Expert Tips to Become a Successful Digital Nomad

The world has become much smaller and friendlier place thanks to technology and social media. Even a new lifestyle emerged from this, creating a widespread community of digital nomads who manage to work while traveling. They are the living proof that you don’t have to spend your life in a cubicle so that you could see the world after you retire.

How to Become a Digital Nomad?

How to Become a Digital Nomad?

No wonder why this particular way of life attracts so many people who try to attain freedom and make the best of their life. Although freeing oneself from the shackles of the system is an eternal quest, becoming a digital nomad is the second best thing since it gives an opportunity to become independent, at least location-wise. (How to Become a Digital Nomad?)

Do the test drive

Becoming a digital nomad may seem easy, but it is a big leap into the unknown. Before you start looking for cheap plane tickets to who-knows-where, see if you are up for this and try making a living out of freelancing right where you are.

Only after you get the picture of how it works and when you accumulate a reasonable amount of money from steady clients, you may start planning your travel route. Keep in mind that clients can disappear and unforeseen complications happen all the time. Be prepared.

What to do?

If you are a software or an app developer, no worries for you since you’ll be fine right about anywhere in the world, be it expensive Scandinavian countries or affordable Asia. Since it is fairly easy to learn web design, freelance web design industry is somewhat crowded, but still, web designers and web developers are in high demand. (How to Become a Digital Nomad?)

Graphic design, content writing/marketing, copywriting and social media management are also hot, so rest assured there are plenty of job opportunities. Video editors can also make a decent living out of their skills.

Where to go?

Now, some countries are more expensive than others. Estimate your average income and set the course to the destination where living expenses will not drain your wallet. And always remember to leave something on the side, just in case.

This lovely planet is full of fabulous places that can seduce you enough to stay longer than planned. Good news is that most of them are quite affordable, so focus on exploring exotic destinations like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ecuador or eastern Europe countries like Serbia. Wherever you go try to find the place where you will feel comfortable and productive.

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Pay your bills

Leave your home without any burdening thoughts of debts and bills that you haven’t paid. Make a clean cut and ensure that you leave as carefree as possible. Unsubscribe and call of all the services that you won’t be using while being away. (How to Become a Digital Nomad?)

The last thing you need on your way back home is a pile of overdue invoices. It does take some time and organization to address financial issues, but it is a responsible thing to do.

Ensure one more steady income

Consider renting out your place while being away. No need to cover the furniture in sheets to prevent collecting dust, but find nice tenants that will take care of your home while paying rent. Good tenants are hard to find, so make sure that all your valuable belongings are out of their reach.

Opt for some affordable storage units where you can safely store away your possessions while you are absent. By renting out, you will be able to make money for the rainy days and leave untroubled by possible trespassers.


Although you will be earning your income while abroad and on the move, that does not release you from being a taxpayer in your home country. Digital nomads are more independent, but still not free, remember? It is complicated, but consulting an accountant can clear out the fog around this issue. (How to Become a Digital Nomad?)

Rely on useful tools that will help you keep track of your invoices. Anyhow, be prepared to set aside from 20% to 40% of your income to pay the taxes and make sure to take those figures into account when planning a long-term travel budget.


There will be times of exhaustion and low immune system so make sure to stock up on meds, especially if there is a chronic health issue. Also, depending on a destination, bear in mind that some parts of the world are can be quite threatening regarding the health so find out if there is a need for vaccination and schedule up an appointment with your doctor.

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Take time to visit travel blogs and websites where you can find helpful information about where is safe to eat and what to avoid (tap water in some countries).

Insurance, insurance, insurance

You never know what might happened so don’t take any risk. Travel insurance is a must. However, be careful because some of the policies will not cover all expenses. Consult insurance companies to ensure that they will cover any damage or medical bills related to activities that you plan to do.

If you are into some extreme sports, you might want to think twice. Medical charges abroad can be quite costly and needless expense, while your insurer may not refund even half of it. (How to Become a Digital Nomad?)

Count on technology

Well, the tech did get you this far but make use of gadgets and software that will keep you organized and equipped during the travel. There are millions of apps out there that can help you to work and travel with ease, whether it is a security, transportation or health apps. Also, be prepared for the horror scenario, aka no internet access, so include more offline applications.


Being a digital nomad can be overwhelming since you are in charge of everything, from organizing your life to being a CEO, an employee, a marketing expert and your own assistant.

Lovely show-off photos of people working from a beach are very tempting, but the real success lies in hard work and continuous skill development, regardless of location.

How to Become a Digital Nomad?

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