Instagram Brings Pause All Notification Feature

Receiving constant notifications about every new Instagram post, Instagram Live-stream and Story are too much of annoyance and real turn off. Facebook owned Instagram is now giving users a way to control the notification.

Instagram Pause All Notification Feature

Instagram 'Pause All' Notifications

The platform has brought in a ‘Pause all’ option that lets users to stop any and all notifications from the app for a given period of time.

To mute the notification, user can tap on the ‘Pause all’ toggle. Doing so will switch off notifications for up to eight hours.

User can also silence the app notifications completely by using the feature. Now you won’t be needed to individually switch on and off specific notification types one-by-one.

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The ‘Pause all’ feature was earlier spotted by social media expert Matt Navarra. The feature is now reportedly being rolled out for iOS users, and if speculations are true, the toggle may soon hit Android beta app.

Since we are the social media creatures spending a chunk of the day on social networks, shutting down the notification will be a life saver.

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