How to Write Unique and Exciting App Store Descriptions?

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

By optimizing your app store description, you can increase your traffic and downloads for a mobile app. The app store description is the most important part of optimizing for app store searching. Once people reach the profile page of the app, they’ll inevitably want to read more about it. Here are some helpful tips to Write Unique App Store Descriptions.

How to Write Unique App Store Descriptions?

Write Unique App Store Descriptions

Your copy has to be exciting, informative, and play on emotions instead of facts. Here are some helpful tips for writing exciting app store descriptions.

1. Use Your Characters Well

You get about 255 characters to define your app on the profile page without the user having to click on ‘more’ to see the full description. This is referred to in the industry as “above the fold” text that appears automatically without users having to look into more detail. The users will only want to read more if this text is engaging.

Use this space to showcase the value of your app and also appeal to the user’s emotion. Speak to a need that your app addresses and how it will improve their lives. Some bigger, popular apps use this space to show their credibility via statistics, but an appeal to emotion can be more successful for a newer, less known app. Your first sentence can draw users in and then you can explain your value proposition.

2. Narrate the Description

The narration of your description should be done in the point of view of the user getting the app instead of the creator’s point of vie explaining the app. That means you need to have a narration that tells a story to engage a user and that they can identify with.

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The user should read the description and immediately be able to picture how they will use the app and benefit from its features just from the story. The best way to do this for your draft is to picture yourself as the user of the app and describe the journey you would go on when you’re using the app.”

3. Describe the Problem Your App Is Solving

At the end of the day, your product or app is solving a problem your customers have. The pain points might be obvious, but sometimes, your customer doesn’t even know it’s a pain point unless you lay it out clearly. A tool like Uber had to explain the problem users had with taxis before it could become well-known and popular. The customer didn’t even know they had a problem until Uber provided that product.

If your app is that kind of product, be sure to communicate directly to your users so they can understand the solution. Then, explain how your app is the necessary solution. Be short and to the point, here, or you’ll frustrate or confuse users.

4. Use Online Tools

It can be hard to write a good description that’s appealing but also grammatically correct. Luckily, the Internet has a lot of tools at our disposal to help us draft our app description but also review and proofread it to make sure it doesn’t have any errors.

5. Write a Credibility Statement

If your app has already generated some good press, this is a great place to mention it. Including a third-party endorsement in your app description helps you position yourself as more credible and trustworthy than your competitors, especially when you haven’t yet accumulated many reviews.

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As your app gets bigger, you can start including the download numbers, whether you’re featured on the app store, and any awards your app has won. You can also use this space to add some customer testimonials.

6. Summarize Top Features

Don’t mention every single feature your app has, but instead highlight the few top features it has. Write about the features that speak to the core offering of the product or those that are the reason for existence for your app. The users will be able to discover all the additional features for themselves inside the app.

Use your app store description as advertising space for your product to boost downloads and purchases. By following these tips, you can write exciting copy for your app description.

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