Pros and Cons of a Free Helpdesk Software

One of the most challenging aspects of working as a customer support agent is that the workflow is always unpredictable. When you’re on the frontline, you have little to no idea what kind of issue you’ll be working on next to or how long it is going to take to resolve it.

The takeaway is, your customer support reps have no idea what their daily workload is until they look at the issue that is assigned to them. This puts pressure on the agent to not only be adaptable when faced with surprises but also to be organized to handle an unpredictable workday.

How Free Helpdesk Software Evolved?

Customer service presently has seen a significant enhancement with technology and online services that are offered, particularly when it comes to handling customer needs. When customers have an issue, they can now raise a ticket, having their info, details of their issue or request for a resolution, at the service provider’s portal to get them to look into their problem.

However, the process of support ticketing is not a one-task process. Firstly, It involves filing a complaint, sending the confirmation emails, assigning the complaint to a support agent, analyzing and solving your issue, and updating the repository and sending emails back to the customer explaining the fix or resolution to their problem, etc.

Companies that have a big customer database, A large team, and even small businesses should ideally take advantage of the support ticket software available in the market to handle their customer queries in an efficient, fast and organized manner.

This Helpdesk Software makes your ticketing process highly efficient and reduces the time to resolve customer queries drastically. However, there may be budget constraints that keep you from purchasing a help desk

system. It’s not easy to justify the software’s return on investment (ROI) to your investors, stakeholders, or employees. This might put you in the spot of wanting to improve things but being unable to do so.

Pros and Cons of a Free Helpdesk Software

If you can resonate with this situation, there is an alternative. You can try your hand at any of the free help desk software on the market. There is a general taboo that “free” software that might have some issues, such as lack of product documentation and potential data breach threats. For these reasons,

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You need to research the free solutions in the market; you need a tool that meets your long-term. This article will help you do just that.

Pros of Free Help Desk Software

A Free help desk software brings enormous benefits to small agile teams as they build out and figure out their processes and protocols without any upfront costs, you can upgrade to a ticketing system that offers more capabilities than a contact form, or a shared email account can offer.

A free ticketing software also gives you the option to test new software over the long term without committing to financial investment.

You might be impressed by some of the new options help desks offer, such as the ability to automatically assign tickets to agents based on their skills, a clear view of your team’s performance and a better user experience. All these internal gains and small wins can make it easier for you to build exceptional customer experience.

Cons of a Free Help Desk Software

You’ve all heard about the phrase “buyer beware,” but it turns out that the non-paying customers have to be extra careful.

When you’re considering any free tool, first start by researching why the tool is free. Who or which company is behind it, and what do they get out of you using their tool as a free customer? Is it a sustainable company? Will there be a constant flow of ads and sales messages pressuring you to upgrade? How is the experience from the perspective of your customer?

A Free help desk software will seem like a win-win situation, but the experience usually tends to not always live up to the expectations of users or customers. Freemium plans might also mean that there is limited support available, or you may wait longer for responses from the team supporting free products.

  • Experiment with a free help desk software to begin with

If you’re managing a small, agile team, try to find free help desk software that works for your organization. Test your processes and get your support team comfortable with the capabilities of the tool.

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In the long run, you may need to shell out a few dollars for expanded features and also if you’re struggling with technical issues in setting up and support isn’t available to non-paying customers.

When you choose a freemium product, you want to think about the future. Will you be locking your team into a tool with minimum features when compared to another helpdesk just because you don’t want to invest in a helpdesk software heavily? You want to offer enriching customer service, so imagine that you’re selecting your first basic choice for the long haul.

If it doesn’t match your expectations and needs, you’ll have to shift to a new tool and build out new processes altogether.

  • Choose a basic, low-cost plan

Many SaaS companies offer solutions at an affordable cost that can scale with the size of your business. We recommend you start with an inexpensive, basic help desk software, which gives you full customer support and all the critical features of the paid product.

It is best for your team to build processes within a customer service software that has the ability to scale, without requiring that yous switch r to another product and start building them processes from scratch. As your team scales, you can move up to a higher plan with enterprise-level features, which will ensure collaboration on a bigger scale.

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