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7 Benefits of Going International With Your Startup

In today’s highly competitive world having a local business can be pretty unrewarding. It can be a constant struggle to keep your neck out of the water. Everybody knows that, but people are still afraid to take the risk and expand.

Let’s face it – if you want to develop a business that will be able to survive today you need to have a sense of adventure. That’s the core of every entrepreneurial spirit. And part of every adventure is discovering new lands (in our case, markets).

Go International With Your Startup

Most of the people will tell you to take it slowly. That first you need to embed your startup with American customers (which sometimes takes years) before you start branching out to Europe and eventually Asia. Don’t take their advice.

There was a time that would have been a logical thing to do, but not anymore. It is a fact that the whole world is soon to be one big market, and everybody is speaking the language of money. Which means that, if you know how to generate revenue with your home-based clientele you’ll know how to do it internationally.

That’s why it’s important for a young business to go international as soon as it can. Besides the fact

7 Common Startup Mistakes to Avoid

Though it may be easy to start a business, it is indeed a mammoth task to establish it and reap revenues from it.

Most entrepreneurs find keeping their startups going very tough, even more so because most of the entrepreneurs are very young and have very little experience in business.

Common Startup Mistakes to Avoid

Common Startup Mistakes to Avoid

Hence they will either have to be very insightful so that they can observe and learn from others’ mistakes or they will have to learn from their own mistakes. The age-old adage that failure is the stepping stone to success is very true.

But one must know till what extent failure is acceptable and even acts a teacher and when your mistakes come to bite you and can make your business goes down hook, line and sinker.

If you are aspiring to turn your startup into a success, there are some crucial mistakes that you must avoid at any cost.

Common mistakes that entrepreneurs make:

There are some common mistakes that entrepreneurs make that pose a huge threat to their business. Some of these mistakes are:

Being a one-man-army

Imagine standing all alone to fight a battle — what are the chances that you will win? Very less, isn’t it? Well it is the same with a startup. If you think that you can take care of all the angles of a business, then you are taking on a very daunting task.

If you try and do everything on your own then you will end exhausting yourself so much that soon you will not have the energy to carry on with the business.

Also, it is bound to happen that some business areas will receive more of your attention than the others. This will affect your startup venture adversely.

Crossing the bridge too early

As a businessman, it is only natural for you to want to expand your business. But if you try to cross the bridge before you have reached it, it will only negatively impact your business.

You can only think about expanding your business when you have these things in place: available credit, available capital, few reliable management staff, accessible equity and last but not the least, reliable supplies.

Penny wise pound foolis

When you get a startup going, it is imperative that you have enough cash with you. It is very important that a business in its nascent stage has lots of cash available at its disposal. Hence, it is very important that a startup owner spends money judiciously.

It is often seen that these startup owners end up recruiting too many people in the beginning. This results in finances draining out of the business.

Having distorted focus

As we all know, it is not easy to start a company. It requires a vision, lots of research regarding the market for your product or service offering and the tenacity to take the business forward. The entrepreneur needs to be focused on the business goals and drive the business towards them with lots of enthusiasm and passion.

However, if you are an entrepreneur who lacks that focus and concentration, then your business is bound to falter.

Thinking yourself to be God

What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is a common question in every interview. This is because every human being has some strengths and some weaknesses.

However, if you think that you are God and you have no weaknesses, then you will never admit your faults and your business will go downhill. Hence it is very important to identify your weakness, admit it and then work on it so that you can turn your weakness into your strength.

Not open to being flexible

Often entrepreneurs with inflated egos think that they are infallible and that their way of doing things is unassailable. This stagnates their ability to learn and may result in the business dying a slow death. It is never good to be so rigid that you fail to adapt to the changing environment.

Not focusing on revenue

In the human body, the heart is very important because if it stops, we die. But if our lungs fail to take in oxygen, that also kills us.

While your product or service is the heart of your business, revenue makes the lungs. Both are equally important. But some entrepreneurs fail to


5 Things To Know Before Launching Startup

You are excited and full of enthusiasm to launch your business. It seems like you have prepared and foreseen everything, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, 50% of the startups go out of the business.

This is a common situation for the highly competitive world. Still, your goal lies in skipping the dangers and adverse conditions that might ruin your business.

5 Things To Know Before Launching Startup

Things To Know Before Launching Startup

Get settled, take a cup of coffee and read these 5 essential steps that will help you to establish your business. Take a control of your startup and let it prosper!

1. Analyze the Marketing Trends

The businessmen, who keep up with the marketing trends, become successful. The marketing industry is developing fast. It starts dictating the rules and defining the future of the startups. Don’t meet the marketing trends? You have chances to fail. (Things To Know Before Launching Startup)

People spend hundreds of dollars to hire the leading marketers, who will analyze the marketing sphere of your niche. Still, at the very beginning, not every startup owner can afford such substantial expenses.

Business owners usually spend personal savings, turn to relatives or apply for credit. Personal Money Service unsecured loans might support business as well and help cover a big part of the costs.

Still, you can conduct a research on the market yourself. The most convenient tool to do it is Consumer Barometer by Google. It doesn’t only analyze the marketing trends, it also tracks the customer’s behavior.

2. Know Your Audience

Every business strategy is based on the certain segment of customers. If you sell tires, your segment of customers is vehicle owners. If you sell maternity clothes, your customers are future mothers. When you clearly define your audience, your startup will become “visible” to the right audience. It means that people, who look for your products/services, will find your company.

When you realize your segment of customers, you will create the right advertising that will attract your potential clients, the