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How to Brand Your Startup on Facebook? A Quick Guide

The excitement of getting a startup running is immense. But giving your business a face in the online world is where the real challenge lies.

You need your startup to perform according to expectations, and you need clients or customers to keep requesting your services.

How to Brand Your Startup on Facebook?

Here’s the catch- you can’t always rely on expensive marketing strategies to get that done.

However, there’s a social media platform which can help your brand stand out at a fraction of the cost. No points for guessing- it’s called Facebook!

Why Marketing on Facebook Matters

Digital marketing provides many options. Facebook marketing has proven to be quite effective for those who follow the right strategies.

Here are some ecommerce statistics to help you get started- with 1.45 billion active daily users in the first quarter of 2018, your potential customers could be hanging out here.

A report from Forbes states that upto four million businesses pay for social media advertising on Facebook. The social media giant is estimated to generate $21.57 billion in U.S. ad revenues in 2018, which would account for 83% of the total social media ad spend throughout the nation.

Let’s take a look at some of the strategies you can employ:

Create a Facebook Business Page

The first step is obviously creating a business page on Facebook.

You need to ensure that your Facebook page looks professional and represents your brand or business. Just like LinkedIn, we need to make sure that your FB page looks professional and attention grabbing with well crafted taglines, creatives and decriptions just like a well-crafted LinkedIn profile page.

And while posting, remember to not post anything that would discourage potential visitors from liking your page.

There may also be things which you like personally, but may not represent your brand well. Matt Sweetwood at suggests avoiding anything you wouldn’t want your customers or even your co-workers to see.

Have a relevant cover photo and profile picture that is also exciting and kick-starts an interest in your brand among Facebook users.

The profile picture and cover photo are the face of your brand, and should make users like your page. But make sure you don’t have anything that’s raunchy.

Determining the Content to Be Posted

Closely connected with these aspects is determining the kind of content you will be posting on your page. For that, you need to first identify your audience.

What age group do they belong to? What are their browsing habits, particularly in connection with their Facebook usage? What are their interests?

The Facebook


5 Effective SEO Hacks For Boosting Startup Websites

Promoting a new site on the internet can be quite a challenge, considering the massive competition it has to beat to get to the top of the search rankings. While the conventional SEO techniques can be practiced, you will need to go an extra mile to get fast results.

5 Effective SEO Hacks

Even though you may be on a bootstrap budget, you must get professional expertise to handle the startup’s SEO. Here are some effective hacks they will recommend to position your website on the top as fast as it is possible.

1. Figure out the right keywords

To begin with, figuring out the right keywords is extremely important because this is what determines your ability to climb the ladder. An in-depth analysis of the current search trends will do the job because your site needs to be aligned with in-demand searches.

Experts suggest that you should optimize for voice as well because the trend of voice searches is high at present. They would want to optimize your website with conversational keywords to make it more searchable for voice-based queries.

2. Don’t forget

7 Benefits of Going International With Your Startup

In today’s highly competitive world having a local business can be pretty unrewarding. It can be a constant struggle to keep your neck out of the water. Everybody knows that, but people are still afraid to take the risk and expand.

Let’s face it – if you want to develop a business that will be able to survive today you need to have a sense of adventure. That’s the core of every entrepreneurial spirit. And part of every adventure is discovering new lands (in our case, markets).

Go International With Your Startup

Most of the people will tell you to take it slowly. That first you need to embed your startup with American customers (which sometimes takes years) before you start branching out to Europe and eventually Asia. Don’t take their advice.

There was a time that would have been a logical thing to do, but not anymore. It is a fact that the whole world is soon to be one big market, and everybody is speaking the language of money. Which means that, if you know how to generate revenue with your home-based clientele you’ll know how to do it internationally.

That’s why it’s important for a young business to go international as

7 Common Startup Mistakes to Avoid

Though it may be easy to start a business, it is indeed a mammoth task to establish it and reap revenues from it.

Most entrepreneurs find keeping their startups going very tough, even more so because most of the entrepreneurs are very young and have very little experience in business.

Common Startup Mistakes to Avoid

Common Startup Mistakes to Avoid

Hence they will either have to be very insightful so that they can observe and learn from others’ mistakes or they will have to learn from their own mistakes. The age-old adage that failure is the stepping stone to success is very true.

But one must know till what extent failure is acceptable and even acts a teacher and when your mistakes come to bite you and can make your business goes down hook, line and sinker.

If you are aspiring to turn your startup into a success, there are some crucial mistakes that you must avoid at any cost.

Common mistakes that entrepreneurs make:

There are some common mistakes that entrepreneurs make that pose a huge threat to their business. Some of these mistakes are:

Being a one-man-army

Imagine standing all alone to fight a battle — what are the chances that you will win? Very less, isn’t it? Well it is the same with a startup. If you think that you can take care of all the angles of a business, then you are taking on a very daunting task.

If you try and do everything on your own then you will end exhausting yourself so much that soon you will not have the energy to carry on with the business.

Also, it is bound to happen that some business areas will receive more of your attention than the others. This will affect your startup venture adversely.

Crossing the bridge too early

As a businessman, it is only natural for you to want to expand your business. But if you try to cross the bridge before you have reached it, it will only negatively impact your business.

You can only think about expanding your business when you have these things in place: available credit, available capital, few reliable management staff, accessible equity and last but not the least, reliable supplies.

Penny wise pound foolis

When you get a startup going, it is imperative that you have enough cash with you. It is very important that a business in its nascent stage has lots of cash available at its disposal. Hence, it is very important that a startup owner spends money judiciously.

It is often seen that these startup owners end up recruiting too many people in the beginning. This results in finances draining out of the business.

Having distorted focus

As we all know, it is not easy to start a company. It requires a vision, lots of research regarding the


5 Things To Know Before Launching Startup

You are excited and full of enthusiasm to launch your business. It seems like you have prepared and foreseen everything, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, 50% of the startups go out of the business.

This is a common situation for the highly competitive world. Still, your goal lies in skipping the dangers and adverse conditions that might ruin your business.

5 Things To Know Before Launching Startup

Things To Know Before Launching Startup

Get settled, take a cup of coffee and read these 5 essential steps that will help you to establish your business. Take a control of your startup and let it prosper!

1. Analyze the Marketing Trends

The businessmen, who keep up with the marketing trends, become successful. The marketing industry is developing fast. It starts dictating the rules and defining the future of the startups. Don’t meet the marketing trends? You have chances to fail. (Things To Know Before Launching Startup)

People spend hundreds of dollars to hire the leading marketers, who will analyze the marketing sphere of your niche. Still, at the very beginning, not every startup owner can afford such substantial expenses.

Business owners usually spend personal savings, turn to relatives or apply for credit. Personal Money Service unsecured loans might support business as well and help cover a big part of the costs.

Still, you can conduct a


Google to Acquire Light-field Camera Startup Lytro

A report published in the Tech Crunch reports that tech giant Google is in talks to buy Lytro, an imaging startup that specializes in light-field technology. The deal, that’s to be made as an asset sale, would be around $40 million or so.

Google Acquires Light-field Camera Startup Lytro

Lytro was founded back in 2006 and developed the first consumer camera to utilize the light-field technology. The technology helps cameras to refocus photos to any part of the image after they’re taken. Lytro’s camera executes this by capturing all the rays of light from a scene as well as information about where they came from.

Lytro’s light-field video solutions are applied to cinema and VR. The company stopped manufacturing and distribution of Lytro cameras for photography due to poor consumer response and latter on pulled hosting support for To recall, was a platform where photos taken with Lytro cameras could be shared for users to play with refocusing and 3D depth features.

The acquisition will help Google intensify its own VR efforts. Recently, the tech conglomerate stepped up with light-field photography by modding one of the 16-camera circular “Jump” rigs that Google developed a few years ago with GoPro cameras. The camera then were repositioned in a vertical arc and mounted on a platform that spins 360 degrees. The scenes shot were then made available on an immersive image viewer app it released called “Light Fields.”

How to Validate Your Startup Idea? (Infographic)

Right after I passed my high school, like most of the people, my dad suggested opting for a proper job, instead of starting my own business.

I with due respect enrolled in a 9-5 job. For the first 6 months, I learned a lot, and trust me, I being here, has a lot to do with my early job.

My job was in an ecommerce store. As a junior developer, I was quite thrilled by the origin of extensive websites every day. So, I studied all that was necessary to make a website and just after I completed my first year, I resigned to start something of my own.

Now if you are an Entrepreneur or a small startup you can relate to my story. Starting something is quite easy but to keep it open is the hard part.

If your startup failed, it’s because it didn’t solve a tier 1 problem for a large enough audience. As a young Entrepreneur or anyone who is fresh from college, you need to focus on something that can go on the long run.

The most successful Entrepreneurs are ones that minimize the risk of failure. In a research, it was concluded that more than 83% of the startups fail within the first 5 years.

What makes a startup succeed or fail? Is it the idea or the execution? Is it the passion or hard work?

Before you blame anyone for your startup failure, take out some time to analyze what went wrong.

To get the best of your startup you first need to validate your idea. Yes, you heard me right, before you even start making logos or crushing your creativity for your website, you need to spare some time and see whether your idea is really worth it or not.

There are several ways in which you can validate an idea, but you need to choose something that has worked for others and is tried and tested.

You need to gauge your brilliant idea with against some factors. What are these factors? Well, if you have asked this question a few years back, I would have denied, but now with so much transparency over the internet, everyone loves to share how they went from being zero to number one.

I am not here to brag about my successor to dictate you on anything that is superficies, but instead, I am here to help you out with your startup.

Here Branex – a digital design agency from Toronto came up with a mind-blowing infographic on how to validate your startup idea without spending a dime?

I am a serial Entrepreneur, so I have seen both sides of the coin. The success, and the failure. And trust me, when I say, validate your business idea before you jump into the river of the unknown, it is always advisable to gauge the level of the sea.   This infographic does the job for you. Check it out. Execute it. And launch your dream idea. And yes, best of luck!

Original Source of Infographic – Branex

‘Pokemon Go’ Developer Acquires Social Animation Startup Evertoon

Niantic games, the company that developed insidiously popular game Pokemon Go, has acquired social animation startup ‘Evertoon’. The startup is in the business of creating animation with customized avatars.

Maker of Pokemon Go Acquires Evertoon

Niantic games became the household name after they released Pokemon Go last summer. However, the game has witnessed sharp decline in active user community. This could be the reason why Evertoon is being taken to war room to create strategies for reviving the game.

While announcing the acquisition, Niantic games’ boss John Hanke said:

“Today I am excited to announce that

Hubspot Acquires Chatbot Startup Motion AI at an Undisclosed Amount

News of another big acquisition is buzzing around. Hubspot has acquired Chatbot builder startup Motion AI in by paying an undisclosed amount.

Hubspot Acquires Motion AI

The startup was founded in 2015 and was indulged in developing editors for building chatbots that work on websites, Facebook Messenger, SMS and Slack without coding. It has recently raised funding from Charge Ventures, Crush Ventures and others.

Hubspot Acquires Chatbot Startup Motion AI

Even before acquiring the startup, HubSpot had already integrated the tool into HubSpot Free CRM. Once the acquisition completes, the entire Motion AI team, including founder and CEO David Nelson, will be the part of HubSpot. More on the acquisition including the integration plan would be detailed at HubSpot’s Inbound event next week.

While announcing the merger, HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan said:

“It’s impossible to ignore the impact

Top 10 Ratan Tata Backed Startups

Top 10 Ratan Tata Backed Startups

Ratan Tata, the mentor of Tata group has been very vocal in supporting new ideas and ventures. He has already invested in over 30 tech startups and the list is going on. Here I am listing top 10 Ratan Tata backed startups:

10 Ratan Tata Backed Startups

1. Paytm:

Paytm tops the list of Tata funded startups. Paytm, the renowned and probably the most popular mobile wallet service in India, secured an undisclosed funding from Ratan Tata in 2015. Not only he guided the funding, but also designated as an advisor for the company.

The Paytm wallet service allows users to perform a number of digital transactions via its mobile app. It includes wallet-to-wallet fund transfer, wallet-to-bank fund transfer and utility bill payments. Users can add up to 20k in their wallet per month. However, for KYC verified users, company increases this limit.

2. Ola:

9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas

Validating your startup ideas is not just about finding ways to reach out to your target audience, but to also listen to them when they give feedback. This is the problem with a lot of small business owners. They keep on thinking of ways to validate their startup ideas, but when they receive negative feedback, they are enraged with it or they simply ignore it.

If you want to find out how you can improve your business, listen to the people who are going to be potential buyers if you will launch your business. They can tell you what they want, what they think is wrong, and also suggest ways for you to improve.</p>

They won’t get anything out of it. They can just be brutally honest with their thoughts. As they are your target audience, they might have bought the same products or services before. Hence, they know exactly what they want if a similar company is being built up.

Don’t feel bad if your ideas are not validated. It doesn’t mean you have not come up with something worth doing. It only means something has to be changed. It can even be just a minor change. This is why it is called a business idea. It may or may not be implemented.

It is up to you if you will push through with it or not. Since it is still on the initial phase, you must be open to tweaks in order to improve it. The infographic below shows other ways to validate your start up ideas and you have to consider them too.

Infographic Source

7 Startups That Shut Down Operations In 2016

2016 is set to finish its journey. It has been a year with noteworthy ups and downs, especially for startups. 2016 was a year that most of the startups will prefer to forget for being disappointing, heartening and futile. In 2015, startup growth was steady and impressive, not less than three to four startups a day. But in 2016, trend overturned with series of layoffs and shutdowns. A number of things reportedly contributed to this downfall, specially lack of funds, declining sales and rising competition.


These 11 Tech Startups Thrilled The Technology Domain In 2015

These Promising 11 Tech Startups Thrilled The Technology Domain In 2015

The outgoing year 2015 was very promising for new ventures and tech startups. Beyond the established tech giants, newly founded tech companies became the buzzword this year.

We may argue whether they were true startups, growth – stage companies or unicorn, but they turned to be the potential gainers and impressed masses and tech experts globally.

I am listing here out 12 such tech startups that cut through the competition in 2015 and made a spectacular headway. They are even ready to take tech giants head on in 2016.

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 Promising 11 Tech Startups

Flipkart Stops Selling E-Books

Flipkart Stops Selling E-Books, Transfers  Business To An Indian Startup

Flipkart, the leading e-commerce portal has stopped selling e-books on its platform from today. This service was launched sometime in 2012, and now the e-books will be delivered by Canada based Rakuten Kobo.

The company said in official statement that the orders already in the queue will be delivered as scheduled. Amount for the books not available in the store will be refunded.

Flipkart Stops Selling E-Books

After Flipkart’s decision to shutting up the e-book selling, Amazon becomes the biggest beneficiary as it can get chance to expand more in e-book business.

Flipkart Stops Selling E-Books