The Benefits of Showing Homes With Virtual Reality

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

The real estate industry represents one of the remarkable hotbeds of technology. Emerging technologies such as virtual reality have hit the industry with a buzz. It has replaced the traditional open house showing. But it is doing much more than just showcasing the house.

Benefits of Showing Homes With Virtual Reality

Homes With Virtual Reality

Technology giants are in a tight race to get a piece of the real estate pie. Microsoft, Samsung, and Google among numerous others all have a product on the market.

The video was a game-changer enabling realtors and home buyers to save on logistics costs among numerous other benefits. It started with plain listings, then pictures and finally video. Virtual reality is promising to take the game to the next level. Let us briefly examine some of the key benefits of using this technology to show your homes.

1. Expand your customer base

A good number of your potential buyers are not in your region. Visuals have been proven to accelerate the lengthy buying decision. Virtual reality enables buyers who are thousands of miles away to walk through the home just like they were there. Remote tours are also a convenient way for the homeowner to cut the barriers of time and travel. You can customize the viewing to match the customer’s availability.

2. Give customers an authentic feel of the space and more detail

It is the latest technology in real estate. It goes beyond text and videos to capture much more. The buyer can estimate the size of the space accurately. As the homeowner, you can demonstrate the important features effortlessly.

A virtual tour of the home presents intimate details in all the corners. It is possible to view precise presentations of the house plans, construction processes, interior design, fittings and appliances, security and numerous other aspects of the home in a single tour.

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3. Better customer match

The technology offers more detail than anything else available on the market currently does. Buyers can estimate measurements and distances accurately. The design and feel come through enabling customers who are looking for your particular type of home to cut to the chase.

Additionally, customers can confirm all the details and book the property even before a physical viewing. The interactive nature of virtual reality enables potential buyers to get the closest experience of being in the home.

4. Save on pre-sale logistics and spending

With virtual reality, a visit to view the property may not be necessary. The virtual tour equates to a visit for many. Consequently, customers will demand fewer visits to view the property. Your presales costs will come down. It saves you a trip or two.

The technology is an excellent option for luxury homes where buyers demand to verify the quality details of the property down to the last grain on the wood.

5. Enables personalization and closer relationships

Virtual reality allows the homeowner to showcase the highlights of the property more efficiently. You can provide all the details that the buyer would require. This leaves room for personal interactions. Your meetings with the buyer can be better spent getting to know them instead of providing details about the property. As a homeowner, you can let buyers view customized interiors that reflect their style and preferences.

6. Enhanced instant feedback mechanism.

You can lead a remote tour of the home and study your prospective buyer’s habits. This includes where they spend the most time in the house and what catches their attention in unusual ways. You can then be able to offer insightful details or stories about the features they like. This is better than a running commentary because both of you are looking at the house at the same time.

For example, you can talk to your client about the kitchen top or other fittings when they are looking at it. Virtual reality enables direct interactions between the homeowner and potential buyers.

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7. Show the construction process

Some property markets like California are still hot. Virtual reality is an exceptional way to show potential buyers how the property was built. Viewers see the construction process and then walk through the door when the building process ends. Similarly, it gives the buyer the opportunity to discuss changes and remodel requests with the homeowner. This leads to increased customer satisfaction. Virtual reality is also an excellent way to prototype interesting large-scale projects and demonstrate customization possibilities and changes.


Virtual reality is rapidly gaining traction and finding new applications. By taking over the open house concept, it connects home sellers with buyers in new and evolving ways. It sits squarely at the heart of the transaction. Virtual reality offers numerous benefits to the homeowner. It sets the property apart from the competition. It makes your home stand out and provides much more detail to the buyer than any other technology.

How do I know so much about virtual reality and 3D rendering? It’s what I do. I specialize in virtual tours, animations and 3D rendering for a wide variety of applications including showing homes. My name is Alex Smith.