Harness the Power of Cloud upon Your Car

Cars today are connected more than ever. We’ve seen how people can control vehicles remotely in unexpected ways and while the technology is good, it may and have been misused many times such as seizing the vehicle forcefully through automatic gear.

Industry automation went beyond imagination with major transformation in automobiles of the present age as well as all associated factors such as lane protection, speed controls, incredible in-car tech and tools. The power it gives to driver is amazing!

While the technology is soaring, the element of mere science fiction isn’t a myth anymore but very much a reality. Let’s find out how the essential skills of man and industry automation technology of tomorrow brought us the cloud-connected cars.

The automated world & essential skills of people

Let’s begin with the soft skills. The only way to understand technology and implement it in the best possible way is through communication.

Humans need to interact with the industry and comprehend the basics thus proceeding on the right track. But the real question is; how to achieve that competitive edge!

Engineers, software developers, IT geeks and all associated directly to the industry build plausible solutions that were wide but the depth at which they impact needs improvement.

Now that we’re in the world where automation goes a mile wide, what about the skills we must acquire to gain the advantage!

The evolution of connected cars

The coming of connected cars is beginning of revolution and a platform from where we can continue the debate further. It all began with a simple GPS system to keep a track of vehicle as where it’s going and automatic lock system if the vehicle moves beyond the point of coverage.

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Then came the removable device ports in car deck or audio system through which you can either charge your phone or connect a portable mp3 for songs. All of this is the start if in-car integrated technology that we see today!

To understand the system is utterly important that allow moving in the right direction and technology to cope with automobile industry. It also allows you to identify where your company and the expertise lie.

The other most important thing is “connectivity” itself as there has to be some medium, a device of some sort that controls/moves the vehicle. We have smartphones which are actually smarter beyond our perception but holding a phone while driving is illegal right!

Connected cars of tomorrow and a few today have voice recognition system that works on your command. You can easily make a voice call, send text messages, access integrated map and much more. So you should learn how to exploit the technology at its best!

The computerised world

If you’ve the expertise and clear communication with the automated world, the solution is right there; ready for implementation. The “what” and “how” ofintegrationmatters most here such as what and how you did it to document the issue and came with a solution.

Here, expertise or skills aren’t elusive anymore as operator or driver learns all about operating the vehicle thus ensuring a safe and smooth drive. Connected phones have indeed made driving and talking with your loved ones on-the-go far easier than anticipated.

When the system fails!

Trusting technology blindly may lead you to your doom as it ought to fail sometime (not always)! If for instance your automatic car system fails while driving, don’t panic but try to figure out the source which would be easier if you’re familiar with the building basics. Learn why a particular is there in the first place that’ll make it easier finding the right solution.

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Even though cars of tomorrow (that exists today as well) would be entirely automatic and even driverless such as Google Car; one should know how to drive manually. This would help understand the basic functions, technical aspects and mechanism of a car allowing you to fix a particular issue right from the core.

In all the above discussion, one thing that’s obvious is the connecting technology itself and that’s the cloud. It can be an integration of private and public cloud so you should first ask the manufacturer and vendor for clarity. Have a safe drive!

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