7 Free Download Manager App for Android in 2020

Pre-installed stock Android download manager apps are useful when it comes to downloading. But slow downloading speed and unwanted interruptions are some big time turn-offs. Other downside of these default download managers are that they offer basic features only lacks at advanced features like queuing or resuming paused downloads. Read on  the list of Best Android Download Manager Apps here.

Free Download Manager for Android

If you’re looking at some best Android Download Manager Apps. We have listed here 7 of them. These apps are faster, loaded with important features and offer best downloading experience. The list is tentative and ordered without any preference. Before installing, read their respective features carefully.

1. Advanced Download Manager

download manager for android

In our list of free download manager for android, advanced downloader app comes at first. This is a powerful yet user-friendly downloader app. By using the app users can download any files regardless of their file types. The app lets you download up to 3 files simultaneously as it can automatically finds downloadable links or files from your default browser.


  • BitTorrent support
  • Enhanced audio/video files support
  • Download acceleration
  • Resuming broken downloads
  • Smart file management and powerful scheduler
  • Adjusting traffic usage
  • Multi language support
  • Absolutely free and 100% safe

With the help of advanced download manager, you can download files irrespective of the browsers you use. The app offers seamless support for all noted browsers like Chrome, Dolphin, Boat Browser, etc.  Another cool feature of the app is its built-in ADM browser that brings multiple tabs and loaded with advanced media download capabilities.

Moreover, the app has clutter interface and comprises several download folders where downloaded files are saved. You can take multiple actions on downloads such as pause, resume, or re-try downloads.

2. Turbo Download Manager

Best Android Download Manager Apps

If you’re fed up of low bandwidths while downloading files, Turbo Download Manager is the answer. The best download manager for android app ensures fast downloading even with low bandwidth. The app works well with its built-in web browser or other default Android browsers such as Dolphin, Chrome, Firefox, and UC Browser etc.


  • Download Acceleration
  • Multithreaded Downloads
  • Use Wifi and Cellular Networks at the same time
  • Pause/Resume Queue
  • Unlimited file size downloads
  • Background Downloads (Screen Off Only)
  • Up to 5 Threads/Connections per Download.
  • Optimization Settings

The UPS of Turbo is its ability to speed up downloads by using multiple connections. You can boost the speed even up with additional speed settings. This is our second best Android downloader in the list that runs up to 10 multiple threads and enables users to pause or resume downloads anytime.

With Turbo downloader, you can even download your files directly to your SD card. In many cases it allows to make three parallel downloads. The app comes free with ads.

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3. Download Accelerator Plus

download manager for android

Meet our third free download manager for android in the list. The app Accelerator Plus is easy to use and a power packed tool with features like direct download to the SD card, built-in browser with multiple tabs and auto-resume capability of interrupted downloads etc.

The app can automatically detect downloadable links in your browser. Once downloads get completed, you can save them in your Google account. The app is equipped with a smart error handling feature to prevent download threads interruption.


  • Download MP3
  • Video Preview
  • Download Security
  • DAPsters Manager
  • Video to MP3
  • Download History
  • FTP Browser
  • Internet Browser
  • File Shredder
  • ZIP Preview
  • Video Download
  • DAP Link Checker

You will find the user experience of the app quite intuitive and clutter free. While downloading the files you can set the maximum speed for downloads. You can find multiple language support in the app. Download Accelerator plus comes free with in-app purchases and contains ads.

4. Loader Droid :

Loader Droid is the most used internet download manager for android. Like many other apps in our list, the app aquatically detects links from supported Android browsers. It can provide simultaneous file downloads in multiple parts. Users can also schedule the download to take it up later.


  • Resumable Downloads
  • Auto pause
  • Auto resume
  • Intercepts links from your Android Browser
  • You can define what connection is allowed for each link
  • Faster downloading by splitting the download into parts
  • Scheduling
  • Link replacement feature
  • Stable, fast and easy to use

The app is free, easy to use and can download files of any size and type. Once downloaded, you can save the files directly to your SD card. It also comes with an embedded browser, and you can download any file you prefer. It’s free app and comes with annoying ads.

5. Download Manager for Android

download manager for android

Meet the best download manager app for android mobile. The app allows free downloading of any file types with speed two times faster than any other downloader. The app comes loaded with a delightfully simple user interface and, a built-in file manager and browser.


  • Advanced Download Manager
  • Turbo Download Manager
  • Reliable file downloading even on low bandwidth
  • Download Accelerator Plus
  • Loader Droid
  • Download Manager for Android
  • Fast Download Manager
  • Download Manager
  • GetThemAll

Other noteworthy features of this download manager include web page bookmark manager and speech recognition. While downloading the files you can also pause / resume large downloads if needed. With the help of this app you can download HTML5 web pages and videos.

6: Fast Download Manager

Best Android Download Manager Apps

The app is another download manager software for android. It’s best suited for quick downloads and can automatically detect downloadable links from your web browser. You can also manually provide links for the downloading files.

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  • BitTorrent support
  • Enhanced audio/video files support
  • Download acceleration
  • Resuming broken downloads
  • Smart file management and powerful scheduler
  • Adjusting traffic usage
  • Multi language support
  • Absolutely free and 100% safe
  • Cross-platform support
  • Modern interface
  • GNU General Public License

With the app, you can download file of any type. You can also pause, resume, or restart downloads if need arises. Furthermore, the app allows simultaneous file queuing and downloading. The fast download manager also lets download files while the app is running in the background. The app comes absolutely free but with ads.

7: Download Manager

download manager for android

There are multiple reasons why this download manager for android could also be a good choice. It offers more than ordinary file downloads. This ultra advanced download manager app for Android offers Torrent download support and saves downloaded files directly to your SD card.

Using the app, you can download different file types including ZIP/RAR files, docs, music, videos, photos, and APK’s. The app comes with in-built browser with features like Adblock and popup blocker. Its user interface is quite simple and handles the download process with ease.


  • Supports all popular browsers and applications
  • Download Resume
  • Simple installation wizard
  • Download Speed
  • Automatic Antivirus checking
  • Download with one click
  • Advanced Browser Integration
  • Built-in Scheduler

App’s USP is its batch download feature that fetches downloadable links within content from sites. It is free without any in-app purchases and provides video resources to guide users about downloading.

That’s all with the list of top seven  best download managers for Android to choose in 2019. If you think that the list is missing a few popular apps, do tell us in comment box. Thank you for stopping by.

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