10 Best Free TeamViewer Alternative Software in 2021

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2021)

It is of utmost importance for any digital marketing firm to remotely manage the services given by the external providers so that the representatives at different locations can be brought together at the same time for online meetings.

One of the best platforms for this purpose used by many digital marketing firms is TeamViewer. Although it is the most popular platform and has a vast subscriber base, it has many limitations, mainly while broadcasting the images.

10 Best TeamViewer Alternatives for Remote Desktop Access

Many users also complain about the security features of the app as it is not 100% secured. The best digital marketing firm, therefore, relies on the TeamViewer Alternative. The market is flooded with alternatives to this app, but not all are good or that much secured. Let us discuss the 10 best alternatives of TeamViewer.

 1. LogMeIn-Fast Remote Desktop Application

LogMeIn is one of the best alternative apps of TeamViewer and always comes on the top search list. The app can be used globally and helps the users to monitor the teamwork sitting at remote places continuously.


  • File Transfer
  • Remote Printing
  • Unlimited Remote Access
  • Multi-Monitor Display
  • Screen Sharing
  • Password Management
  • 1TB File Storage
  • Unlimited Users

One can share, store, or collaborate with multiple devices, thus allowing easy access to workplace situations at all times.

There is the screen sharing option allowing others on the screen to view each other’s screen. The remote access from the desktop to the laptop, browser and other digital devices is truly secured, keeping the information confidential and within the team members.

2. Supremo

Despite TeamViewer is considered the top remote desktop software, a powerful, reliable, but affordable alternative is SupRemo.

It’s a secure and lightweight remote desktop solution for Windows, macOS, Linux and for mobile devices on Android and iOS.

SupRemo is free for non-professional use and requires no installation: just download and start it. The use of this software is really easy, making it a perfect solution for both remote assistance or remote working.


  • all remote sessions are encrypted
  • it’s a plug&play solution and doesn’t require installation or configuration
  • it allows automatic unattended access so you can control remote computers without any user being physically in front of them
  • it allows remote printing, file manager, and drag&drop on both directions and chats during the sessions
  • it has an unlimited free online address book
  • it can be customized with a personal logo or brand

3. Perimeter 81 – Free TeamViewer Alternative

It is hard to ignore Perimeter 81 as it is fast becoming popular amongst digital marketers. The best digital marketing firm often opts for this software. Access to the network is easy but very much secured. With the feature of automatically integrating with the cloud providers, the software allows having unlimited bandwidth and data.


  • Cloud Management Platform
  • VPN server locations
  • Activity API
  • SDP Architecture
  • Unlimited Data & Bandwidth
  • VPN Server Deployment
  • Automatic Wi-Fi Security

With threat protection features and blocking them, and giving access to only trusted sources, one can rely on this software for confidential meetings of the organization. The developers of this app provide round-the-clock customer service, and one can even generate audit and activity reports.

4. Splashtop– Remote Access Software

TeamViewer Alternative

As a digital marketing firm, one may be searching for the best scalable, secured, and high-performing software to stay connected with the team members. Often one has to provide remote solutions taking remote access of the computers.

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  • Industry-standard TLS 1.2 with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Device authentication
  • Multi-level password security
  • Two-step verification/two-factor authentication
  • Blank screen
  • Screen auto-lock
  • Session idle timeout
  • Remote connection notification

Splashtop will always be on the top list for its lightning speed, ease of use and access, and ease of implementation. Working with the software is only possible after two-factor authentication or two-step verification.

The app has options for passwords at multi-levels, enabling the users to stay most secured while working with the team members using the same platform.

The app can be used on multiple devices, including Chromebooks, mobile phones, and laptops. IT is one of the best apps that can be used by MSPs and help desk operators of any firm.

5.  Manage Engine Remote Access Plus

If you are looking to troubleshoot any Mac, Windows, or Linux computers from a remote location, nothing can beat the Remote Access Plus software. All problems can be solved centrally using this app, and system administrators can access the endpoints anytime from any location and solve the problems.


  • Advanced Remote Control
  • System Manager
  • Voice & Video Chat
  • Wake on LAN. Instantly turn remote computers ON
  • Remote Shutdown
  • Powerful Reports

One can connect unattended remote monitors or easily switch between various monitors installed and connected to the client’s computer. With the Quick Launch option inside the app, the administrative operations are straightforward.

Using the software can diagnose and provide solutions to the glitches without compromising productivity and cutting down costs by remotely shutting down unattended computers. It can also wake up computers connected through LAN in any office.

6. Mikogo

TeamViewer Alternative

Mikogo is one of the best software and loved by the users for its superb screen-sharing features. With this software, the team members can share their desktop, application window, and documents during the meeting. Twenty-five members can join the forum in real-time while using the app.


  • Cross-Platform
  • 25 meeting participants in real-time
  • Switch Presenter
  • Remote Control
  • Mobile Apps
  • Voice Conferencing
  • Session Scheduler
  • Session Recording
  • Multi-User Whiteboard

It is supported by iOS and Android devices, and one can join the team meeting through mobile browsers. One can make phone calls for better communications and share information even while working on the app. Advance meeting scheduling is easy.

One can even remotely take control of the mouse and the client’s keyboard for better communication and training.

7.  Remote Utilities – Remote Desktop Software

It is one of the best alternative open-source applications with the remote access tool to work in unattended computers getting automatic remote access. Both the business as well as a personal version of this application is free to use.


  • Full Control and View
  • File Transfer
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Active Directory Support
  • MSI Configuration
  • Self-hosted Server

With multiple remote access tools, one can troubleshoot the problems effortlessly, even through the portable mode of access. One can work in an isolated or restricted environment and can work efficiently with active directory integration.

The software is free to use simultaneous connecting ten computers and stay connected with the team members in real-time.

8.  AnyDesk

TeamViewer Alternative anydesk

If you want an application that can be like a regular program and can be run portably, then AnyDesk is one of the best free alternative software of TeamViewer. The application is secure to use, and many prefer to use this software as it supports file and audio transfer.

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  • Remote Support
  • Cross-Compatibility
  • Fast Download
  • Designed for Remote Desktop Support
  • Automated Roll Out
  • Fast Download

One can record the remote sessions done through this app. Again for better performance, one can configure the connection and vary the speed or the quality.

The app is compatible with digital devices working on Windows, Linux, and macOS and the developers constantly update the software. The new version of the software is automatically updated in the digital devices without any technical glitches.

9. UltraVNC – Best for Remote PC Access

Security is one of the major concerns of all digital firms while remotely accessing another computer. One of the most secure applications is UltraVNC.


  • Compatible with RealVNC and TightVNC
  • Encryption plugins allow for secure connections
  • File Transfer functions
  • Quick Chat features

It is one of the most technically advanced software and is preferred by people having some technical knowledge of programming. With the dual installation feature, one can work on the remote computer while viewing it.

File transfer cannot be more effortless with any other alternatives, unlike UltraVNC. One can connect to remote computers using a mobile application, browser, or computer program. With the char feature included in the application, one can easily converse with others on remote computers.

10. GoToMyPC

TeamViewer Alternative

One of the best alternatives of TeamViewer, which is hard to ignore, is GoToMyPC. The application allows access to files and networks without any glitches, and one can even have access from home.


  • Remote Access
  • Easy Installation and Remote Deployment
  • File Transfer
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • Sound
  • Real-Time Diagnostics
  • Usage Reports
  • Remote Printing

The software is easy to use and thus increases business productivity. With 256 bit AES encryption, the software is highly secured against hacking. One can use this software on iPhone, Kindle, iPad, and Android devices to get remote access.

Transferring files between computers is fast, and one can even copy-paste files and move them to other connected computers. The application is easy to install, and the charges for use are minimum.

ZOHO Assist – Best TeamViewer Alternative

TeamViewer Alternative

Zoho Assist is one of the most affordable and secured alternatives of TeamViewer. It can be accessed through multiple platforms and is compatible with devices running on almost all operating systems. The files can be transferred effortlessly using this app, and one can also use the multi-monitor navigation feature to control other computers remotely.


  • File transfer
  • Instant Chat
  • Schedule Sessions
  • Multi-Monitor Navigation
  • Voice and Video Chat
  • Reboot and Reconnect
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Remote Power Options
  • Session Confirmation
  • Annotation

It can work effortlessly on unattended remote computers. The security features of this app are pretty strong and include 2-factor authentication and SSL2. One can record the sessions and perform multiple chats simultaneously.


The above ten applications or software are best to use as an alternative to TeamViewer. Use any of them and feel the difference.

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