Reddit Mobile App Brings Chat Functions and Moderation Tools

Reddit is all set to revamp its Android and iOs mobile app with a slew of new features, fixes and moderation tools. The most noteworthy change would be a new user-to-user chat function that was being tested for a few months.

Reddit Brings Chat Functions and Moderation Tools

reddit chat function

Furthermore, Reddit has also added a new theater mode for viewing images, videos, and GIFs from visual subreddits like r/pics more easily on mobile. For Android users, Reddit brings live comments and the addition of the iOS app’s speed reading button.

If you are pro-reddit user, the company is introducing celebratory “cake day” icon which lets other users know when you joined the site on the anniversary of that day. This feature is only available on mobile and not on desktop.

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This latest beta update brings new tools for community moderators as well. It includes a new “mod mode” to let moderators approve or remove content. The tool will be equipped with a mobile version of Reddit’s desktop mod queue for handling content approvals and spam in bulk.

In addition, it will also have a mod management tool for adding new moderators on the fly to manage fast-growing subreddits.

Reddit Brings Chat Functions and Moderation Tools

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