5 Tips to Hire a Competent Web Developer

website is the face of your brand and for this very reason you need the best person to do the makeover i.e. the right web developer!

How to Hire a Web Developer?

Hiring the right developer for you website in today’s world is equivalent to finding a needle in the haystack. In the last two decades or so, websites have taken our society by storm and have changed the way we behave and interact with others.

Every business is reliant on a website these days to communicate with its customers. And with this increased need for web developers, an entire industry has come to life which has also affect the quality of work done. In the last five years, the number of web developers has multiplied many folds.

Web development is an important, complicated, time consuming, and an expensive process.

You don’t want to land up in a situation where you are waiting for your website to start to conduct your business. Therefore, deadlines are crucial when it comes to web development and so is proper research before handing out your project.

Not just this, you must also be able to trust your web developer as you are ensuing your business’ details to the handler.

They may also be maintain your website depending on whether you liked their work or not. So, it’s better to spend some time on asking the right questions and getting satisfactory answers. Prevention in always better than cure! Make sure you hire the right person!

Hiring the right web developer

Although web developers in Lebanon are considered to be the best of lot, you still need to hire and negotiate with a single person or a company. Here are five tips that will help you find the right fit.

Your brand has a personality. You need someone who understands this personality and has the creative and technical calibre to design a website that showcases your personality on the web in a unique way that guarantees attention.

When looking out of web developers, don’t just look at the creative calibre they possess. Talk with them, get insight in to the way they think.

They must be able to understand and perceive you vision about your website and guide you and deliver the final website accordingly. Refrain from asking trivial questions which can easily be answered by googling, instead ask questions that reveal the thinking pattern of your candidate.

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If you are an ecommerce website and you hire someone who is expert in say education websites, the result will not be good. Try to find people who are experts within your domain.

Write your values and vision down and then find the person who fits that parameters.

A learning attitude serves well

We have all kinds of people, some are “stuck-ups” and do not allow mobility at all while other learn to grow and adapt. In the last two decades, we have seen internet, along with all of its technologies, evolve beyond what would have been the limit of wild imagination of its creators at the time of its inception.

Ever-evolving technologies and shuffling trends is synonymous to internet, a bit too much! To stay relevant, you have to keep refining and defining yourself. Your website needs to stay on top of the current market trend and technology in order to succeed.

And for the same reason, you need to hire somebody that has a good attitude of learning. He/she will be aware of the latest innovation that can be used to give your website edge over your competition. Ask your interviewee the following question to gauge in to his/her “learning”

  1. Which is your favourite web technology amongst the latest ones?
  2. Which is the latest programming language you learned?
  3. Ask for their take on your ideas.

One of the key things you can do in this process to make sure you land up with the right professional is to know and understand their point of view.

To do this, you may present your problems, or requirement, whatever you may choose to call it, to the web developer and ask them for a basic outline of the solution they have in mind.

This will have two benefits – you’ll get to know your candidate better in terms of creativity and technical insight;you will have a different idea to compare with yours and derive new insight and inspiration.

Test the developer with a small project first

A great tool to test a developer’s capabilities before handing out big projects is to try them at some smaller scale projects. This will give you clear insights in to a lot things such as developer’s creative and technical capability, delivery dates, work ethic and a lot more.

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After you are satisfied with the results, you can feel more comfortable in handing out the big project and the way how to hire a web developer?

Don’t think much before changing

So, you have done everything right, you interviewed the developer, you saw the portfolio which seemed all right and rest of things looked fine too but you are not getting the performance and results you want! What do you do in this case?

Have a meeting. If your web developer is from the local area, call them up for a meeting to discuss the issue. If they are abroad or unavailable for the meeting, set up a Skype one, or on Hangouts, which ever you like.

Discuss their performance and put forward your concerns to see what they have to say about the situation. If things are not okay and you are not satisfied with their answers, fire them!

You are paying a good amount, you should get the service you want, and there are no questions about that! If so happens, web developers in Lebanon have your back!

They are professionals with working experience in decades and have designed some of the best doing websites on the internet today.

How to Hire a Web Developer?

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