How healthy is your IT environment? Data Vulnerability Quiz

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

When it comes to tech buzz, there’s nowhere more electric than the cyber security field. With the amount of gadgets, apps, and mobile devices, the amount of doors open to interested hackers or malicious parties that want to get a hold of your sensitive information and sell it to the highest bidder is higher than ever.

Fit Check Calculator: Data Vulnerability Quiz

Data Vulnerability Quiz

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With the methods and techniques behind cyber-attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, businesses, and the advanced internal networks that span in-between their company and their gadgets and devices, are at a higher risk than ever.

While some large organizations possess the budget to fund their own cybersecurity departments, small businesses are hung out to dry, while their app or network is under constant threat of leaking sensitive internal or customer information. Not only does this negatively affect the organization, it can cause a devastating ripple effect that renders the newest flashy device or tech completely useless.

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While the budget of smaller business’s may not allow for an extensive IT department loaded with effective software and personnel, there are a variety of tech consulting companies that offer free, effective tools that can help analyze a business’s true cyber security needs.

While some of these free tools require in-depth knowledge of IT or cyber security principals to be implemented, there are a handful that don’t require a deep understating of the inner workings of a business’s network to be used well.

The interactive quiz featured below is a great way to assess the vulnerability of a business’s network, and subsequently, the sensitive data that travels inside of it. One of the most effective things a business can do is analyze its current defenses before jumping to conclusions about which types of cyber security software or services they need to spend their precious budget on. Instead of wasting their money on overkill, it’s best to use the tools available to interpret the chinks in their digital armor.

By utilizing tools like this interactive test, a business can operate more smoothly on a cyber security level, ensuring that their data, and their customers’ devices, are more secure. Here is the link of the quiz.

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Data Vulnerability Quiz

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