5 Reasons Why Facebook is Good For Advertising

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Facebook is the most famous site among other social networking sites. Now it has become addiction to everyone.

More than half of the world is connected with the Facebook. If you are using Facebook that means you are talking with the world, you can share what you want.

Why Facebook is Good for Advertising?

Why Facebook is Good for Advertising?

Everyone is able have an access on Facebook, no matter from which age group you belong. Facebook is very useful in different aspects of life. But the main purpose of Facebook is to maintain communication, whether we use it for our casual routine or we use it for a professional routine. (contd.: Why Facebook is Good for Advertising?)

Here, we have some reasons which show how Facebook is essential for our business and why we need to use Facebook for advertising.

Most popular Social networking site

Facebook Is the most popular social networking site and still it is growing. According to international report “Facebook has over 1.4 billion users and over 900 million of those users visiting the site every day”.

Facebook is like a golden ticket for those who have low budgets to invest on marketing. It is the most reachable source from which you can communicate your message, because it is the most popular social platform.

Facebook has masses, including your Target Audience

As we know that Facebook has become the most popular social networking website among all other social networking sites. Facebook has a huge traffic; masses have an access on it.

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You can easily reach to your target audience because majority of them are using Facebook. Facebook has become the first choice of marketers to start promoting any brand because they can easily convey their message through Facebook.

Helps you to measure your result

If you are using Facebook for marketing so, you can measure your result by using free insight tools of Facebook. You can see how many customers are engaging in your brand. You can get immediate feedback from your target audience such as; they give their comments, like your posts and ads and share your posts, this thing tell you that how they are reacting towards your brand.

Improves your Business/ Brand

Once you start using Facebook for the purpose of promoting your brand, you will able to communicate your message to your target audience and also able to get feedback from them.

Then you can analyze that are you going in a right direction or not? Their feedback and suggestions give you help to improve your brand and also tell you that what your target audience expect from you and how you can satisfy their need.

Most Cheap medium to Advertise

Facebook is the most unique platform among other marketing mediums, it doesn’t matter that you have no much money to promote your brand. In the start you can easily market your product without spending a single coin.

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It is the biggest opportunity for small business units because usually they don’t have a huge amount to invest in the advertisement of their business, so they can effectively use this medium to reach their target audience and communicate their message efficiently and effectively. (contd.: Why Facebook is Good for Advertising?)

Facebook playing a very important role in businesses, people are using Facebook to promote their business/brand.

Facebook has become the major medium in advertising after television commercials. Now many well-known and big ventures are coming on Facebook to promote themselves.

If you want to promote your business and you have no money, you don’t need to worry at all, because you can advertise your product/service and promote yourself without spending a single penny, but you just need to have an expertise in using Facebook.

Why Facebook is Good for Advertising?

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