Minecraft Mods: Levelling Up Your Game Experience

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2021)

In playing a game like Minecraft, expansive imagination is an essential characteristic for you to enjoy the game further. Despite having not the most modern and sophisticated graphics, many players are still addicted to this game and spend hours creating their virtual worlds. It is not only limited to young players but even to adult players.

What are these mods? Mods or modifications are customized features of the game designed by solid fans or players, which can alter different factors, such as the appearance and behavior of the game and its characters.

Just when you thought the game could not be more fun as it is, these game mods will enhance your enjoyment beyond expectations!

Minecraft: Java Edition

Minecraft is popular across the globe and is one of the biggest tech mags in the UK. It has various versions, and Minecraft Java Edition, derived from the Java programming language of PCs, is one of the most featured because of its unique specs. You can have unlimited supplies and create whatever you can imagine in the Creative Mode.

You can go on classic adventures in the Survival Mode. You would also encounter zombies, horses, chickens, rabbits, boats, minecarts, villagers, TNT, iron golems, maps, potions,  books, pigs with saddles, carrots, pickaxes, and many, many more.

There’s actually too much of everything for you to handle! This is how you can enjoy these Minecraft mods:

Installing and Playing Java Edition

The first thing you have to do is check your computer’s graphics card and the version of your Minecraft; your version has to be the Minecraft: Java Edition.

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The next three essential things you have to do are: install Java, Minecraft Forge, and learn how to use your mods to begin. Below are simple steps to follow to download Java:

Download Java free online, then double click the file to initiate installation. Click install, then it will be done in a few seconds. Then, download Minecraft: Java Edition by doing these:

  • In your downloads folder, double click “MinecraftInstaller” to start the installation.
  • In the “Minecraft Launch Setup” pop-up. Click Next to select your preferred file location.
  • Click Install.
  • After the installation, Minecraft will automatically launch. If this does not occur, proceed to Start Menu and choose the program under the Apps menu.
  • An auto-update will initiate, click play when the update is finished.

After that, download and install  Forge, then open your file in the designated folder and click file explorer. Click the “.jar” file to begin installing.

Mod system installer will pop out, then select install client. Open Minecraft: Java Edition and select Forge as your profile. You can now play Minecraft Java edition and with thousands of mods available.

CurseForge is a powerful tool in which you can browse and download from a vast selection of mods that you can truly enjoy. This is highly preferred by Minecraft players worldwide, and you can get all of these for free!

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Game mods are a massive breakthrough for gamers, especially for those who have unique ways of self-expression through gaming and for those who love creating customized features for the game. Thanks to these technological advancements, gaming can be enjoyed more with the best satisfaction.

Although there are people who see Minecraft as a game for kids, this was not intended only for a specific age group, so no pressure.

If you used to be a fan of lego, it is not far possible for you to love this game and excrete those creative juices in you. Take your time to analyze and internalize these mods by heart, then enjoy!

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