Why Refer to RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 9th Mathematics?

# Last Updated On: November 30, 2021 #

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects for class 9th. Mathematics is the most scoring subject in class 9th. Students who want to make their career in engineering and other technical courses are most fond of mathematics questions.

Class 9th is the starting point of the journey toward the future. Mathematics plays an important role in every aspect of life and career.


  • It enhances the thinking capacity in every field.
  • It is very useful for the students in their professional careers.
  • Helps in calculating the general aspects of statistics.
  • Mathematics formulas make it easy to calculate things.


  • It is strictly based on the syllabus recommended by the CBSE
  • It has all the solutions of NCERT books and NCERT mathematics examples.
  • It has a number of questions on every topic. That helps the students to practice more for the preparation
  • It has the questions asked in the previous years in the exams within the year.
  • Questions in this book are straightforward to the topic
  • It has the question of higher-order thinking.
  • It has sample papers for practicing
  • It has the solution for every question.
  • One of the most important features of the RS Aggarwal mathematics solution is that the book is in easy language and solutions are given in excellent explanations so that students can understand the concepts easily.
  • RS Aggarwal solution book is prepared by the DR. R.S. AGGARWAL who is one of the best scholars of Kirori Mal College, comes under DELHI UNIVERSITY


  • Class 9th mathematics is different from the topics learned in other classes. Many students find difficulty in solving the questions by the sudden increment in the class. RS Aggarwal is the best option for studying mathematics. This book helps the student to understand each and every topic in depth.
  • It has a number of questions from each topic that helps in the preparation of the examination. In preparation for the mathematics examination student of class 9th standard want to practice more questions that are based on the related topics, in this situation the RS Aggarwal is the best option for the preparation
  • RS Aggarwal’s solution book for class 9th is fully updated by the new syllabus of the NCERT, which makes the students comfortable with this book. Many books don’t follow the syllabus of NCERT and are not updated with the guidelines of CBSE.
  • It carries the solution along with the question which is the plus point of this book. Many books don’t have a solution to the questions which creates confusion in the students for solving the questions. This solution book follows the guidelines given by the CBSE and elaborated on the solutions that help in scoring the marks in the examination.
  • This book has questions that are important from an exam perspective. It has the questions which are asked previously in the examination, and in the sample papers given by the CBSE.
  • Practicing from this book enhances the analytical thinking capacity, and makes the concepts clear. This book carries a number of questions from every topic, which makes the concepts clear for the preparation of the examination.
  • It helps in saving time for solving the questions. Practicing is the best way to succeed in all directions. This is applicable in mathematics also because practicing the number of questions from the same topics helps time management in the examination. The solution book RS Aggarwal has a number of questions to practice, by practicing them students become comfortable with each and every topic which is important for class 9th
  • It helps in building the new concepts to solve the questions. In the RS Aggarwal, there are many ways to solve the questions, which helps the students to remember the concepts in the examination. This also helps in building the new concepts for solving the questions with new methods.
  • The answer book of mathematics by RS Aggarwal helps the students in building the writing skill of the answer. In this book, the questions are solved step by step which makes the student understand the concepts easily and build the skills of solving the question step by step. Step by step solving the questions also decreases the chance of deduction of marks and increases the probability of solving the answers correctly.
  • The solution books of RS Aggarwal carry all the types of questions. It starts the chapters from the basics so that the students can understand the fundamental concepts of the chapters and can understand how to solve the questions related to this chapter. After that, it starts the moderate-level questions and then high-level questions.
  • The solution book also helps in understanding the high order thinking based questions, because this book also has the questions related to high order thinking from each chapter, by practicing them the students feel comfortable with the questions related to these topics. The high-order thinking questions enhance the thinking ability of the students and logical reasoning that helps them in the preparation of competitive exams like Olympiads, and others.
  • RS Aggarwal solutions class 9th mathematics chapter 2 can be easily accessed by the students to get the answers related to these topics and understand the concepts easily for the examination by the RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 9 Maths Chapter 2 solution book.
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R.S. AGGARWAL solution books of mathematics is the best study material for the class 9th students for understanding mathematics. It can be easily accessed by the students for understanding the important concepts of 9th-grade mathematics.

The solutions in this book are elaborated very decently and the solutions are solved step by step. All the questions answered in this book are straightforward and this book is strictly based on the updated NCERT. Students can refer to this book for solutions and practice anytime for scoring high marks in the mathematics examinations.

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