Must-Avoid Mistakes When Setting up a Dropshipping Online Store

# Last Updated On: September 27, 2021 #

Starting a dropshipping business online for the first time may be a challenging experience, especially if we combine the lack of knowledge with the fear of unknown. Making smart business decisions will be one of the hardest tasks to perform, and avoiding all mistakes will be inevitable.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common dropshipping mistakes you should avoid and thus accelerate your learning curve in order to progress faster.

#1 Spending all capital to launch the online store

One of the most common mistakes among newbies is to over-optimize their online store from the very start, requiring a larger capital allocation than usual. If you are a dropshipping newbie just testing the ground, make sure you do in-depth research in order to find the right products, not necessarily many of them.

There’s no need to have the best store in the world to do that. Launching the online store is a big spend but don’t exhaust all your capital just for that, because you’ll need it later for other critical activities.

#2 Not testing products before starting to sell them

The main advantage of dropshipping is that you won’t need to take care of all the stuff (inventory, shipping, etc.). Managing your online store, finding products, and taking care of the marketing campaigns will be your main tasks.

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However, that also means that the reputation of your dropshipping store will depend on the work performed by others. Before you add a new product, order a few samples of it, and check its quality. There are plenty of scam suppliers, and you don’t want to work with any of them.

#3 Lack of outsourcing

Although at the beginning you’ll be one man doing all the things, this won’t be sustainable in the long run. At the same time, it’s impossible to learn to do everything like a pro by yourself, which leads us to say that the performance of your store will hang on your ability to delegate some of the tasks in the hands of a few experts.

You could find a solution in e-commerce SaaS, which includes the technical maintenance of your store, allowing you more time to take care of finding products and improving advertisements.

#4 Inefficient customer care

Lack of communication with customers, i.e., proper customer suopprt (which can also increase the number of customer disputes. Another way to deal with those conflicts by using the services of dispute mediation platforms like Purchase Guard), hidden shipping fees, and lack of transparency will show that you only care about making money.

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By putting the customer first, the sales will take care of themselves. Make sure you’re answering emails or calls as quickly as possible and, at the same time, create an environment where clients can feel comfortable buying from you.

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