4 Online Helpful Tools For Easier and More Convenient Life

As we become more and more comfortable with the fact that anything can be done over the Internet, office spaces as well as educational institutions worldwide would have to adjust to the fact that telecommuting and online classes are definitive ways to live life.

We are at a time where the Internet has afforded us connectivity and resources, from social media to online tools for literally everything under the sun.

Online Helpful Tools For Convenient Life

If you are an employee looking for work-from-home employment in this climate we are in, or a student learning the ways of online classes, you’ll need to have some tools to start. In this article, we’ve listed down some necessities – from an online timer tool that helps with your concentration to a PDF editor that can do individualized edits. Here are four of the best browser-based tools you can bookmark:

An all-in-one online PDF editor

An online PDF editor is one of the tools you need to have in order to make the most out of working remotely. If you are using your personal computer, chances are high that you don’t have standalone software for PDF editing that’s usually reserved for work desktops. Although you can easily download one, if you are paying for the subscription out of your pocket, then you are better off with an online PDF editor.

PDF editing might not be a regular occurrence every day, but the file format is the standard when it comes to shared files over messaging platforms, even in educational files for study guides and references.

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The online PDF editor that you are looking for should have individualized applications that address specific edits like PDF to MS-Office based file formats, adding password protection, and splitting PDF. Now, whenever someone asks if you know a PDF to PPT converter online, you can easily refer them to sites and online tools like PDF Bear.

A social media and other sites blocker

It should be said that social media can be both useful and a source of distraction. It helps if you have a tool ready for disposal when you catch yourself scrolling through various social media platforms or for when you are reading an article too many on your favorite news and entertainment sites. This is particularly handy when you are work from home because you let yourself be too comfortable.

An online grammar checking tool

Grammar is present in almost everything that we do online – from chats, emails, papers, files, and documents. If you are not confident about your Grammar skills, bookmarking an online grammar checking tool can immensely help in whatever communication you are engaging with or file you are doing.

A site with a timer for the Pomodoro technique

Another great tool to keep in mind is a site that lets you use the Pomodoro technique for concentration. For the uninitiated, the Pomodoro technique is a time management technique that features 25 minutes of concentration, then lets you have a break for five or ten minutes, depending on your preference.

So for 25 minutes, you focus on what you need to do, whether it is to work on a file or study a chapter, then when that is up, you can choose to relax and have a break. This method is proven to increase productivity among students and employees alike, making the most of it alongside the social media blocker site.

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Although these tools are generally free to use, some will ask you to subscribe to a monthly or yearly subscription. It’s also wise to update your browsers to their latest versions – whether it’s Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. Pro tip: sync your bookmark and bookmark folders in between your devices so you can easily and seamlessly use these tools anywhere.

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