Smart and Easy Facebook Marketing Ideas In Pakistan

As online marketers we know the importance of the presence of your business’s Facebook presence. It is getting increasingly challenging to get ahead as there are more than a billion users and somewhat million businesses aiming to capture their target audience.

Smart and Easy Facebook Marketing Ideas

Now when it comes to Pakistan social media is the biggest online marketing tool, and Facebook remains at the front of all social media channels. It is all about who is smarter and calculated in their Facebook marketing strategy.

But we have some tricks up our sleeves that we would like to share with you by which you can stand out in the sea of social media.

1. Target a Specific Audience

When it comes to targeting audience on Facebook it allows you to target an absolutely specific audience. Like you can easily find male aged 25-30 in Gulshan Karachi who are looking to buy fat burner supplements. It is that accurate

This sniper like efficient and accurate ad targeting with Facebook makes it one of the most powerful marketing tool.

All you need is the time to analyze the market and what your customer wants to create a buyer persona; with those personas you now target exactly that audience who would be most interested in your product.

But do not get too carried away, keep an eye out for the rest of the audience also, this will allow you to create an ad which will target both your basic target audience and a specific target audience.

2. Run a fun Contest to Up Engagement

Take advantage of Facebook contests, it will keep your audience engaged with you and your products all the time. You must have been part of a small contest on Facebook right?

For example you can ask your audience to picture themselves with your product and send it to you, you will later share it on Facebook and the one which gets the most likes will win a free gift.

This will increase your ad engagement and it will also give extraordinary boost to your business.

3. Create Short, Engaging Video Posts

It is time to invest time and money in to creating short and engaging video posts which catch the attention of the users.

What? You already have done that, but it was not successful? Well that could be in two cases

  1. Your videos are too long. Any video longer than 1-1:30 minutes will be considered too long for ads
  2. Your video is simply not engaging and interesting enough.

Why do you think people are on social media platforms? They want to be entertained. When they see your videos they like to watch something entertaining which makes them laugh or provides them some interesting information. Creating long and uninteresting videos will not help you beat those competitors who have engaging video posts.

4. Target the Leads You Already Have through Facebook

There is another way of targeting exactly who you want to target, you can actually target the leads you have acquired on your website through Facebook.

Facebook has a custom audience feature through which you can add a list of emails and Facebook will target them with your ad campaigns. Emails you have acquired when users fill out a form on your website or subscribe for newspaper.

Now, another thing is that the list you have, you probably have a clear idea what that particular group wants from you. That way you can create ads personalized for that group only.

5. Clone Your Revenue-Generating Audience

Facebook provides businesses with another great feature which is called Facebook’s lookalike audience feature.

Through this you can simply take the audience which is already generating revenue for you and find similar users on Facebook who have similar attributes, similar search patterns and interests, Facebook basically allows you to clone your most loyal customers, just like that.

All you need is the information you have collected through acquiring customers over a period of time.

6. Humanize Your Brand with Fun Employee Photos

Facebook was created for people to interact and communicate with their friends and family. It was not created for business promotion and marketing.

So if you want to stay ahead of the game you have to find a strategy which seems original, rather than filling everything up with your products why not use your own employees in your posts.

This will allow users to have a peek in your organization which will keep things transparent and create more loyalty. They would know who they are interacting with.

7. Use Emojis in Your Facebook Marketing

Did you know that Wordstream published a study in 2015 that ads with emojis get far higher click-through-rates than ads without those beloved emojis? Unfortunately, Google no longer allows the usage of emojis in Google adword texts so you can no longer use them in your ad campaigns.

However, According to AdWeek, nearly 92% of users on the internet use emojis, users frequently use emojis to express their feelings and they genuinely believe that it allows them to put more life into their communication.

Emojis are kind of like faces and small images of cute animals or things that are attractive to users on the internet. In the end the thing is that your Facebook marketing posts needs emojis and such icons to attract more users.

Otherwise your competitor may gain a slight advantage over you with emojis. And they are completely free to use.


Facebook is by far the most powerful social media marketing tool in Pakistan and you certainly have to take advantage of this marketing tool. Your business in Pakistan can reap great benefits with a sound social media strategy.

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