Why Migrating To Canada is Worth It?


Canada is home to one of the most unrivaled sceneries in the world. It is no surprise why you would think about moving there. While immigrating to any country can be such a stressful step, it sometimes makes you wonder if answering all the heavy paperwork and packing all your things is worth it.

If you have been having some doubts about moving to the beautiful land of poutine, this article will give you all the reasons why migrating to Canada would be the best decision of your life.

canada migration

Living Conditions

 #1 Their properties are both spacious and stunning

Compared to other places, Canadian properties are more spacious than average. Since there is more area available, the properties would be bigger. This is especially perfect if you are planning on moving with your family.

#2 Low levels of violence and crime

While Canada is not perfectly immune to violence and crime, it has much lower crime rates as compared to other countries. It was also dubbed as one of the top 10 most peaceful countries to live in.

#3 Peaceful environment

With low levels of crime and violence, it could be said that the place would be peaceful most of the time. Moreover, Canadians practice kindness, peace, as well as acceptance. So if you are concerned about how people would act around you, worry not for the place is friendly.

Education and Working Conditions

 #1 They have a big job market

Since Canada is mainly composed of people who are slowly reaching the age of retirement, the country is in-demand for multiple jobs. So if you think that there are no chances of you landing your dream job, this is highly unlikely as they are always looking for new employees to replace the old.

#2 Public school education is free

For those worrying about money for their child’s or your education, fear not for public schools in Canada do not require any payment. It is also arguably one of the world’s best public school education as it is free, well-funded, and has a solid education system.

#3 Plenty of work benefits

When compared to other places such as the United Kingdom, Canada is offering more work benefits such as maternity leave, employment insurance, and eye exams. Moreover, its work environment is more or less casual, and co-workers and associates are usually addressed by their first name.

Health Conditions

 #1 Free Healthcare

An advantage to living in Canada would be free healthcare. As opposed to other countries, you would not have to worry about health bills since health care, in a way, is given for free as they are paid through taxes. Furthermore, the cost of prescription drugs is also low.

#2 Healthy and happy country

If free healthcare is not enough an advantage for you, the country’s life expectancy also increased to 82 years. With that said, they are also ranked as one of the healthiest nations in the whole world.

#3 Best Quality of Life

In terms of health and life quality, Canada ranks number 1 in the whole world. Considering that it is the second-largest country in size, a label as number 1 shows how healthy the country is.

Advantages to immigrants

 #1 Immigration rules are laxer

Compared to other countries open to immigrants, Canada is one of the more immigrant-friendly countries as they focus more on qualifications than work. As long as you are educated and have work experience, it is more likely that you’ll be accepted for permanent residence.

#2 Supports immigrants social security benefits

If you are worried about social security as an immigrant, you do not have to, as Canada offers various benefits to both you and your family. Furthermore, their educational and healthcare systems are among the greatest in the world, and they are heavily subsidized.

With that said, Canada is capable of supporting you and your family in numerous ways, so you do not have to worry.


It is common to have second thoughts, and while it may not be something you can see yet, moving to Canada would be one of the best decisions you would make in your lifetime. Living in this country would give you the best of everything the world has to offer.

If you decide to move into this fantastic city, do not be shy to ask for help during the whole immigration process. If ever you need immigration lawyers, you can always rely on Total Law Canada immigration lawyers because they would be happy to help you with your concerns.

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