10 Ways to Make Money While Blogging in 2021

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2021)

If you are reading this article, you are most likely already blogging and wondering how it can be monetized. Or perhaps you have just heard that blogging can be used as an additional source of income. Either way, you hit the right place to learn how to make money from a blog.

Ways to Make Money While Blogging

Make Money While Blogging

But you have to remember that it is not easy and definitely does not get you rich. At least not in a short time. Though, if you decide to devote time and effort to it, maybe, in the long run, it might become not only a side hustle but also your primary source of income.

1. Sell merchandise

Maybe you are a travel blogger who is making fantastic photos from all around the world. Or just like using catchy phrases in your writings. All of that can be transformed into art for selling.

All you need is to learn what is print on demand. Using it, you will be able to sell things with your design, whether it be on t-shirts, coffee mugs, phone cases, or any other stuff. And the good thing about it – you do not need a warehouse to store all of your items or lots of money, to begin with.

Everything will be done in real-time, depending on a customer’s needs. Also, if you will be lucky to get noticed, you can expect a pretty good profit.

2. Make money from ads

Perhaps the most straightforward and least effort demanding way to make money from your blog – selling ads. Your site might get stuffed with various advertisements and look less appealing, but it is worth a shot.

All you need to do, find a company selling ads, and place its banner on your site. The money will be generated in two ways. Either visitors make a click on add, which will make you profit. Or it will depend on how many users visit your blog.

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3. Sell private ads

If you can attract decent traffic, companies will come to you themselves, willing to advertise their product on your blog. Of course, you can also ask them about such possibilities on your own. Also, the good thing about these ads compared to mentioned above, you can set the pay rate. No commissions will need to be paid to third parties, which means more money in your pocket.

4. Try affiliate marketing through links

The concept of affiliate marketing is using special tracking links to recommend products to your audience. To do that, find an advertiser who has products for sale. Get an affiliate link from her, which has a unique code and place it on your blog.

Every time a user visits your blog and makes a purchase through a given link, you will be paid a commission for a successful deal.

5. Earn by writing reviews

If you are blogging about a specific niche, or are skillful in a particular area, one thing you should think of is reviews writing. You can approach companies trying to get items to be reviewed for them in exchange for money.

Just do not forget to show them your traffic size, the number of followers, and any other data that might be important to grab their attention. If your traffic keeps growing, more companies will be willing to send you items to be reviewed.

6. Create courses

Are you a professional in a specific field? Or ever helped someone, and they have been impressed by your skills and knowledge? Maybe starting online courses might be a good thing for you to start making money.

Try to be specific, give good advice, and people will be willing to pay for your wisdom. The form of how you choose to give it – videos or slides, is your own business. Just make it worth to be paid.

7. Write ebooks

An alternative for selling courses could be writing ebooks. If you have in-depth knowledge in a particular area, write a tutorial on it. Or maybe you like creating good fantasy or horror stories. That could become a good resource of passive income. Just keep on growing traffic and try to listen to what your readers are willing to get.

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8. Provide services

Practical skills such as graphical designing, programming, or making diet programs might be useful. Especially to those people who have no time to do it on their own or not skillful enough but willing to pay to be done.

Just advertise yourself, let people leave responses from jobs you have done, and with growing popularity, who knows, maybe it will exceed your expectations.

9. Establish a private community

A place for like-minded people to share information and knowledge in a specific field might be a great way to start a private community. But you have to remember to provide some authentic and valuable information continuously. It is the primary key, why they are willing to pay for that. If precisely the same can be found somewhere else for free, what is the point of this at all?

10. Accept donations

Think your content is worth to be paid, but do not want to charge everyone, in case it can scare people away. Then you should try to go for donations in exchange for the valuable information you are giving to your audience. It is not that hard, especially since there is more than one platform that was created for this specific reason.

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