How to Choose a Reliable Custom Writing Service? 5 Simple Steps

When you’re at college or university you may find it difficult to decide what is the correct balance between your work life and your social life. When you first starting your course, your primary focus is to give every assignment a hundred percent effort.

How to Choose a Reliable Custom Writing Service?

How to Choose a Reliable Custom Writing Service

However, it is all too easy for the social side of your life to overtake the academic side. When this happens and students do not have the time to complete assignments, they begin to look for a reliable custom writing company that is able to assist them with any pending essays or articles that they may be required to complete for a set deadline.

If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll need to know what is the best way of choosing a writer for your needs. Below, we will outline some steps that you could take to ensure that you get a writer that will be able to deliver exactly what you after.

Look at Reviews:

This may sound like an obvious statement to make; however, it is very easy to get carried away with the blurb a custom writer has written about themselves. Any writer could say they are fantastic at writing about a particular subject, but there is no easy way of finding out if what they’re saying is actually true.

The best advice here is to look at the reviews that other customers left about their writing skills. Try to read as many as you possible so that you can eliminate any fake reviews which may give you the impression that they are a good writer.


Another good of choosing a reliable custom writer is by looking at the number of years of experience that they have when it comes to writing. There is nothing wrong with using a person that is new to writing, as they may have the work ethic that would make them reliable.

However, having a reliable academic writer with years of experience is a good indicator of this. Also, try to look at the type of experience that they have had whilst they have been writing. For example, have they written a number of different types of styles? You can also check to see if they have received any awards for any examinations that have taken online.

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Check their Previous Work:

It is always advisable to check the previous work that your chosen writer has completed. Make sure that it is the actual writer that constructed the piece and where possible try to ask for other examples of their work. It is advisable to also check the timescales that they have put in place for completing a particular task.

If this is clear from the offset, it should leave no room for disappointment. Also, where possible try to get a face-to-face meeting with the potential writer that you are going to hire. It is much harder to let someone down if you have met them face-to-face and they have put a personality to an email.

This may not always be possible, but try to have as much personal interaction where you can so that the selected writer delivers what you have requested. This is a good way of making sure that you have a reliable writer.


When you have decided to go with a custom writer, it is advisable to get references from trusted sources. You can even look to recommendations that other people have provided as they will have had some past experience with your chosen writer.

You can never guarantee anything as there are scenarios whereby some of their reliability could be affected by outside factors. Some sites that you can hire writers from may have jobs scores and star ratings, again, this is a good way of making sure that your writer is going to be reliable as they will not want to affect the scores that they have built up.


Most writers that are writing for a living will be doing it because they love what they do. That said, if you set a deadline for the task that you want doing, then there will be a far greater chance of success as both parties will know what is expected of them.

Try and be as realistic as possible when it comes to the deadline set, at this will also lower the risk of a writer not delivering what they have promised.

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If you have a large amount of writing to get completed, make sure that the writer that you have chosen has enough time to complete the task. Also, if you have a long deadline in place, it is worth checking the progress of the article or essay, on a regular basis.

Don’t be complacent thinking that by giving somebody a task, they will get it completed as you have asked. It is also a good idea to set milestones, as milestones will give you and the writer the opportunity to meet certain targets and make sure that that article or essay is getting completed in bite-sized chunks.

It is far easier to correct or to amend an article in smaller sections, rather than the entire completed piece.

You can see from the above that there are a number of ways that you can try to ensure that the custom writing service that you choose will be reliable and professional to ensure your academic success. You can never be guaranteed that the writer you have picked will be reliable, but these steps will reduce the risk of you being let down.

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