Over 10 Lakh Consumer Complaints Recieved Against Unsolicited VAS Activation : TRAI


You are not only who is annoyed by the unsolicited business and sales calls appear on your cell phone in a day. There are at least 10 lakh people in the country who have faced the menace now or then. Country’s premier telecom body Telecom Regulatory Authority of India said today that they have already received over 10 lakh complaints against the telecom operators regarding unsolicited sales and promotional calls. These many people reported authority about getting VAS (value added services) calls without their consent.

TRAI said that between January to September, 10,37,596 complaints have been registered. The regulator however didn’t disclose the names of the operators against whom complaints have been lodged.  TRAI has already notified several measures to protect the interests of the consumers. The regulation stringently prohibits telecom operators to activate any value added service without consumer’s consent. Authority already prescribed a mechanism through which operators can obtain the consumer consent.

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Story: consumer complaints against VAS

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