and one solution that could be apparent is the use of technology.

There have already been examples of how technology has benefitted industries such as healthcare and manufacturing, but what ways can it help with tackling air pollution? We’ve taken a look at possible solutions.

Converting Gases To Liquids:

 One solution that could with regards to transportation is using alternative fuels in diesel vehicles. There has already been the introduction of electric and LPG fuel sources and the UK have even confirmed that they will introduce a ban on petrol and diesel by 2040.

However, there is also the introduction of “gas to liquid” (GTL) fuel which has been introduced by global company Shell. It’s essentially a fuel source that is formed from natural gas.

Self-Driving Cars

 A new trend that has deprived of the automotive sector is the introduction of autonomous vehicles. This could be a revelation in the car industry as it could completely transform road networks and potentially change the “stop-start” nature of current traffic situations which tends to be caused by humans. Because of this, it could improve fuel efficiency and reduce the number of emissions that are being released into the air.

Purifying Air:

One development that has been introduced in the Netherlands to help clear up air pollution in urban areas. A Dutch design company, Studio Roosegarde, have developed a “Smog Free Tower”.

It essentially sucks up any air pollution and replaces it with clear air by firing it into the atmosphere. What’s unique about the technology is that amazingly, the pollution that’s extracted is used to make jewellery. The creators believe that it can clean up to 3.5 million metres of air per day.

Fuel Additives

Another possible way to reduce the number of emissions being released into the air is by improving the fuel combustion methods in currently existing vehicles with the use of hydrogen fuel additives.

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A UK developer, CGON, have created ezero1 technology which feeds hydrogen into the vehicles’ air intake, producing a more efficient burn of fuels in the engine. The technology can be easily fitted to vehicles that it wasn’t fitted originally during the manufacturing stage.

Electric Planes:

Electric vehicles are a big focus within the technology industry, and the aviation field is no different. There are several independent companies which are trying to build electric planes and even solar panel-powered ones.

Elon Musk has heavily invested in the electric part of the automotive industry and he’s actively looking to invest in this newborn sector, too.

Data Management Pollution:

A significant result of what concerns having big server rooms is definitely air pollution, given the fact that such machines require high maintenance. Electricity consumption combined with artificial overheating, generally applied to such machines is definitely a big problem within the field.

There are many ways to optimise the way data management is maintained, ranging from environmental cooling systems (such as auto-filling water-based ones) to architectural setups which automatically improve the air flow.

The Market Value:

Such technologies (ventilation systems, in particular) are definitely extremely groundbreaking and, in order to better understand their actual implementation within a mass audience is indeed important to state their current market value.

Currently, all the above-mentioned technologies are pretty much related to a startup realm but, given the recent investments that many top players started to do, it could definitely be possible to see many of these tools/applications and technologies applied to a more mainstream market in the next couple of years.

The Entrepreneurial Side Of Things:

As said above, personalities like Elon Musk are actively investing in renewable sources for what concerns energy consumption and vehicles but other “internet renowned” personalities like Grant Cardone and Gary Vee are actively starting to look into the matter by investing in Silicon Valley’s startups and independent companies in the US.

In fact, since 2015, there has been a massive investment influx in eco-friendly startups within that area. Connected to the above paragraph, this is extremely important and it’s very likely to be the biggest part of the future market for what concerns renewable sources of energy.

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The Connection With Other Businesses:

Given the fact that such eco-friendly technologies are impacting the market, finding a way to connect big enterprises could be the groundbreaking bit that is required to put eco-friendly optimisation-related technologies to the mainstream market.

Richard Branson’s Virgin group has been one of the biggest enterprises who is actively looking into the matter and they are very likely to dominate the scene once such technologies costs will be reduced.

At the moment, in fact, another big problem which is related to this topic is related to the building costs of such tools, which are extremely high.

Here are just a few examples of how technology can tackle the issue of air pollution globally. The most important factor of this is how to ensure that new technologies are supported throughout the process of manufacturing right through to the eventual commercialisation stage.

Also, they need to ensure that they do deliver when it comes to improving air quality. With the right investment in technology, these developments can go a long way to securing a brighter future.

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