11 Futuristic Gadgets in 2020 We Can’t Live Without

As a global community, we’re more health conscious than ever before. We start our mornings with a turmeric latte, take a shot of kombucha at lunch and give our pasta dinner a low-carb makeover. In between we’re tracking our steps with an Apple Watch and using light therapy to get picture perfect skin. We’ve looked into the details of 11 Futuristic Gadgets in 2020. These super gadgets are necessary, handy and helps in delivering tasks. 

Top 11 Trendy, Useful & Futuristic Gadgets 2020

Futuristic Gadgets 2020

Technology is catching up with our changing lifestyles. Laser is no longer something out of a James Bond film, but being used in everything from laser hair removal machines to keyhole surgery. We’re seeing virtual reality (VR) become mainstream, bringing with it limitless potential to enhance our gym workouts as well as our mental health.

We’ve looked into some of the biggest trends in health and beauty in 2020, and asked ourselves, are they worth the hype?

 1. VR Gyms

The concept of VR gyms is still in the starting blocks, but we can safely predict that it’s about to skyrocket in popularity. VR introduces an element of gameplay to our work out routines and can be used to improve cardio and resistance training.

Think Nintendo Wii on steroids. It’s easy to see the difference that this revolutionary technology will make for those of us who struggle to incorporate regular exercise into our every day lives. Similarly, the top athletes in the world can use it to take their training to another level.

There are a few flagship gyms that are offering this stellar technology, but before we start seeing VR gyms at every corner, there is room for improvement. VR equipment takes up space and requires its own health and safety considerations. We have no doubt that with some clever planning, these futuristic gadgets will soon be available to fitness freaks.

2. AI Electric Toothbrushes

 Most of us own an electric toothbrush, but what we’re talking about is an ultramodern smart electric toothbrush. The difference? This year the giants in personal hygiene technology such as Philips have rolled out super sensory dental gadgets that can track and gradually improve your health.

These super futuristic gadgets do so by incorporating AI into the toothbrush, allowing it to monitor your teeth cleaning habits and advise you on the most effective way of keeping plaque at bay. There are even models that combine fun games with daily brushing, which will encourage kids to pick up regular habits without ever thinking it’s a chore.

While smart toothbrushes won’t replace your annual dental check up, they can go a long way in helping you look after one of the most important parts of your body to the optimal level.

3. Smart Fertility Trackers

Fertility tracking is one of the most sought after and the cool electronic gadgets in the health market, and there is an abundance of gadgets that promise to deliver the perfect results. From thermometers to collecting saliva samples and app’s that calculate a woman’s natural cycle, most of the time these gadgets fall short of our expectations.

However, it’s not time to give up just yet. At this year’s tech fairs, we’ve come across some very interesting developments that have the potential to give the results we need. One of the most fascinating is a simple device placed under the mattress that tracks heat rate and breathing patters to define the window of ovulation. 

4. Vuzix Blade 

Possibly one of the most interesting and innovative aspects of the show was the potential successor to what we might consider our current primary interface to the internet – a smartphone. 

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Vuzix,  both the company and the brand they sell, have produced their own consumer focussed ‘Google Glasses’ replacement. These internet connected glasses are bluetooth gadgets and show Augmented Reality overlays to the real world and are now available for pre-order.

5. Voice Assistants

There were a bunch of Voice Assistant products on show this year. Of course, Alexa, from Amazon, has been around for several years – and currently leads the pack. The pick of the bunch of slightly more innovative displays was Lenovo smart display. which cleverly combines voice response and an LCD screen.

Essentially, Lenovo’s attempt is a tablet computer which is permanently connected to the equivalent of Google Assistant. Voice assistants are going to be a huge part of our future – a totally new way of relating to the internet. Lenovo’s approach recognises that sometimes, a picture or video is the best response of a query, rather than a spoken response.

That applies to everything from ‘what’s my bank balance’ to ‘is the Mona Lisa a beautiful picture.’

6. Robots :

Were one of the biggest themes, was independent robots, appearing in all shapes and sizes. Honda brought several examples of that type of technology, 4 in all and have clearly invested a great deal of time and research in the concept.

Robots, too, will be a part of the future. No single version stood out at CES and, to summarise the consensus view, there are a few years between us and robots performing any substantial amount of work in the real world beyond extremely simple repetitive tasks.

7. Flexible screens:

Finally, yet another new way to interface with the internet, flexible screens were also on ‘display’ (haha) at CES.. Flexible screens are on TVs now but it seems likely, given the manufacturers who demonstrated them, that they will appear on our smartphones, soon.

8. Smart Coffee Brewer

 First, an answer to our coffee problems. The Nespress Prodigio is truly a miracle gadget. A coffee lover’s typical routine is to wake up, drag themselves to the kitchen and make coffee. In order to eliminate the time and effort involved in the process they made the Prodigio. You can turn it from bed using your smartphone.

The Nespresso Prodigio is not just a coffee maker, it is a smart coffee maker and is controlled using an app and bluetooth from your phone. Simply select the style of coffee you prefer and the time you want it, and voila! It is not only for basic coffee.

You can bring out your inner barista and whip up some fancy variations too. To make delicious lattes and macchiatos, add a milk-frother attachment and you’re good to go! The Nespresso Prodigio even informs you when the water tank needs filling.

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9. Amazon Echo

 Ever envied Tony Stark in Iron Man, as he issued orders to Jarvis. The Amazon Echo is your next best alternative (although we do admit that Jarvis is much cooler) and it is affordable, too.

As we step into the era of Smart Homes, Amazon Echo is your smart assistant helping you control many features of your place. It can tell you what the weather is like and even play music from Spotify, TuneIn, Amazon Music and many others. Just ask it to do so.

It can virtually control any bluetooth-enabled device and services. Simple tasks that can inconvenience you, such as controlling your lights, fans, garage doors, sprinklers, best smart locks, and even checking the time, will never be the same again. It even gives news updates and sports news, too. Amazon Echo is possibly the coolest gadget on our list.

10. Laundry Folding Machines

 The FoldiMate is another futuristic gadgets and a  solution that mothers have been pining for for decades. Imagine having to wash and fold the clothes of 3-5 individuals in a house and also take care of the rest of the housework, with washing and folding clothes being most boring chore in your home.

Mothers have been doing it for so long and it is now time for them to kick back and let the FoldiMate handle the clothes.

Once you wash the clothes, clip the clothing to the outside of the washing machine. This is where the magic happens. The FoldiMate slides the clothing inside and its mechanical arms fold them to perfection. Possibly even better than your nearest laundromat.

It can manage 20 pieces of clothing at a time and folding takes just less than 10 seconds. Set up is easy as the FoldiMate is designed to integrate with your current washer and dryer.

11. Personal Digestive Tracker

 Tracking your digestive system can be a tedious process and, most often than not, you will have to depend on a doctor as well. The Aire Personal Digestive Tracker helps you do the same, right at home and within a short span of time. All you have to do is breath into it: it is that simple.

The tracker passes data of your breath to the mobile app, which in turn does a thorough analysis. It reveals what type of foods work best for your digestive system and also tells you how your system responds to types of carbs. Here is where things get better: the gadget also creates a custom diet for you.

Most Popular & Futuristic Gadgets in 2020

We have just scratched the surface when it comes to the most useful, convenient and life-changing gadgets, But this 4 Most Useful Gadgets Of The World list is enough to get you started and save plenty of time, time that you can use to do things you love.

Which trending gadgets have you come across that you would recommend to others? Take a moment and let that sink in. The Aire Personal Digestive Tracker also keeps track of what you consume and your stress levels. A healthier you is just around the corner

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