Google Chrome 64 Comes with an URL Shortening Feature

Google Chrome 64 has been launched with a feature that will shorten along URL automatically before sharing. The feature will ease out the mess that users face while sharing longer URLs.

Google Chrome 64’s URL Shortening Feature

With the latest Google Chrome 64 version, the browser automatically trims down the unnecessary strings at the end of the URLs. To cut the crap out of your URL, you need not make any specific change in brewer’s settings. Your browser will take care of it.

A report published in Android Police suggests that the feature works only when a user shares the URL using Share menu in Chrome and not Chrome Custom Tabs. To do so, you just copy the URL to the clipboard or share directly to another app without any additional setup. On the contrary, if you choose to select text manually in the URL bar, URL would remain longer with the junk at the end.

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The feature is now being rolled out as a stable version after a complete beta testing.  The only catch with the feature is that it removes anchor tags from the URL, which basically loads a page to a specific location when article is longer. Therefore, if you visit a shortened link, which has been shared in Chrome, you will be navigated to the top of the page, and not the specific location on that page.

URL Shortening Feature on Google Chrome 64

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