Gaming Laptop Buying Guide: Insanely Important Factors

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

With the improving technological market, there are now many options available for PC gaming lovers. But it is not as simple as picking lemons for lemonade.

There are many important facts to keep in mind while opting for a gaming laptop that caters to all your needs and desires.

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Through our Gaming Laptop Guide, we have put down the most significant details to take into consideration before buying your next gaming partner.

Plan based on your budget

People who plan prior to purchasing and that too based upon their budget are the wisest and probably the happiest customers.

Entry-level gaming laptops can start from as low as $200, but let us look at what can you expect from which budget laptop.

$200 to $500

A $200 to $500 laptop cannot compete with the most high-level gaming laptops around due to their moderate specifications, but it is quite understandable because of their retail prices.

However, you can get a considerable amount of gaming joy from this range of laptops, and they are reasonably amazing for all entry-level games.

$500 to $1000

As the prices go up from $500, you can raise your expectations too. With this increase in the price, you can get a faster processor, higher RAM and hard disk storage and even improved display and graphics.

Gaming Laptop Under $700 is pretty much ideal for intermediate to advanced level gamers as it’d have all the above average features and specs which we are going to discuss below anyways.

All this is good enough to play all the mainstream games and let you have a considerable amount of joy and satisfaction from gaming

$1000 & above

Now if the above two situations do not apply to you and you are a hardcore gamer having a higher budget, then you can get some splendid gaming features both in and out.

With $1000 and above budget comes a high-speed processor, plentiful storage, amazing graphics and display, and some stylish looking external features too.

Pick a platform you love

Windows 10

For gaming PCs, the most innovative and reliable operating system of Microsoft Windows is the latest Windows 10. It is a very suitable OS for gaming due to its ability to handle heavy load efficiently

It is very easy-to-use and an upgraded operating system that comes with a lot of powerful, flexible, and latest features.

Apple macOS

Apple macOS is an exclusive operating system for the use of Macbooks only. It is a very powerful operating system that keeps away all the viruses and malware.

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It is speedy enough to handle all your gaming with the utmost efficiency. It is easy to use, but it comes with a high price tag.

Chrome OS

Chrome Operating System is another software used on Chromebooks laptops. It is a speedy but highly web-centered OS.

It can surely handle entry-level and light gaming. But if you are looking for something that can handle hardcore gaming, then Chrome OS is not for you.

Choose the Size

Choosing the size of a laptop depends upon your personal choice; however, there are many benefits of knowing what size can cater to your needs.

11 to 13 inches

A laptop size ranging from 11-13 inches is a suitable option for only those gamers who want to travel with their laptop or want to use it for other purposes too as the screen size is not big enough to let you enjoy the gaming to the fullest.

14 to 15 inches

A gaming laptop device that sizes from 14 to 15 inches and weighs around 4 to 6 pounds is a very safe option for gaming. The screen is adequate for gaming as well as lightweight to offer portability.

16 to 17 inches

If you are looking for a desktop replacement and want to enjoy your gaming sessions to the maximum, then the best option is to opt for a 16-17 inches laptop. Its widescreen size will surely give you a better and more realistic feeling of gaming.


The most important thing to look for in a gaming laptop is the CPU. You have to make sure it has at least the latest Intel processor, which in return will provide speed and strength to the overall activities happening on the laptop during gaming.


The Random Access Memory acts like a catalyst to the overall speed of the laptop. The bigger the RAM size, the faster and better it will make the gaming performance of the laptop. A gaming laptop should have at least an 8GB RAM to achieve that speed.


The storage needs are different for different people; however, for storing games, you might be needing at least 12GB storage. You can also go for an external hard disk if the storage is low on the laptop or if possible upgrade it to higher capacity storage.

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The display size and quality are essential in a gaming laptop so that the games can be a complete entertainment for you. A more prominent display having beautiful color contrast and balanced brightness should be a priority while choosing a gaming laptop.

Keyboard & Touchpad

An active and smooth keyboard of a gaming laptop is very important as it is the source from where you control the activities in the games. An ideal gaming keyboard should be broad, responsive, customizable having anti-ghosting, and low actuation force.


One cannot disregard the significance of a swift graphics card in a gaming laptop, as it aids in running your games smoothly. Moreover, a great graphics card helps in increasing the refresh rate of the games, and your games look appealing on the screen.


The audio quality of a gaming laptop matters only if you are not in the habit of using headphones or external speakers. Excellent quality of the speakers can add in the joy of your gaming and give you a realistic battlefield feeling.

Battery Life

The sturdy and long battery life of a gaming laptop are essential as the gaming activities can drain the battery very quickly.

You need at least a promise of 6-7 hours battery life for non-stop gaming. However, if your laptop is a desktop replacement, then a 4-5 hours of battery life can efficiently work for you.


Buying an able and powerful gaming laptop can be a struggle for many people. But if you keep in consideration the above-stated facts, we are confident enough to say that you will inevitably end up buying the best gaming laptop that fits your needs as well as your bill.

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