10 Successful eCommerce Websites Using Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the popular ecommerce platform’s top-tier plan. Expanding on the offerings of Shopify’s other plans, Shopify Plus helps businesses grow with features like brand-customizable international storefronts, automated campaigns, VIP support, and enhanced integration.

Successful eCommerce Websites Using Shopify Plus

Many of the industry’s top brands are finding success with Shopify Plus. Here are examples of 9 successful eCommerce websites using Shopify Plus.

1. BAKblade

BAKblade is a men’s grooming brand that sells patented men’s grooming tools. The brand’s unique selling proposition is that it offers a safer and smoother shave, wet or dry. The original product launch took place on Kickstart and Indiegogo in 2016, but has since skyrocketed into an eight-figure business.

What makes BAKblade a great Shopify Plus example? The brand leverages Shopify Plus tools to create a stunning site with plenty of touches for customer trust and loyalty, including a 60-day return policy, free shipping promotions, loud-and-proud customer reviews, and new user discounts.

2. Allbirds

Allbirds leverages simplicity, comfort, and sustainability to make it one of the most unique shoe brands on the market. In just a few years, Allbirds launched itself into a billion-dollar brand with a loyal fanbase.

Along with well-designed products and special, limited-edition designs, Allbirds maximizes its product pages with additional page content, such as Instagram feed displays, product benefits, and material breakdown, all of which is possible thanks to Shopify Plus.

3. Chubbies

Another men’s brand, Chubbies sells swim trunks and shorts that boast comfort and style. The brand was started by a group of friends in 2011 as an ecommerce brand but grew so quickly that it now has a brick-and-mortar presence.

As an ecommerce brand first, Chubbies has a mobile-friendly website that prioritizes mobile shoppers. This brand also leverages Shopify Plus’s innovative checkout customization feature with tools like instant checkout savings, free shipping thresholds, and valuable promotions.


FLEO is a different type of athletic apparel brand. Designed for women, FLEO separates itself from the yoga-focused brands by offering only fitness shorts for serious lifters and cross-fitters. The brand was launched by Babs King to fill the void in the market and offer workout clothing for women who do crossfit and lift weights.

One of the factors in FLEO’s success is the limited product lines in limited numbers, turning them into collectibles. Customers are eager to grab the new styles and checkout quickly to avoid missing out.

5. Makeup Geek

Created by a high school music teacher, Marlena Stell, in 2008, Makeup Geek is a fun brand that makes cosmetics more approachable. With this unique factor separating it from high-concept makeup brands, Makeup Geek is now a multi-million-dollar makeup brand.

Makeup Geek leverages the tools in Shopify Plus by giving back to customers. The site has a tutorial section with valuable content like step-by-step makeup tutorials for every skill level, reviews, inspiration, and more.

6. PiperWai

PiperWai has only a few product categories, but it got a first-mover advantage. After starting in the founders’ kitchen and getting a start from Shark Tank, the brand features aluminum-free deodorant that’s now award-winning.

In addition to having a stellar product, PiperWai has determined founders that stayed agile and persevered to help the brand grow. The site itself uses a lot of Shopify Plus tools, including customer profiles, an Instagram feed, and other user-engagement content.

7. Vape Superstore

Vape Superstore is an example of a brand that succeeded with Shopify Plus, yet couldn’t use traditional advertising methods. Like other regulated or controversial brands, Vape Superstore struggled to sell a product that can’t be sold on many PPC platforms, but some creative marketing techniques helped it gain tremendous organic growth and excellent customer retention.

The site is well-optimized, which definitely helps Vape Superstore bring in and keep the customers. The brand uses a lot of affiliate and organic marketing techniques, reward programs, and SEO to market the product.

8. Gymshark

Gymshark is another prime example of how Shopify Plus can help brands succeed. Gymshark offers fitness apparel with an emphasis on quality and comfort. Launched by Ben Francis at the age of 19, Gymshark is now a multi-million-dollar business.

One of the best features of Gymshark is its store design. Knowing what sells, the brand features high-quality product shots and quick-flip product displays, which allow shoppers to see the product and sizes without clicking the page. The site is also easy to navigate.

9. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is unique among coffee brands. It uses an in-your-face personality and a touch of controversy to set it apart from the mainstream coffee brands, and to great success. with an estimated revenue of $3 million, Death Wish Coffee is one of the top Shopify Plus stores that’s also a top Amazon seller. Death Wish Coffee also has limited-edition merchandise and is the official sponsor of New York Comic Con.

Along with very on-brand copywriting and brand voice, Death Wish Coffee uses a variety of Shopify Plus tools to enhance Shopify’s customer experience, including bundles and subscription options. In addition to the ecommerce site, Death Wish Coffee sells its products in retail locations like Target, Wegmans, and Walmart.

10. MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches is a Shopify Plus mega-brand and multimillion-dollar ecommerce business that continues to grow since its launch in 2013. When it launched on Indiegogo, it was the second most-funded fashion campaign and raised over $290,000.

Firmly in the millennial market, MVMT Watches offers a lot of value to customers with options like free shipping, a 24-month warranty, and unique product designs. It also leverages an affiliate and ambassador program to boost word-of-mouth referrals. Now, the brand also offers eyewear, accessories, jewelry, gifting, and branded merchandise.

Get Started with Shopify Plus

Few ecommerce platforms offer the range of tools of Shopify Plus. With options like customizable checkout, trigger-based discounts and promotions, automation features, and multiple storefronts for international sales, Shopify Plus is designed to help brands scale into multi-million-dollar brands.

If you’re looking to grow your brand or expand into international markets, there’s no better time than now to jump on the Shopify Plus bandwagon.

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