5 Best File Manager Apps for iPhone Users

# Last Updated On: November 10, 2021 #

Since the introduction of smartphones, we can all agree on one thing; productivity has improved. And each year new flagships are unveiled which are as powerful as our laptops. To take advantage of the massive computing power and storage capabilities to improve the productivity coefficient, we need below listed some tools, in our case some Best File Manager Apps. Read on.

Best File Manager Apps for iPhone

Best File Manager Apps for iPhone

In iOS, you need the best file manager for both your iPhone and iPad to increase your productivity. A file manager helps in locating, managing, sorting, organizing and running productive utility functions. Let’s take a look at the following apps that will help you keep files in check.

1. Documents by Readdle – Easy to Use File Management App

Best File Manager Apps

Not only Documents from Readdle is one of the best file managers for your iPhone and iPad, but its also suitable for your iPod Touch if you still have one.

This is because of its extensive list of features and many file types it supports. File management features include searching, sorting, moving, copying, renaming, zip and it supports list view and grid view.

It has an iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox, Box and OneDrive integration for your online files. There’s also a dedicated folder for sharing files to and from iTunes and accessible by a trusted machine. You can prevent unauthorized access to your files by a passcode or by biometric means.

Documents has other functionalities that enable it to open documents such as office, PDFs, music, photo viewer and a downloader. This file manager also has an integrated web browser which can be used to save videos, pdf, zip… Sharing can also be done through WebDAV, AirDrop and via import and exports. Indeed, its an all in one file manager.

2. iStorage 2 HD – Best File Manager App for Pro

Best File Manager Apps

From the name, iStorage 2 HD a truly powerful file manager app for the iDevices. You will notice it’s for power users even from its interface.

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You get the common file management functionalities such as sorting, organizing, locating and other file manipulating capabilities. You can view your files via a list or thumbnails. On an iPad, it gets to show you its real abilities.

For example, you can open two different folders, and it can show you the two of them at once. How good is that? Well, this capability enables you to compare files and other properties before either moving or deleting them.

You can also use it to read your documents, sync files from cloud storage and its built-in web browser and bookmark manager will increase your productivity effectiveness.

3. Pocket Drive – File Manager App with Passcode

Pocket Drive is one of the best file management apps for iPhone and iPad with a very distinct intuitive interface which you will find appealing.

For file management and organization, Pocket Drive offers you various ways in which you can sort your files; for instance, you sort them by, date, name or create your custom way. Viewing of files is through a list or a grid view.

Like the other apps, it sports security options which use a passcode or use a biometric authentication. It has an integrated cloud solution and also has additional built-in functionalities.

They include; ability to open documents even the Rich text format files can view photos, open compressed files and also can play your audio and video files. With its auto connect feature, i.e., when you’re connected to the same network with other devices such as a Mac or a PC, Pocket Drive can instantly access their files. It also has a filesharing menu which you can import files.

4. iFiles 2

iFiles 2 is a premium file management app for both your iPhone and iPad but a good reason. It has a straightforward and an easy to use interface. Like the other premium apps, iFiles 2 features a document viewer, a text editor, and an integrated audio recorder.

Other integrations are for online cloud storage to major services such as DropBox, Google, and even Picasa. It features a WIFI server and can work as an FTP for transfer of files mainly by drag and drop manner.

You can also share files as well as emails directly from the app via the same WIFI or using the Bluetooth technology. Like a file manager it is, you can also delete and create folders, rename, move and copy files from one location to another.

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5. FileApp

FileApp is one of the free and best iPhone file manager apps, and for iPad as well. Its lightweight and feature a decluttered interface with all basic functionalities of a file manager.

It supports a variety of document files such as the Microsoft suite, RTF, HTML, ZIP and safari web archives. It also allows a system-wide pasteboard. Support media files include images, all Apples audio formats and videos of both H.264 and MPEG-4 formats.

Its inbuilt media player offers other functionalities such as shuffle, repeat play, background and even continuous play. In regards to images, the apps allow for slideshows and can directly take pictures within the app.

FileApp also allows file storage and sharing via, USB, FTP, and WIFI. It also has security features like the other apps, but it also employs file encryption with iOS data protection.

5 Best iPhone File Manager Apps : Conclusion

A file manager is the best tools to enhance your productivity, and the above apps are better at it. Although there are a ton of apps in the AppStore, the above meet all the qualities an effective file manager must have. If you have a file manager that you feel it should be included here, let us know in the comments section below.

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