Best Video Marketing Resources On The Web in 2019

Are you interested in creating videos to use for marketing purposes? If the answer is yes, you will quickly discover that the process is going to be much more difficult than you could ever imagine.

Best Video Marketing Resources

Best Video Marketing Resources

If you do not get everything right from the get-go, there is a good chance that you’re going to be wasting your time and energy. So, what are the best video marketing resources on the net? How can they help? You’re going to find the answers about best video marketing resources in the comprehensive guide below.


If you’re in need of help, you should definitely check out the resources made available on HubSpot. This website offers informative articles, Webinars, and even e-books on the very matter. One of the best things about this website is the fact that it doesn’t have any bias.

The site’s content creators legitimately want to help their visitors. Therefore, you can guarantee that they’re not going to try to sell you something. They’ll actually do everything they can to help. Their content can be found here.


When it comes down to it, there is no better video marketing resource than YouTube. In all likelihood, you’re going to be posting your videos on YouTube. So, why shouldn’t you start there in the first place?

YouTube offers a wealth of content and some of it is directly related to video marketing. As long as you search for the right keywords and phrases, you’ll be able to find video marketing tutorials and help.

This will prove to be immensely beneficial for you. So, what are you waiting for? You just need to head on over to YouTube to get started.

Using A Video Maker

Making a video can be tougher than you could ever imagine. This is definitely the case if you’re trying to make a high-quality video that is actually going to be effective. This is why you should take advantage of an online video maker or other video marketing resources guides.

These video marketing guides and resources are courtesy of Swish Video App, and their app can help ensure that you’re able to make a great video in a short period of time. That will pay off dividends and help ensure that your money and time are not wasted.

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Plus, these apps are simplified to guarantee that they’re helpful for pretty much anyone and everyone regardless of skill and experience.

Leadeo Plugin

Do you run a WordPress website? If the answer is yes, you should most definitely post your videos directly on your site. This will prove to be very beneficial for you and your visitors. With that being said, you should download and use Leadeo.

This WordPress plugin is a must for anyone who wishes to market their website or business with videos. The plugin makes it possible for you to add opt-in boxes and other things to your videos. That is a good way to get people’s attention and force them to sign up for your newsletter.

Using Promo

There are plenty of great ways to create good videos. If you’re willing to upgrade and spend a little, you will definitely want to check out Promo. This site makes it possible for you to create videos with a few simple clicks.

This is great, but there are many limitations. You won’t be able to use your entire creativity to create the video of your dreams. Nevertheless, this is still one of the most simple and effective ways to create a video in a short period of time. Just remember that paying and upgrading is recommended to ensure you get the best results.

Adobe Campaign

Eventually, you’re going to make your videos public. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to find out how successful they’ve been. Therefore, you’re going to need some type of analytics program to track your success.

This is where Adobe Campaign enters the picture. This specific program is very effective for this purpose. It can provide you with rich data about your video viewers and their behavior. The program works great for videos and it offers a wealth of other features.

For instance, you’ll be able to take advantage of email marketing, omnichannel marketing and so much more. You will definitely want to try it out for yourself.

You can find out more about Adobe Campaign here.

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If you’re interested in creating animated videos, you will definitely want to experiment with VYOND. This complex video creator is pretty effective for this specific purpose. The video creator is specifically designed for businesses so you can guarantee that it is going to work great for your video marketing efforts.

You can even create your own character and make it look exactly like you. It is complex, yet simple enough to be suitable for pretty much anyone and everyone. You can even import your text file and the character will lip sync everything. That can help you create an effective video in the long run.


Finally, you will want to try Slidely. This cool tool makes it possible for you to create and share video and photo collections. Even better is the fact that you just need a Facebook account to get started.

Then, you’ll be able to assemble the perfect collection and share it with your audience. That will make it possible for you to capture the imagination of your visitors and lock them in. This is a great tool for anyone who is going to be marketing a business using video.

best video marketing resources

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