10 Content Marketing Tools That You Haven’t Checked

If you have an online business, then there is a good chance that you may have heard about the content market. It is a new (and quite effective) marketing strategy that businesses are increasingly investing in.

If you are curious about content marketing and what tools you can use for implementing it, then this blog will be very helpful. So read on!

10 BEST Content Marketing Tools and Platforms

Unlike traditional advertisements that focused on excessively highlighting your products and services, content marketing is geared towards providing information and entertainment to potential customers.

This approach has proven successful for building and retaining an audience. As the content is relevant and useful for viewers, it attracts more consumers as people can share and interact with the content. Here are the top 10 content marketing tools that can be useful for businesses in 2021.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush has been around for over a decade and one of the top marketing tools you can use for your business.

The platform was originally launched to create a level playing field for businesses that are trying to market online. It is just as useful for SME businesses and startups as it is for big corporations.

It allows you to improve your website’s SEO, monitors your web performance, and find updates on your keyword ranking. The tool can be used to monitor your brand reputation and keep track of your social media’s success.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics was launched back in 2005. It gave businesses and individuals more information about their website’s performance and how visitors interacted with it.

The tool is completely free to download and use. It inserts several lines of code into your website that track the activities of your users. Businesses can find out the demographics of people that visit their website, their location, age, gender, and interests etc.

The tool can also give you crucial information about how customers engage with ads, your website’s content, and social tools across different devices. Marketing managers can get keen insights about what strategies are working on their website, which allows them to adjust their content accordingly.

3. Evernote

Speaking of free content tools, Evernote is the big elephant in the room that cannot be ignored. This tool is designed for taking notes anywhere, anytime. If you have a talent for blogging or article writing, then this tool can be very useful for your business.

It has a very easy UI that fits perfectly on mobile devices. You can save everything from blog post ideas, drafts, and company slogans to email addresses and images on the program.

It can also be integrated with GDocs, making it much easier to create new blog posts and content for your site from anywhere.

4. HubSpot

Content Marketing Tools

No discussion on online content marketing can be complete without mentioning HubSpot. Launched in 2006, this platform has become the go-to platform for many new businesses and content producers.

This program allows you to design, build, host, and modify a website without getting the help of a web designer or IT technician. It can help you discover relevant keywords for your business, build and publish new blogs from scratch and measure ad impressions on your site.

The platform allows you to create landing pages or run email marketing campaigns with ease. A necessary tool for content marketers everywhere.

5. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is particularly useful for content marketers. It is a marketing research program that allows you to scan and find the most popular content from millions of pieces of content online.

You can also narrow down results based on language, region, and type of content (such as images, video, blogs, infographics, etc.)

The program shows you how many shares and views each piece of content is getting and how they are spread over multiple social media networks. It can give you a fair insight into what kind of content will give you good results.

6. ClickFunnels

Content Marketing Tools

ClickFunnels is a multipurpose tool that can be used for marketing and selling products online. The tool is designed to be easy to use for people who have no coding experience or design skills.

It has an easy plug-and-play style interface that allows you to build sales funnels within minutes. It comes with hundreds of templates for different types of sales pages. The platform also allows you to customize your domain hosting, or use a variety of funnels.

ClickFunnels can also be integrated with email marketing tools to help you manage mailing lists, triggered emails, and auto-responders.

7. MailChimp

Speaking of email marketing, you may want to get a specialized email marketing tool that helps you reach out to customers. MailChimp is a popular platform that allows you to connect with customers quickly to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

You can create professional-looking newsletters and signup forms with dozens of free templates. The tool also allows you to set up email automation and track your campaign performance.

You can also integrate MailChimp with other apps and tools for design, analytics, and social marketing purposes.

8. HootSuite

Content Marketing Tools

Social media marketing is crucial for a successful online marketing strategy today. Estimates show that more than 90% of web users have some sort of social media account. Over 2.1 billion people on the planet use social media every day.

In short, if you want your business to be seen, you have to put it on social media.

HootSuite is a marketing tool that is dedicated to social media accounts management. This program allows you to monitor what people are saying about your brand on popular platforms. It also allows you to respond quickly to news and posts that affect your brand.

It offers cross-platform integration so that you can cross-post on multiple platforms quickly. You can set it up to receive free analytical reports from different social media platforms.

9. WordPress

WordPress is inarguably the most popular and widely used website building platform online. It is an open-source platform that is free to use. You can also use a paid version where you get millions of templates and hosting services as well.

The platform is most commonly used by small businesses, bloggers, content creators, and people interested in article writing. Hailed as one of the most versatile platforms, WordPress allows you to create everything from e-commerce stores to portfolio websites and blogging platforms online.

WordPress will suit you if you have no experience with coding and looking for a low-cost solution with versatility and high-customization built-in.

10. Contentools

Content Marketing Tools

Last but not least, Contentools is a powerful content marketing platform that will be useful for beginners as well as advanced users. It allows you to quickly design, create, publish, market, and analyze high-quality content for your marketing campaigns.

This is a paid software that will be more suitable for established businesses and larger firms. However, new businesses will also find it useful for their marketing strategy. There is a free demo version that you can try out for 7 days.

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